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Derrick Lewis Heads to Houston to Save Flood Victims
01:13 — UFC star Derrick Lewis says he's exhausted and bit up after 2 straight days of rescuing flood victims in Houston ... telling TMZ Sports freezing water (more…)
Derrick Rose Drops Big Money On Adorable New Puppy
01:52 — Cleveland Cavs star Derrick Rose just got a brand new family member -- he's adorable, he's furry and he ain't cheap!
NAACP leader: 'This is a state of emergency'
04:09 — Interim NAACP President Derrick Johnson joins Morning Joe to discuss why the current moment in the U.S. is a state of emergency and why it requires ap (more…)
Seth's Nephew Derrick Interrupts Late Night with a Magic Trick
10:06 — Seth's teenage nephew Derrick is back in town, and this time he's bringing butt jokes and magic tricks.
Real-life Doctor Dolittle Creates Life-saving Prosthetic Limbs for Pets
03:04 — TODAY’s inspiring Feel Good Friday series continues with a profile of Derrick Campana, who estimates he has fit 15,000 to 20,000 prosthetic devices fo (more…)
Judge Puts Trump Travel Ban On Indefinite Hold
04:04 — Top Talkers: A federal judge in Hawaii on Wednesday extended his previous ruling blocking President Donald Trump's so-called 'travel ban.' The panel d (more…)
07:00 — Derrick ends up in a compromising position because of his best friend Eddie.Will Derrick make the right choice or will he give in to temptation?
07:00 — Derrick ends up in a compromising position because of his best friend Eddie.Will Derrick make the right choice or will he give in to temptation?
A Heated Custody Conversation
Monie and Derrick fight after he says their son cannot move to Atlanta to live with her in this clip from Season 3 Episode 9, "Houston, We Have a Prob (more…)
Kids in Cuffs: an NBC News Investigation Into Police Arrests of Children in Schools
01:43 — According to an incident report obtained by NBC News, a school security officer heard Derrick screaming in a classroom and later handcuffed him in the (more…)
Derrick's Interview: Why He Likes Diem
03:56 — Derrick talks about why Diem's an awesome partner, why she's beautiful and why Katie's jealous.
Gatorade Fiercest Moment
00:40 — With courage and speed, Derrick and Diem win their second challenge in a row.
Episode Recap
01:20 — Darrell and Aviv beat out a devastated Derrick and Diem in Exile while the remaining teams celebrate making it to the Finals.
Episode Recap
00:56 — Derrick and Diem win their second challenge in the row, while Wes and Casey beat out Shane and Linette in Exile.
Derrick's Interview: Theo's Too Harsh
04:07 — Derrick reveals his fave thing about Tina, why Kenny is hilarious, why Casey's a trooper and more.
Derrick (Alumni)
03:51 — This Gauntlet 2 MVP is back for more. Find out what he's been up to.
Gatorade Fiercest Moment
00:55 — Derrick/Diem and Tina/Kenny face off in the this week's mission. Derrick and Diem's fierce teamwork and "go, go, go!" strategy inevitably pulls them i (more…)
Gatorade Fiercest Moment
00:54 — Darrell and Aviv beat out Derrick and Diem and win a pardon.
Gatorade Fiercest Moment
00:52 — Darrell and Aviv power through the last leg of Exile and beat out Derrick and Diem.
Diem's Interview: Team Chemistry
03:12 — Diem discusses her attraction to Derrick, getting eliminated just before the Finals and more.
The S&!% You Didn't See!
04:51 — Derrick starts a food fight with Shane and we learn why we should never mess with Evan's cookies.
Come Back Next Week
00:11 — Derrick and Blair are havin' a party!
Stay Tuned for The After Show
00:12 — Challenge and After Show Alumni Derrick's finally here.
Hot Package Season 2
Hot Package is back with even more one-of-a-kind found footage clips and insights from A-list celebrity notables, such as Mark McGrath, Heidi Fleiss, (more…)
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