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My So-Called Life Cast to Reunite at ATX Television Festival

Wilson Cruz and Claire Danes

Almost 20 years after the show's debut, much of the cast of My So-Called Life will reunite at the second annual ATX Television Festival.

Taking the stage this summer will be Wilson Cruz, Devon Odessa, Bess Armstrong, Devon Gummersall and creator Winnie Holzman. Stars Claire Danes and Jared Leto are unable to attend.

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Drop Dead Diva's Brooke Elliott to Break It Down with Paula Abdul

Brooke Elliott, Paula Abdul

In the Season 1 finale of Drop Dead Diva, Jane (Brooke Elliott) was finally beginning to get a grip on her new life and new body. But the arrival of Jane's secret husband Ethan (Devon Gummersall) threw her into quite a tailspin. To make matters worse, Jane's on the cusp of being disbarred for breaching client-attorney confidentiality.

VIDEO: Catching up with Jane

So where do things pick up for the attorney at the start of Season 2 (premiering Sunday at 9/8c on Lifetime)? A love triangle, of course! "There's lots going on for Jane in the love world," Elliott says.

And let us not forget the return of Paula Abdul. Wearing her bedazzled judge's robe, Abdul appears in Jane's dream sequence and the two break it down in a food court.

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My So-called Life Geek Reveals a New State of Mind

Devon Gummersall, State of Mind

Most people remember Devon Gummersall from his days as Angela Chase's geeky but sweet neighbor on the cult series My So-called Life, but now the actor has grown up and is portraying a lawyer on the new Lifetime drama State of Mind (premiering Sunday at 9 pm/ET). He's still the young, fresh face on the show, and he's surrounded by another great cast, including indie queen Lili Taylor. Could his humorously named lawyer Barry White have some feelings for the lovely Lili? couldn't wait to find out. I just watched your show, and it’s so cute!Devon Gummersall: read more

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