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Mon Jul 24 8:00am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneMore Than Meets the Eye(Season 1, Episode 3) BET

CJ is downcast and Janine grows increasingly agitated in the wake of the destruction of their house due to a fire. As CJ deals with not having a home, he also investigates the cause of the blaze. Tyler Perry directed the episode.

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Mon Jul 24 8:31am
Tyler Perry's House of PaynePaternity and Fraternity(Season 1, Episode 15) BET

Part 1 of 2. CJ's life turns topsy-turvy upon the shocking discovery that he may have fathered another child. Meanwhile, Malik raises concerns when he keeps company with the wrong crowd.

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Mon Jul 24 9:02am
Tyler Perry's House of PaynePaternity and Fraternity(Season 1, Episode 16) BET

Conclusion. The discovery that CJ may have fathered another child remains a family issue.

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Mon Jul 24 9:33am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneCracking Under Pressure(Season 1, Episode 17) BET

Janine returns with friends in tow, only to pilfer from the Payne home. Elsewhere, Calvin shapes up to participate in a marathon.

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Tue Jul 25 8:00am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneA House Is Not a Home(Season 2, Episode 1) BET

CJ at last lands an apartment, but the abode may be more trouble than what it's worth. Elsewhere, Ella secretly helps Janine, who in turn begins to exploit Ella's kind spirit.

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Tue Jul 25 8:32am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneHome Alone(Season 2, Episode 2) BET

It's domestic bliss for Ella and Curtis, whose home is at last their own after CJ moves out. However, a robbery at CJ's apartment may change all that.

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Tue Jul 25 9:04am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneReality Check(Season 2, Episode 8) BET

The firehouse becomes the subject of a reality show titled “Sparks,” but the firefighters get burned when the host (Kelly O'Neal) manipulates their interviews. Elsewhere, Ella takes the children to visit Janine---without CJ's consent.

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Tue Jul 25 9:36am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneYou Big Dummy(Season 2, Episode 12) BET

Janine spontaneously squires the children to an amusement park, but things aren't so amusing when she fails to get CJ's consent. The emotional roller coaster continues for CJ when he discovers Calvin is wooing Tracie.

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Wed Jul 26 8:00am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneIt's a Boy(Season 2, Episode 13) BET

When his crew departs on a call, Curtis is left alone at the firehouse with a pregnant woman who's about to give birth. Meanwhile, Tracie questions Calvin's maturity level, causing their relationship to wilt.

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Wed Jul 26 8:32am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneThe Big Bang Theory(Season 2, Episode 15) BET

Janine's former drug dealer arrives seeking owed money, causing an unsettled Curtis to consider buying a handgun for safety. Elsewhere, bullying at school is wearing down Malik.

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Wed Jul 26 9:04am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneDevil in a Blue Suit(Season 2, Episode 18) BET

When Janine begins exhibiting bizarre behavior, the Payne crew suspects that she's returned to her old habits---particularly when she appears with a black eye. Meanwhile, Malik's got sole: He sets out to buy new sneakers.

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Wed Jul 26 9:36am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneStop Being All Funky(Season 3, Episode 2) BET

As CJ dates Tanya (Robin Givens), Janine goes out with an ex-football player (Michael Jai White), who goes the extra yard by giving Malik and Jazmine dazzling gifts---to CJ's chagrin. Meanwhile, odor issues plague Jazmine.

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Thu Jul 27 8:00am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneCommencement Day(Season 3, Episode 6) BET

Janine considers disclosing a stunning secret to CJ and the children. And Calvin has some shocking news of his own regarding his education.

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Thu Jul 27 8:32am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneA Shock to the System(Season 3, Episode 7) BET

Malik's best pal, Kevin (Kyre Batiste-Loftin), is injured in a hit-and-run accident. In other events, Calvin scores a job at a most unusual place.

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Thu Jul 27 9:04am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneCompromising Positions(Season 3, Episode 8) BET

Curtis is offered a desirable fire-chief job---but it's in Los Angeles, and Ella firmly opposes moving. Meanwhile, CJ has a close encounter with Tanya's overly assertive gal pal. Robin Givens guest stars.

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Thu Jul 27 9:36am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneSex, Lies and Videotapes(Season 3, Episode 10) BET

CJ corners Tanya (Robin Givens) about her appearance in a racy music video. In other events, the FBI keeps a hard eye on a Payne neighbor and seeks to use the Payne house as a stakeout post.

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Fri Jul 28 8:00am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneR-E-S-P-E-C-T Me(Season 3, Episode 16) BET

The guys' objectification of women at the firehouse flusters Angel, who turns to Ella and Claretha for advice. Meanwhile, Malik gets drunk with power when he babysits Jazmine.

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Fri Jul 28 8:32am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneAnd...Cut!(Season 4, Episode 6) BET

Ella puts a plan into motion to increase quality family time: She forbids the clan from using the TV and radio for two weeks. Before long, subsequent family conversations reveal a shocking discovery about CJ. Elsewhere, a popular film actor prepares for a (more…)

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Fri Jul 28 9:04am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneFather's Day(Season 4, Episode 19) BET

Curtis' dad arrives to meet Calvin's fiancée (Keshia Knight Pulliam), only to discover they share an unpleasant past. A subplot involves a man significantly impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

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Fri Jul 28 9:36am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneWhose Wedding Is It Anyway?(Season 4, Episode 20) BET

Calvin and Miranda's nuptial preparations turn ugly when Ella helps Miranda register for wedding gifts. Ella soon transforms into a mother-in-law from hell, choosing everything from the china pattern to the crystal. Worse, Calvin takes sides with Ella. Els (more…)

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Sat Jul 29 8:00am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneI Don't Know This Payne(Season 5, Episode 17) BET

Ella and Rosie seek their independence and their own financial strength by landing jobs at a mall boutique. Conversely, Curtis and Carlos bond during their manly free time---until they begin missing their wives.

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Sat Jul 29 8:30am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneHeartbeat(Season 6, Episode 21) BET

A pregnancy scare upends Calvin and Miranda's world. Elsewhere, Curtis' sales scheme lands him in trouble with the law.

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Sat Jul 29 9:01am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneMy Fair Curtis(Season 6, Episode 36) BET

Floyd hopes to win Claretha's heart. Cut to Curtis and Ella, who are enlisted to help him. In addition, CJ's boss bombards him with more lusty advances.

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Sat Jul 29 9:32am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneRest for the Weary(Season 6, Episode 37) BET

Calvin falls into a perilous circumstance when he takes on two jobs. Meanwhile, Janine's home life suffers when she scores a promotion.

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