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I consider myself a fan of ...

Dennis Haysbert, The Unit

Question: I consider myself a fan of NBC's television series E-Ring (although I must admit to having to suspend belief when I see Dennis Hopper in the role of the division chief of the Joint Staff's J-3 Special Operations Division. I will probably always see him as Peter Fonda's sidekick, Billy, in Easy Rider). I have also seen the first two episodes of CBS' The Unit, a program whose story line is ostensibly based on the book Inside Delta Force. Having held six military assignments in the Pentagon (including senior positions on the Joint Staff and within the Office of the Secretary of Defense), and being a retired Special Forces-qualified Army colonel, I must say that I believe Ken Robinson's E-Ring is the more correct version of how things are in the special-operations community (and even more specifically, of how things are in the Pentagon itself). I really don't know what to say yet about The Unit, after only two episodes, since I know that the writers are still attempting to ... read more

Hopper Glad E-Ring Is No Lost Cause

Dennis Hopper

When does an octagon trump a pentagon? When the octagon is the mysterious Dharma logo from ABC's Lost and the Pentagon is the setting for early TV-season time-slot rival E-Ring. Such was the unfortunate (if unsurprising) fate that befell NBC's new Wednesday-night military drama, which bowed strong but dropped 1.7 million samplers in its second week. Luckily, NBC quickly reappointed E-Ring to the 8 pm/ET hour, where it has reclaimed a full million of those, um, "lost" viewers — especially good news for film-turned-series star Dennis Hopper, who plays Colonel McNulty to Benjamin Bratt's U.S. army major. "We premiered against Lost, which obviously won [the Best Drama Emmy] last year, so we had a struggle," Hopper recounts for "We've [since] dropped to read more

E-Ring an Easy Choice for Hopper

Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper

With the new fall series E-Ring (airing Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET, beginning Sept. 21), NBC promises a behind-the-scenes look at the global crises and critical decision-making that keep Pentagon intelligence officers on their toes. The drama boasts silver-screen luster not only in Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality, The Great Raid), as U.S Army Major "J.T." Tisnewski, but also in two-time Academy Award nominee Dennis Hopper (of Easy Rider and Blue Velvet fame), who plays Colonel McNulty. Although largely associated with his many counterculture film characters, Hopper says that, aside from having to "stand a little straighter and get a haircut," stepping into the Colonel's spit-shined shoes was not as difficult as some might think. Stepping away from filmdom read more

First we had Kiefer ...

Question: First we had Kiefer Sutherland on 24, then Dominic Monaghan on Lost, and this season we have Dennis Hopper on E-Ring and Geena Davis on Commander in Chief. With box-office sales continuing to plummet, do you think more and more big-name actors/actresses will turn to the small screen instead? Answer: If they're lucky, and if the show is right for them. Actors would be lucky to find movie roles as rich and rewarding as the best of series TV can offer, especially in this robust age for drama on the networks and, especially, the crème of the cable crop (HBO, FX, maybe Showtime). But there's a risk in this. If a deal is made for a star first, and then a show is built around him or her, the results are usually disastrous. TV is much better at creating stars through shows, as opposed to launching shows around stars ... read more

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