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The Resident: And The Nurses Get Screwed Trailer
00:30 — When Nic finds herself under investigation in Lily's death, Conrad comes to her defense, but ends up making the situation worse. During a routine surg (more…)
Nic & Devon Talk In Lily's Room Were She Died from "Haunted"
01:45 — Nic and Devon talk about how Lily died and Conrad refuses help from Devon.
The Resident: Lost Love Trailer
00:20 — Conrad's ex-fiancé, Catherine, is admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain that proves to be quite the medical mystery. As Conrad doggedly tries t (more…)
The Resident: Family Affair Trailer
00:30 — Much to Bell's dismay, Nic and Conrad decide to admit a homeless Jane Doe, whom they suspect was dumped off by another hospital during Chastain's big (more…)
Conrad & Devon Meet Their New Patient from "The Elopement"
01:33 — Conrad and Devon meet their new patient that happens to be a famous baseball player.
Nic Thinks She Should Report Dr. Hunter from "The Elopement"
00:48 — Nic tells Devon she wants to report Dr. Hunter.
Nic Asks Devon To Keep An Eye On Lane from "No Matter the Cost"
02:08 — Nic expresses her concerns about Lane to Devon.
The Resident: No Matter The Cost Trailer
00:30 — As Conrad battles a group of overly aggressive attending physicians on behalf of a patient with a mysterious chronic ailment, he also must face off ag (more…)
388 Arletta Avenue - Official Trailer
01:59 — In this fresh, subversive take on the found-footage horror genre from the makers of SPLICE and CUBE, a faceless voyeur’s twisted manipulation of a you (more…)
The Real Story of the Jamaican Bobsled Team Depicted in 'Cool Runnings'
06:23 — Devon Harris was a founding member of Jamaica's famous bobsled team fictionalized in the 1993 movie, 'Cool Runnings.'
Little Women: Atlanta: Another Bad Romance Trailer
02:54 — Back in Atlanta, Tanya begins to contemplate her future with Devon. Minnie is forced to deal with her worsening health issues. Meanwhile, Andrea’s jea (more…)
11:19 — Penny and Devon, a pair of high school outcasts, are best friends in their isolation in the small town of Blackfoot, Idaho. However, things take a nas (more…)
Will, Devon, and Charlie attempt a daring journey home. Fearing the worst, Katie says goodbye to her daughter. Bram makes friends at camp. Maddie find (more…)
The Resident: None the Wiser Trailer
00:45 — Three concurrent surgeries at the hospital push its staff to the limits. Determined to ease the pressure, Nic requests Jude (guest star Warren Christi (more…)
The Young and the Restless - Highest Bidder
00:48 — Devon knows Hillary better than she realizes.
The Resident: Identity Crisis Trailer
00:30 — After a mix-up in the ER causes Conrad to deliver a death notification to the wrong family, he sets out to fix it. Meanwhile, Nic struggles to find a (more…)
The Resident: Independence Day Trailer
00:41 — Conrad receives the call he's been waiting for when a heart becomes available for a patient who has been on the transplant list for two years. But whe (more…)
The Resident: Pilot Trailer
01:34 — On his first day as an intern, an idealistic Dr. Devon Pravesh faces the harsh realities of medical care, as third year resident Dr. Conrad Hawkins ta (more…)
Devon Meets Lane from "Independence Day"
00:43 — Dr. Devon Pravesh meets Dr. Lane Hunter.
Conrad Gives Devon Independence Day from "Independence Day"
00:40 — Conrad gives Devon Independence Day, as his first day without his help.
Reviews: Dr. Devon Pravesh
01:11 — Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp and Manish Dayal share reviews for the wide eyed newbie Dr. Devon Pravesh on Fox’s edgy new medical drama THE RESIDENT.
Carter Jenkins Spills On Rainer's New 'Addiction' on 'Famous in Love' Season 2 (Exclusive)
01:30 — ET caught up with 'Rainer Devon' himself at the first annual Freeform Summit at Neuehouse on Jan. 18, where he also revealed whether he's shot any rom (more…)
Devon Meets Lane
00:38 — Dr. Devon Pravesh meets Dr. Lane Hunter.
Conrad Gives Devon Independence Day
00:36 — Conrad gives Devon Independence Day, as his first day without his help.
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