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'Duck Dynasty' Salary Dispute Delaying Season 4
Duck Dynasty producer Deirdre Gurney has broken her silence on the 'Ducky Dynasty' dispute. According to Gurney, the 'Duck Dynasty' folks will get the (more…)
Duck Dynasty Returns January 2016
00:15 — The Robertsons will return for Season 9 of Duck Dynasty in January.
Sunday Drivers
01:34 — The women of Duck Dynasty are horrible drivers, and they even admit it in this clip.
The Pet Photographer
01:03 — In this scene from the episode Shot Thru The Heart, Miss Kay and Phil meet with a pet photographer to take some family shots with their dogs.
The Haunted House at Duck Commander
02:06 — In this scene from the episode Quack-O-Lantern, kids get a tour of the Duck Commander scarehouse.
Duck Digest: I'm Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas
02:41 — A recap of Duck Dynasty "I'm Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas."
Phil Takes the Granddaughters Fishing
01:17 — In this scene from the episode So You Think You Can Date, Phil wants to bring out the redneck in his young granddaughters, so he takes them fishing
The Jerky Boys and "The Flying Flea"
01:58 — The Duck Commander crew try to make their own jerky and, in the process, discover that Godwin had an unexpected hobby.
Phil and Miss Kay Discuss Their Will With Willie
01:52 — In this scene from the episode Jerky Boys, Phil and Kay surprise Willie at work with a morbid revelation.
02:10 — Willie tries to implement a new company policy, new uniforms. These guys want nothing to do with uniforms.
Sadie's Blossoming
02:08 — From dating to driving, surfing, and shooting, check out some of Sadie's biggest milestones and memorable moments from throughout the seasons.
Mountain Man
01:13 — Mountain Man is a one of a kind individual. His character is explained by Jase in this funny video about the man behind Mountain Man.
Pizza Vs. Toast
01:40 — Jase and Willie compete against each other in everything. Si and Willie talk about a fight the two brothers had in the kitchen regarding cooking pizza (more…)
Duck Digest: Sweatin' Bullets
02:53 — A recap of Duck Dynasty Episode 19, "Sweatin' Bullets."
Duck Digest: Driving Miss Sadie
02:59 — A recap of Duck Dynasty Episode 15, "Driving Miss Sadie."
Si's Storytelling Skills
01:33 — Si has a particular way of telling a story, and there's always gotta be a twist to it.
Duck Digest: Drag Me to Glory
03:36 — A recap of Duck Dynasty Episode 27, "Drag Me To Glory"
Si's Dating Tips
01:49 — In this scene from the episode So You Think You Can Date, Si gives Martin some expert advice on dating
Workin' With Family
01:50 — Jep, Jase, Willie, Phil, Miss Kay, Korie, Missy, Si explain the pro's and con's of what it's like to work with their family members.
Love Is in the Air
01:37 — A compilation of The Robertsons' dating advice, love stories, relationships, and more for your enjoyment on Valentine's Day.
Si's Golf Lessons
02:03 — In this scene from the episode Going Si-Ral, Si gives expert advice and tips on golfing, in his instructional golf video
Family Values
01:32 — This is a video compilation of some family values of the Roberston's.
Bootleg Building
01:22 — Phil builds a dollhouse for his grand daughters, Roberston Style! No directions necessary.
Redneck Swag
01:36 — A compilation of videos showing Si Robertson's swaggy moments. Si's so dope he's illegal in 55 states.
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