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Upper Body Sculpt
12:13 — Row, curl, and plank your way to sexier shoulders, arms, and abs with 12 super-sculpting upper body exercises.
Denise Strikes Back!
18:59 — In the season finale of "Denise Richards: It's Complicated," Denise heads to New York to promote her new reality show, but the press tour suddenly tur (more…)
12:33 — Rev up your metabolism, and your athleticism, with 12 heart-pumping exercises that blast calories and incinerate fat.
Breathing and Core Awareness
03:39 — Stimulate your core muscles and elevate your spirit during this 5-minute preparatory segment.
Lower Body Sculpt
12:27 — Tone your hips, thighs, buttocks, and abs with 12 targeted exercises to slim saddlebags, shape the rear, and tighten the tummy.
Post Bounce-Back Workout
11:04 — Bounce back fast with this 10- minute, invigorating routine that re-educates the abs for a waist-slimming workout.
Cast Profiles
08:25 — Check out LisaRaye McCoy (Keisha), Charity Shea (April), DB Woodside (Malcolm), Travis Winfrey (Omar) and newcomer Denise Vasi (Raquel) dish about wha (more…)
Yoga Stretch
12:40 — Release tension and improve circulation with 12 yoga-inspired moves to stretch and soothe every muscle in the body.
Cardio Kickbox
12:11 — Punch, kick, and shuffle yourself slim with 12 cardio-charged moves that allow you to progress at your own pace.
Yoga Abs
10:07 — Strengthen and shrink your midsection using core-focused yoga moves to define a trimmer, tighter tummy.
Yoga Booty Lift - Floor Butt & Core
12:03 — Trim your hips, transform your tush and flatten your belly with floor exercises like side-lying legs, rainbow raises, bridge lifts, and yoga boats.
Yoga Booty Lift - Bonus Yoga Arms
11:24 — Adding light hand weights to classic yoga poses, super-sculpt your arms, shoulders, chest, and back to complete your total-body makeover.
Yoga Booty Lift - Standing Butt
12:38 — Reshape your rear with a barre leg-lift sequence and single-leg yoga moves that guarantee you’ll leave a lasting impression as you leave any room!
Yoga Legs
10:05 — Ignite the body's internal furnace with aerobic-paced yoga moves that burn calories for an incredible fat meltdown.
Yoga Booty Lift - Standing Legs
06:26 — Boost your body burn with thigh-trimming yoga poses, then use the back of a chair for a series of barre pliés and lifts that tone your thighs and calv (more…)
Yoga Relax
11:02 — Quiet your mind with a series of gentle yoga stretches that rejuvenate and refresh the body.
Attorney: Woman in kidnapping ordeal is "emotionally and physically broken"
01:19 — An attorney is blasting police for announcing that they believe Denise Huskins’ abduction was a hoax. CBS2's Erica Nochlin reports from the woman's (more…)
MusiCares Red Carpet Interview - Denise Rich
00:44 — This year's MusiCares event honors Neil Diamond
Desperate search for missing California woman allegedly kidnapped for ransom
01:49 — The family of a missing California woman says they're living a nightmare. Denise Huskins, 29, was apparently abducted from her boyfriend's home Monday (more…)
California "Gone Girl" kidnapping may have actually happened
02:54 — California's so-called "Gone Girl" kidnapping case may need a new name. Denise Huskins was accused of making up an abduction story. She and her boyfri (more…)
Denise Richards Claims Charlie Sheen Threatened to Kill Her and Their Kids
01:22 — Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards are feuding again. Denise is claiming he evicted her and their two daughters from a home he owned. Denis (more…)
San Bernardino shooting victim called sisters to say she was shot
01:44 — Denise Paraza is among the wounded in the San Bernardino shooting. Her sisters described the horrifying moment she called to tell them what happened.
Denise Richards vs. Charlie Sheen: Breaking Down the Battle Over Money
01:37 — There's a particularly nasty war of words going on between the two exes and ET has the details.
Last Surviving 9/11 Rescue Dog Gets Unforgettable 16th Birthday Celebration
01:34 — Bretange is the last known living search and rescue dog who worked at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attack. The golden retriever and her owner, Denise Co (more…)
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