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The Good Wife - Mini Tacos Together
03:24 — While sharing a drink and discussing a work issue with Jason, Alicia offers to prepare a makeshift diner for the two of them...However, Peter unexpect (more…)
The Good Wife - Making Noise
03:40 — Despite a previous agreement regarding their marriage, Alicia seduces Peter into a sexy afternoon tryst.
The Good Wife - Mrs. Florrick?
01:05 — After having been threatened into voting with Landau, Alicia displays resistance.
The Good Wife - Scheming
04:37 — In the midst of Alicia's work on a complex court case, Alicia and the judge can't help but feel that Eli is up to something.
The Good Wife - The Back Door
02:45 — After Peter announces his candidacy, Alicia receives a call that puts her back on the NSA's list.
The Good Wife - The Good Wife's Daniel Lawson's Top Five Looks
03:35 — Go behind the scenes with Dan Lawson as he shares his top five favorite looks of The Good Wife. The Good Wife airs Sundays 9/8c.
The Good Wife - The New Characters of The Good Wife
04:29 — Daniel Lawson takes you behind the scenes with the new characters of The Good Wife. The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9/8c.
The Good Wife - Sensitivity Training
01:40 — The whole firm has to participate in sensitivity training after Howard complains of age discrimination.
The Good Wife - Changing Lawyers
01:41 — While fighting on behalf of her client, Alicia unintentionally takes cases away from her peers.
The Good Wife - Mama's Homespun Cooking
02:37 — Despite the tension between Alicia and her mother, the two agree to go on a cooking show.
Cliffhanger: Did Deacon or Beverly Flatline?
00:38 — Season 3 ends with Dr. Rand preparing to deliver bad news.
Will Lexington Comes Out
00:59 — Kevin inspires Will to finally tell everyone the truth.
Rayna and Deacon Exchange Vows
01:30 — They unofficially recite wedding vows before Deacon's surgery.
Avery Leaves Juliette
01:39 — Juliette's behavior finally drives Avery away.
"Anywhere from Here" Performance
01:04 — Maddie, Daphne, and Deacon's sister Beverly sing together.
Layla Discovers Jeff's Treachery
01:04 — She takes a golf club to his windshield.
The Good Wife - Take It
01:40 — While Peter sits down with Ruth to discuss Eli, Alicia works on hiring a new investigator.
The Good Wife - An Uninvited Guest
01:06 — Cary sets Howard up for embarrassment after a dispute between the two of them regarding the firm.
The Good Wife - Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins the Cast
02:44 — Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins the cast of The Good Wife.
Deacon and Rayna
00:54 — Preview this must-see performance from the season premiere!
Did Juliette Just Quit Highway 65?
01:08 — Preview Episode 22: Juliette is fed up with Rayna.
Sneak Peek: Rayna's Big Decision
01:03 — Preview a scene from the Season 3 premiere!
Juliette Is Out of Control
01:35 — Since giving birth, Juliette's behavior has become increasingly erratic and she exhibits signs of postpartum depression. Avery's attempted interventio (more…)
Sneak Peek: Deacon Wants to Marry Rayna
01:04 — Deacon is shaken after having a unsettling premonition of his death. He begs Rayna to marry him at the hospital before he's taken to the operating roo (more…)
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