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On Location: Carla Hall and Paul Deen in Miami
03:25 — Carla and Paula go to Fireman Derrick's pie shop to make chocolate covered flan pops. They then take a ride on a fire truck to a salsa class!
The Fat Jewish Supermodel!
01:48 — Move over Derrick Zoolander, there’s a hot, new male model on the scene and his name is … “The Fat Jewish!”
Earth Gains an Extra Second
02:34 — Derrick Pitts, Franklin Institute Chief Astronomer, talks about the science behind the ‘leap second’ phenomenon.
NASA Steps up Search for Life Beyond Earth
03:55 — NASA is stepping up efforts to find proof of life beyond Earth, and scientists believe evidence will come soon. Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer at the (more…)
Perseid Meteor Shower Hits Peak
02:40 — The Perseid meteor shower is near its peak, and as many as 100 streaks per hour may be visible in the sky Tuesday night. Derrick Pitts, chief astronom (more…)
Derrick Peltz
01:00 — Professional drummer Derrick feels right at home in the MASTERCHEF kitchen where his dream of cooking for Gordon Ramsay is coming true.
New Philae Photos Show Comet’s Surface
02:48 — Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, joins José Díaz-Balart to talk about new pictures sent back to earth from t (more…)
Seth's Nephew Derrick Has a New Hobby
06:25 — Derrick disrupts Late Night yet again.
Halloween Flyby: Asteroid to Pass Earth
03:04 — NASA is closely tracking an asteroid which will do a fly by the Earth on Saturday just missing us. Derrick Pitts of the Franklin Institute discusses.
Louisiana Police Officers Charged in Murder of Six-Year-Old Boy
01:41 — Officers Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. have been arrested after allegedly firing at a car and killing a little boy, but questions remain (more…)
Navy Seal Trainee Dies After Drill
00:30 — Navy officials say 21-year-old sailor, Derrick Lovelace, died after an underwater military training exercise last week. This is still an ongoing inves (more…)
Paralyzed Former Football Player Now Running for Senate – and He Credits Hoda Kotb
01:31 — A high school football game left Derrick Edwards paralyzed, but that hasn’t stopped him from accomplishing great things.
Tulane Alum Derrick Edwards an Inspiration (including to Hoda) After Tragedy
03:20 — In Hoda Kotb’s Tulane University commencement speech, one of her shared life lessons for the graduates was fueled by the inspiring drive of Derrick Ed (more…)
Gottlieb: Derrick Rose calls Knicks a super team
02:46 — Damon Amendolara discusses Knicks point guard Derrick Rose doubling down on calling the Knicks a super team.
Fantasy Football: Believe it or not (8/16)
02:13 — Are DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry both Top 20 RBs this season? Heath Cummings and Jamey Eisenberg take a closer look.
Auburn DL coach Rodney Garner chews out freshman DT
00:53 — Garner showed some fire when coaching up freshman defensive tackle Derrick Brown at Saturday's practice.
NASA's mission to an "armageddon" asteroid
06:42 — NASA's latest mission involves studying an asteroid that could someday make impact with Earth. Chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute Derrick Pitt (more…)
Rose's motion to dismiss sexual assault case denied
01:17 — Derrick Rose's summary judgment filed in federal court to have the civil sexual assault case against him dismissed was denied on Wednesday in Californ (more…)
The Sultan's Finger - Live
11:44 — In the season finale - and a special "live" episode - a visiting sultan, Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz (guest star IQBAL THEBA - Glee), needs emergency surger (more…)
10:59 — Gender expert Perry Caravello is interviewed by Derrick about what it means to be a man. A very special makeover goes awry, and Hollywood is attacked (more…)
11:18 — Derrick finds himself in the middle of a scandal. He's seen destroying mysterious videotapes, which Jeff Deane Turner is set to air. He gets a bit of (more…)
A Brand New Day
11:18 — With Pat O'Brien on vacation, Mark McGrath fills in as Derrick's cohost. But things go awry when Hollywood goes on strike, and a disgruntled millitant (more…)
The Day After the Success Awards
11:18 — Hologram Mark McGrath is up and running! Derrick recaps the winners of the 8th Annual Success Awards after a night of partying. The Rising Star Screen (more…)
11:15 — Derrick gets the inside scoop from adult film director Rob Spallone. Hot Package counts down its top romantic moments, and Pat chastises the network t (more…)
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