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Kim Kardashian Credited Fame To Posting On Social Media Before Paris Heist
01:23 — Kim Kardashian had talked up social media's role in her rise to fame in an interview shot just weeks before a group of thieves raided her hotel room a (more…)
Woman Arrested in 1989 Cold-Case Murder of Teen Sarah DeLeon
00:51 — Police in Kansas City, Kansas have made an arrest in an almost 30-year-old cold case. Cops say 49-year-old Carolyn Heckert is being held on 1 million (more…)
20-Year-Old Woman Is Auctioning Her Virginity After Family Loses Home To Fire
01:33 — After a devastating fire claimed her home, a young woman has made an important decision many have viewed as extremely controversial. 20-year-old Kathe (more…)
Bride Obsessed with Target Re-Creates Wedding Photos At Store
01:18 — Of all the places for a one year wedding anniversary photo shoot Target was the backdrop of choice. Lauren Rexroad and her husband, Corey, from West V (more…)
Bumbling Thief Aborts Carjacking After Realizing He Can't Drive Stick Shift
00:46 — A man says he was held at gunpoint before young thieves tried and failed to steal his car. Dustin French believes he's lucky to be alive and credits h (more…)
Father Arrested For Leaving 5-Year-Old Daughter Alone At Night In The Cold
02:21 — The father accused of abandoning his little daughter on a college campus in near-freezing temperatures has been arrested. On Friday, Ogden Police loca (more…)
People Campaigning For Meteor To Hit Earth Over Clinton or Trump Being President
01:10 — With the presidential election just around the corner, a destructive new challenger is gaining popularity among young voters. A recent poll shows one (more…)
The Most Cringe-Worthy Charity Dinner Zingers From Trump and Clinton
02:36 — The bitterness shared between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appears intense enough even to crack the smiling facades of New York City's white tie e (more…)
Volunteer Firefighter Distraught After Realizing Fatal Crash Victim Is Teen Son
00:54 — A volunteer firefighter responded to a call of a fatal crash to discover the victim in the wreck was his own teenage son. Randy Peterson answered a ca (more…)
Could Chiropractor Visit Have Caused Playboy Model Katie May's Death?
02:28 — Katie May, who also posed in Playboy, was a social media sensation whose fan base of 2 million Instagram followers was left in shock when she suddenly (more…)
Dad Transforms His Adorable 3-Year-Old Daughter Into Wonder Woman
01:29 — One young girl in Utah celebrated her third birthday with a super photo shoot, thanks to her professional photographer father. Josh Rossi photographed (more…)
Abandoned Hairless Hamster Now Warm and Cozy Thanks To Custom Tiny Sweater
00:59 — Hamsters are known to be little fluff balls who run on wheels all day, but Silky is a different kind of hamster. Silky has a rare genetic disorder whi (more…)
Cardinal Dolan Reveals Trump and Clinton Prayed Together Before Charity Dinner
00:39 — Cardinal Timothy Dolan revealed there was a spiritual moment between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump before the annual Al Smith Dinner in New York Ci (more…)
Baby Survives Being Born Twice: Once For Life-Saving Surgery and Then For Birth
01:51 — Lynlee Doemer is lucky to be alive after being born twice, once for life-saving surgery and again when she was full term. Mom, Margaret discovered tha (more…)
Watch Cher Spoof Her Classic 'I Got You Babe' With a Modern Touch
00:50 — Cher and James Corden performed a hilarious rendition of her classic duet with Sonny Bono on The Late Late Show, but not without a few updates for the (more…)
Watch The Terrifying Moment a Great White Shark Broke Into an Underwater Cage
01:22 — Heart stopping video of great white sharks breaking into a shark cage with divers inside has surfaced. Various divers inside cages off the coast of Gu (more…)
Lady Gaga Performs Intimate Show At Bar Where She First Sang 10 Years Ago
00:38 — Lady Gaga returned to her roots Thursday night in New York City where she performed at The Bitter End, the same venue where she performed before hitti (more…)
Kind Woman Pays $120 To Help Homeless Man Get His Dog Back From Pound
00:49 — Wilma Trice from Texas was noticed a homeless man sitting outside a local Walmart holding a sign for help to release his dog from the pound. Trice was (more…)
Live News Anchor Goofs Saying 'Check Your Panties' From Typo In Teleprompter
00:54 — A news anchor in Richmond, Virginia had a Ron Burgundy slip up live on air. The story Eric Philips was reading was about a slow cooker recall. Instead (more…)
New Surveillance Video Shows How Kim Kardashian's Robbers Escaped Paris Heist
00:58 — The first video showing the alleged thieves who robbed Kim Kardashian has surfaced. In the video, the robbers are seen on bikes and on foot heading to (more…)
Donald Trump's Longstanding Feud With The Emmys
02:39 — There was a superheated moment in Wednesday night's debate and triggered an instant response from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. At one (more…)
Ex-Pastor Accused of Trying to Choke 4-Month-Old Baby in a Walmart
01:05 — An ex-pastor is accused of trying to choke a baby in a Kansas Walmart. Police in Overland Park say 40 year-old Oleh Zhownirovych came up behind the ba (more…)
Woman Tearfully Claims Trump Touched Her Breast At 1988 U.S. Open
03:01 — Another woman has publicly accused Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of sexual misdeeds nearly three decades ago. On Thursday morning, wi (more…)
Six Surprising Ways You Can Make Your Bras Last Longer
01:31 — Attention ladies, there's a good chance you're wearing the wrong size bra. There are a few common mistakes that women make often when shopping for und (more…)
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