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The Biz: Celebrating the Life and Career of News Veteran John Palmer

Newscatcher: A Memoir by John Palmer

If you were anywhere near a TV set on Jan. 28, 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, chances are you learned the news of the tragedy from NBC News correspondent John Palmer. With NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw temporarily unavailable that afternoon, it was Palmer, the newsreader for Today, who broke in with a special report and stayed with the story for hours as it unfolded.

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Is Katie Couric Returning to Today?

Katie Couric

Katie Couric is in talks to return to Today temporarily to replace co-hostSavanah Guthrie when she goes on maternity leave, according to The New York Post

NBC News is said to also be in talks with others, including Meredith Vieira, the Post reports.

"With the Today show in a good place, we are blessed with great talent and many options to temporarily fill Savannah's chair while she's on leave, but there's no plan yet," an NBC spokeswoman said in a statement. "Stay tuned."

Season MVPs: The year's best

Couric first joined Today in 1991, when she ironically was called on to fill Deborah Norville's spot when she left on maternity leave. Couric secured the gig permanently and remained as co-anchor until she exited in 2006 for CBS Evening News. Couric currently hosts her own talk show, Katie, which ends in June. Couric also has a deal with Yahoo! as its global anchor. While Yahoo! has a partnership with ABC News, Couric's interviews aren't covered by that deal.

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Ask Matt: The Today Mess, Glee-vs-Glee Project, Royal Pains and More

Kevin McHale and Robert Ulrich

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Question: What the heck is institutionally wrong with NBC that they can't seem to handle transitions with any class or make a choice and stick with it? I can remember the first Today show debacle when they pushed out Jane Pauley and put poor Deborah Norville in her place, only to abandon Norville to take the brunt of the backlash for their bad decision. Jump ahead to the next century where they push Jay Leno out before he's ready to go, but won't completely let go of him because they can't make up their minds. They put Leno where he's pretty much guaranteed to fail in prime time and then give up on Conan O'Brien before he's really had a chance to grow into the job. Again, treating both performers pretty shabbily considering what they'd contributed to the network.

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The Biz: Inside Ann Curry's Today Exit — What Went Wrong

Ann Curry

Ann Curry learned that you're a member of the Today family until the ratings say you're not.

Curry spent her final morning as co-anchor with Matt Lauer on Thursday, giving a tearful goodbye before heading to a new role as the program's anchor-at-large and NBC News national and international correspondent (which came with a new long-term contract). Savannah Guthrie, NBC News legal correspondent and co-anchor of the third hour of Today for the last year, will be named as Lauer's new partner on Friday, according to sources familiar with the plan.

Curry, who joined Today in 1997 as a newsreader, was part of ...
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Deborah Norville's Inside Look at 20 Years of Inside Edition

Deborah Norville, Inside Edition

Inside Edition begins its 20th year on the air today. It's the 13th year for anchor Deborah Norville, who took over for Fox News' Bill O'Reilly back in 1995. recently caught up with Norville to discuss the syndicated newsmagazine. We also got her recollections on spending time in the clink and what advice she'd give a younger self about how to deal with her acrimonious split from the Today show. So Inside Edition has been around for 20 years now.Deborah Norville: What is the gift for 20 years? It's probably not very good. Wait, I know this, because I just had my 20th wedding anniversary. It's porcelain. So maybe we'll have celebratory china made in honor of our grand achievement here. That sort of longevity in the broa read more

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