Derek Haas Celebrity Watchlist

Helicopter Crash Chaos
03:17 — A string of discoveries leads to the source of the helicopter crash landing.
The Birth of Baby Boden
02:45 — When Donna goes into labor early, Boden and Severide must perform an extra-special special delivery.
The Trap Is Set
03:47 — After a spate of car bombs terrorizes the CPD, Voight and crew devise a plan to catch the killer.
Gruesome Catch
02:31 — Voight and Lindsay investigate a horrific discovery in Lake Michigan.
Behind the Scenes: Ship Shape
03:11 — How does the cast of Chicago Fire cut loose behind the scenes? Any way they can. Catch Chicago Fire, Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.
Let's Go Chicago!
04:20 — Combine sightseeing with a behind-the-scenes look at a stunt... and it's a total blast. Chicago Fire, Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.
The Contract
02:48 — Severide rediscovers an emotional memory from Shay's past.
Dawson's First Fire
02:47 — Dawson races to find a working water source during her first fire.
Emergency Escape Route
03:02 — A rooftop fire forces Casey and Dawson into an emergency exit plan.
Street Justice
03:36 — When a crack den catches fire, the neighborhood wants to see it burn to the ground.
Brutal Interrogation
01:35 — With a young girl missing, Voight resorts to drastic measures.
Lights, Camera, Action
02:28 — Brian White (Captain Dallas Patterson) reveals the ins and outs of shooting a Chicago Fire action sequence in an exclusive behind-the-scenes look.
Ruzek: One Man Wrecking Crew
01:33 — Officer Adam Ruzek - aka actor Patrick John Flueger - knows how to handle himself in any situation. Watch Chicago P.D., Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.
Hot Tip from Ruzek and Atwater
00:41 — Jaywalking? Bad idea. How bad? Find out in this web exclusive video - and catch Chicago P.D., Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.
Behind the Scenes: Moustache Mystery
03:52 — What is it about Yuri Sardarov (Otis) that's got his fellow cast members so concerned? Chicago Fire, Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.
Purple Smoke Mystery
01:48 — A mysterious purple haze... whatever could it be?? More fun behind the scenes with Chicago Fire, Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.
Tools of the Trade
02:54 — Actors Joe Minoso and Anthony Ferraris take a tongue-in-cheek look at the tools of firefighting in this web exclusive. Catch Chicago Fire, Tuesday at (more…)
#CrossoverWeek: Night 1 Cliffhanger
02:39 — After she makes a devastating discovery that links her long-lost brother to a new case, Lindsay reaches out to Rollins from New York's SVU.
Pest Control
03:57 — Peeping Toms in your fitness club - who ya gonna call?
Web Exclusive: Cruz and Freddie
06:06 — Actor Joe Minoso discusses the complex relationship between Cruz and Freddie. Watch Chicago Fire, Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.
Behind the Scenes: Halstead Under Fire
03:33 — Go behind the scenes of one of Chicago P.D.'s most intense stunts in this web exclusive. Chicago P.D., Wed at 10/9c on NBC.
An Interrogation Gets Personal
01:44 — A child abduction rocks Dawson to his core, sending him nearly over the edge when confronting the suspect.
The Man Behind the Crash
01:36 — Go inside the stunt world of Chicago P.D. with car crash veteran Jimmy Fierro.
At Last, the Truth
02:32 — Boden meets with a state's attorney to discuss a recent case... and what Boden learns will point him to the truth behind the conspiracy. But will it b (more…)
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