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The Sultan's Finger - Live
11:44 — In the season finale - and a special "live" episode - a visiting sultan, Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz (guest star IQBAL THEBA - Glee), needs emergency surger (more…)
10:59 — Gender expert Perry Caravello is interviewed by Derrick about what it means to be a man. A very special makeover goes awry, and Hollywood is attacked (more…)
Nightmare of the Sleepwalker
11:14 — Buck’s nasty habit of sleepwalking is happening again. He bursts out of the Orphanage and meanders through the city wreaking havoc and mega destructio (more…)
11:18 — Derrick finds himself in the middle of a scandal. He's seen destroying mysterious videotapes, which Jeff Deane Turner is set to air. He gets a bit of (more…)
Crustacean Frustration
11:05 — Derrick’s allergic reaction to shellfish is causing him to morph into everything from a octopus to a lobster. The “Tavern Prawn the Green” restaurant (more…)
A Brand New Day
11:18 — With Pat O'Brien on vacation, Mark McGrath fills in as Derrick's cohost. But things go awry when Hollywood goes on strike, and a disgruntled millitant (more…)
The Day After the Success Awards
11:18 — Hologram Mark McGrath is up and running! Derrick recaps the winners of the 8th Annual Success Awards after a night of partying. The Rising Star Screen (more…)
11:15 — Derrick gets the inside scoop from adult film director Rob Spallone. Hot Package counts down its top romantic moments, and Pat chastises the network t (more…)
Chicken Pox Outbreak
11:07 — When Derrick escapes the orphanage in order avoid his immunization shot, he inadvertently infects the city with a Mega strain of chicken pox. Lazlo, M (more…)
Derrick Lewis vs. Ruan Potts UFC 184
18:42 — One of the most ferocious punchers in the UFC's heavyweight division, Derrick Lewis returns to the Octagon having earned his last eight victories by k (more…)
Jim and Derrick
11:31 — Jim and Derrick board, Chug, and get chill with Elisha Cuthbert in the zone. And damn...Drez plays it all back.
11:18 — With no entertainment news to report, Derrick, Pat, and special guest human-blooper Perry Caravello dedicate this episode to fun -- except things get (more…)
11:16 — Derrick is joined by health expert Gregg Valentino to discuss his steroid-dealing arrest, and questionable tributes are paid to an ailing comedian. Je (more…)
11:17 — Hot Package has up-to-the-nanosecond coverage of the musical war raging across North America. Derrick interviews movie star Jennifer Day, and an HP re (more…)
Sex and Violence
11:17 — Derrick gets into the hottest topics in Hollywood sex and violence with the help of Joey Greco (Cheaters) and Hot Package's first ever Deep Focus Grou (more…)
07:50 — Jane and Sarah are best friends; the type of friendship only teenage girls can have. Malcolm and Derrick are the coolest boys in school and tonight t (more…)
10:56 — Derrick pulls a classic Hot Package episode from the vaults. The clock ticks for two HP teen reporters possible Iranian execution; fashion computer I (more…)
Fabio's Photo
11:18 — Derrick, artist David Choe, and the HP crew celebrate the golden era of Hollywood by dressing as their Hollywood heroes. Fabio brings Derrick a neverb (more…)
One Million Saved
11:18 — A rare disease appears at Childrens Hospital, and the team has to journey into the buried remains of the original Childrens Hospital with Val's (recur (more…)
Minute Update: 2/25
01:07 — Stephen Curry and the Warriors came back against the Heat, Xavier upsets No.1 Villanova and Derrick Henry weighs in at 247 pounds at the NFL Combine.
Caldera Volcano: Yellowstone’s ticking time bomb
03:51 — Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer and planetarium director at the Franklin Institute Science Museum, joins “CBS This Morning: Saturdayâ€? to discuss t (more…)
Astronomers: Many more planets like Earth in space
03:28 — New research from the Kepler spacecraft shows there could be 25 billion planets like the Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. Derrick Pitts, chief astronome (more…)
All-American Football Teams Announced
03:03 — DT Derrick Brown takes home the National Player of the Year.
HOF Linebacker revolutionized the position
01:31 — Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks sits down with Pete Prisco on Radio row to talk about the evolution of the Linebacker in the NFL and how his ca (more…)
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