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I'm a faithful reader of ...

Question: I'm a faithful reader of yours, and I'm hoping that you might share what you've heard about the possibility of Lifetime's Side Order of Life returning for a second season. It didn't seem to get much attention after its premiere, but I found it to be a charming little show for Sunday evenings to help me ease back into the work week. I particularly enjoyed Diana-Maria Riva's performance as Vivy. It was great to see a strong yet vulnerable woman fighting a devastating disease with such grace and aplomb, not to mention being treated as sexy and desirable without being skeletal-thin! There was enough resolution in the finale that I can accept it as the series ending, but I would enjoy checking in to see how these characters have proceeded with their lives. Any word on its fate? Answer: No word yet. Lifetime is currently in development mode, shooting two pilots (one with Lorraine Bracco and one with Beau Bridges and Anne Archer), and I'm told that once they're completed, the ... read more

OK, I know it's not your ...

Question: OK, I know it's not your channel or your kind of show (it is a chick thing!), but I was wondering: Have you previewed any episodes of Lifetime's Side Order of Life? Though it's a little cheesy, with its Ally McBeal-esque antics (not done half as well...), the heart of this show is very sweet and genuine. Diana-Maria Riva is absolutely amazing as Vivy. The way she makes me laugh and cry, portraying a woman striving to live a normal life despite having cancer, is a prime example of why I love TV and come back for more each week! Answer: Message received. My initial reaction to reviewing this pilot was to cut it some slack. I agree with the remark about it being cheesy, but I also found it harmless and likable and, most important, very much in keeping with the Lifetime brand (and I don't mean to be patronizing here). By comparison, despite a strong performance by Lili Taylor, I thought its companion show, State of Mind, was an annoyingly over-the-top attempt to bring an FX-like ... read more

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