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See Where The Number One Beach In America Is Located
00:40 — A list of the top ten places to catch some rays in the U.S. has just been released by the authority on the subject, Dr. Beach. From Hawaii to The Hamp (more…)
Moms of Soldiers Who Died In The Military Share The Meaning Of Memorial Day
01:45 — Memorial Day is a time to remember the people who have died while serving in the military. Two moms who have lost a child while in active duty share w (more…)
Teen Takes Mom With Terminal Brain Cancer As High School Prom Date
01:11 — A teenager took his terminally ill mom to the prom. 17-Year-Old Dylan Huffaker from Idaho wanted his mother Kerry, battling stage four brain cancer, (more…)
Judge Grants Amber Heard's Request For Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp
02:26 — A judge has granted Amber Heard's request for a temporary restraining order, calling on Depp to stay 100 yards away. The hearing came as a shocking ph (more…)
Crafty Crow Flies Away After Stealing Knife From Crime Scene
01:20 — A crafty crow somehow swooped up a knife from a crime scene in Canada. Police were responding to a car fire in a McDonald's parking lot when they were (more…)
Why a Court Battle Is Looming For Couple Who Streamed Son's Birth on Facebook
02:14 — When one mom went into labor, she had no idea that the baby's father was streaming it on Facebook. But their happiness was cut dramatically short when (more…)
Attractive Woman's Mugshot Is Giving 'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks Some Competition
01:01 — Move over hot felon Jeremy Meeks, there's a new attractive mug shot making the rounds. This time it's a woman. People seem to be serenaded by southern (more…)
17-Year-Old Beauty Queen Gets Arrested For Forging Doctor's Notes To Skip School
00:40 — A beauty pageant winner was arrested for forging doctors' notes. 17-year-old Madison Cox, the winner of Miss South Carolina Teen International 2015, i (more…)
Over 38 Million People Are Expected to Travel This Memorial Day Weekend
00:52 — A projected 38 million Americans will be traveling on Memorial Day weekend due to low gas prices and cheap airfares, according to AAA. "Americans are (more…)
World War II Vet Celebrates 90th Birthday By Skydiving Days After Brother Dies
01:24 — What is the best way to celebrate your 90th birthday? Skydiving, of course! Robert Curtis, a WWII Veteran, caught some wind while skydiving at Skydive (more…)
National Spelling Bee Ends In a Tie For The Third Year In a Row
01:38 — After 39 rounds, two boys became joint winners of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. It was the third time in the competition's history that it ended (more…)
7 Simple Steps For Packing Everything You Need In a Carry-On Suitcase
01:40 — As the summer travel season begins, packing your bags can be a nightmare. Travel blogger Kate McCulley showed Inside Edition some great packing secret (more…)
Cop Compares Himself To Batman in Hilarious Recruitment Video
01:10 — Does Batman or a police officer have a better job? This hysterical pretend ride-a-long with the superhero is part of the police department's recruitme (more…)
Toddler Buried In 1870s' Found In Casket Under Home Will Have New Funeral
01:16 — Construction workers remodeling a San Francisco home made an unexpected discovery when they unearthed a coffin containing a perfectly preserved young (more…)
Searchers Get Emotional Finding Remains Of Missing Hiker 2 Years Later
01:37 — This exclusive video from Animal Planet reveals the heartbreaking moment searchers found the remains of missing hiker Geraldine Largay. The 66-year-ol (more…)
Searchers Get Emotional Finding Remains Of Missing Hiker 2 Years Later
01:37 — This exclusive video from Animal Planet reveals the heartbreaking moment searchers found the remains of missing hiker Geraldine Largay. The 66-year-ol (more…)
Important BBQ Safety Tips For The Holiday Weekend
02:43 — If you are getting ready to barbecue this Memorial Day weekend, Inside Edition has important advice to help you grill safely, thanks to Chef Lisa Beel (more…)
Dog Forced To Live In Small Muddy Backyard Gets a Voice In Heartbreaking Video
01:13 — Actor Justin Long provides the voice for "Charlie," a mistreated dog forced to live outside every day of its life, in a new public service announcemen (more…)
CEO Offers To Pay For Employee's Weddings After Already Covering Family Tuitions
01:14 — Here's one awesome way to say thank you for a job well done. CEO, Chieh Huang, of Boxed Wholesale, a company based in New Jersey that offers free deli (more…)
Melissa Gilbert Drops Out of Congressional Race Due to Health Concerns
01:17 — Melissa Gilbert has announced that she's dropping out of the Michigan race for Congress, citing ill health. The former "Little House on the Prairie" s (more…)
Watch This Talented Rescue Dog Skateboard Like a Pro
00:58 — Bamboo is one talented pup who loves to skateboard while soaking in the California sunshine. He has a huge following online and brings smiles to every (more…)
Burn Victim Becomes Prom Queen One Year After Surviving Horrific Accident
03:14 — A teen who nearly died when her home caught fire two years ago has bounced back from a long recovery process to be been named prom queen. Kylie Brookb (more…)
Bernie Sanders Will Take On Donald Trump's Debate Challenge
01:51 — Donald Trump appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he said he would be willing to debate Bernie Sanders before California's June 7 primary, a challenge (more…)
Why This Over The Top 'Jeopardy' Contestant Is Driving People Crazy
01:31 — Not all Jeopardy contestants can build a fun rapport with Alex Trebek. But one guy knows what works. Now, there's a lot of buzz over the reigning 8-d (more…)
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