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Here's one reunion that wasn't canceled by Fox: Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, who reportedly were on their way toward a reconciliation after first filing for divorce last March, aren't, it turns out. According to, lawyers for both sides filed divorce papers on Wednesday, asking that the case be handled in private arbitration. The buzz is that the couple once again hit the skids, seemingly for good, over the holidays. Chuck, I warned you: A blender is not a romantic Christmas gift. read more


Charlie Sheen confirmed on Thursday's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that he and wife Denise Richards have all but reconciled. "Things are really good," he said, before lifting his left hand to show his GPS tracking device wedding ring. "That's a pretty good indication." read more

So funny how this show debuts...

So funny how this show debuts on the same night Amanda Woodward is on Boston Legal. Coincidence? Well, yes. But it's only fitting, since it takes place in a trendy L.A .neighborhood (Silver Lake) and features a group of friends well versed in betrayal, backstabbing and most important, bed hopping. Sounds a bit Melrose Place-ish, dontcha think? Actually, I feel like I'm watching Season 1 Melrose the whole time. You remember, that's when the show hadn't found the right formula yet, but it had oodles of potential. A few tweaks later (and by tweaks I mean Heather Locklear), it was enjoying ratings gold, baby. In this soapy drama, Denise Richards (Jolene) dons the short skirts. But here's what I don't get: Jolene goes off on Rose about how Rose once stole her boyfriend Billy? Come on! She's Denise Richards! She's the one who needs to be doing the stealing around here! Thankfully, I have a sneaking suspicion I'll get my wish soon. A couple read more


As if a cursory glance at a few tabloid covers hadn't already told us, Charlie Sheen confirmed for David Letterman on The Late Show that he and wife Denise Richards are trying to work things out. The reason for their marital woes? "I was a gigantic ass," the Two and a Half Men star said. That much we could have figured out for ourselves. read more

FYI, Kelly Monaco isn't the only...

FYI, Kelly Monaco isn't the only ex-Playboy Playmate making a career for herself in both daytime and prime-time TV. Passions'  Daphnee Duplaix Samuel (Valerie) guest-stars as a flirtatious court reporter on Don Johnson's new WB series Just Legal on Sept. 18. She will later be seen as a pregnant lady in labor on Denise Richards' new UPN series Sex, Love and Secrets — costarring Days' Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) — on Oct. 4 and 11. Good for her, but Miss Daphnee better watch out. If she keeps on doing so well, Playboy might decide to dredge up her old pictorials, too! read more

Press Tour Day 3 (UPN): Everybody Loves Rock

Everybody Hates Chris

Executive Session 9:09 "We’re thrilled to see everyone except Michael Ausiello today," UPN’s top PR gal, Joanna Massey, announces to the room. She might just as well have said the middle part ‘cause I know she was thinking it. As one insider recently confided to me, "You’re on UPN’s [poopy] list ever since you did that interview with [Veronica Mars creator] Rob Thomas." That probably explains why they didn’t deliver Snapple to my room like they did last year. I suppose I should be grateful I got the press binder. 9:11 Network chief Dawn Ostroff, in bragging about UPN’s impressive year, cites a 13 percent surge in viewership among the women 18-34 demo. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure read more

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