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Haunted Elevator
04:20 — A haunted elevator attraction tries to spook its riders (Beck Bennett, Kate McKinnon) with an original character, David Pumpkins (Tom Hanks).
What Happened Last Night - Official Trailer
01:36 — As a college senior, Sarah (Alix Kermes) suffers from a broken heart after her boyfriend cheats on her and leaves her. Across campus, Danny (Clayton (more…)
The Surprising Reason Birds First Grew Feathers
02:31 — When birds first grew feathers 150 million years ago, their function was not necessarily to help with flight. From: DAVID ATTENBOROUGH'S CONQUEST OF (more…)
Reptiles Can't Fly. But This One Glides Like a Pro.
01:44 — Draco, a type of lizard that lives in trees in Southeast Asia, has evolved flaps of skin on its flanks. When opened, they extend the width of its body (more…)
The Incredible Reptiles That Flew 200 Million Years Ago
02:42 — A 200-million-year-old fossil reveals the amazing body structure of a reptilian creature known as the dimorphodon. Not only did it possess wings, it w (more…)
Major websites affected by cyberattack
01:35 — A massive cyberattack has disrupted service to popular websites including Twitter, Amazon, PlayStation, and many others. The attack targeted the serve (more…)
Is Trump's election pledge a "colossal mistake"?
05:00 — Donald Trump says he may not accept defeat in November, which some critics call a "colossal mistake." The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold discusse (more…)
Griffon Vultures Depend on the Sun to Fly. Why?
01:42 — The Griffon vulture is one of the largest vulture species. Because of its giant stature, it uses an immense amount of energy to take off. Luckily, the (more…)
Watch a Bombardier Beetle Mace a Praying Mantis
01:09 — Praying mantises are adept at ambushing their prey with their specialized legs and swift reflexes. But when one goes for a Bombardier beetle, it gets (more…)
Did Trump Cross Line at Smith Dinner?
04:36 — David Litt, former speechwriter for President Obama Speechwriter and head writer of Funny or Die, discusses writing comedy for presidential candidates (more…)
The Obamas Rally Supporters, Take On Trump
04:05 — Author David Maraniss talks about the impact of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton.
Petraeus: Retaking Mosul a Foregone Conclusion
09:05 — Gen. David Petraeus discusses the efforts to retake Mosul from ISIS, military involvement in Syria, a no-fly zone in Syria and fighting ISIS on social (more…)
Chicago Fire: Scorched Earth Trailer
02:05 — Casey (Jesse Spencer) enlists Susan Weller (guest Star Lauren Stamile) to help with an urgent personal matter. Severide (Taylor Kinney) receives an of (more…)
WN 10/20/16: American Service Member Killed in IED Attack
18:17 — Post-debate analysis with less than a month to go before election; California launching a criminal investigation against Wells Fargo.
Trump: I'll Accept Election Result 'If I Win'
09:43 — After Wednesday's debate, Trump again discussed saying that he may not accept the election results at a campaign rally on Thursday. MSNBC's Brian Will (more…)
Perils of Eroded Civic Knowledge Forewarned
09:49 — Rachel Maddow shares a video of former Supreme Court Justice David Souter talking about the importance of civic knowledge in the maintenance of a demo (more…)
Celebrities Caught Booty and Boob-Gazing
01:40 — David Beckham, Joe Manganiello, Michelle Rodriguez and more stars can't help but take a peek at the goods! Watch.
What Does Clinton Need to Do Next?
04:29 — Founder of “Correct the Record,” David Brock, discusses how he believes Hillary Clinton can “seal the deal,” and win the election.
Massive rescue effort to save a pregnant manatee
02:58 — A complex rescue operation is helping a pregnant manatee return to the wild. A Coast Guard plane touched down Tuesday in Florida, carrying the 800-pou (more…)
Survivor - Four Out Of Five Times
01:55 — David talks about the Immunity Challenge and the upcoming Tribal Council.
Survivor - Really Cool Kids
02:47 — David shares his thoughts on his new Vanua tribe.
Why the Center Won't Hold After the Elections
10:10 — The Morning Joe panel discusses a new David Ignatius post on the election and why politics will be further pulled to the left or right after the elect (more…)
Last Of The Mississippi Jukes - Official Trailer
01:34 — Robert Mugge's 2003 music documentary, LAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI JUKES, explores the fading traditions of rural Mississippi juke joints. The blues was f (more…)
World News 10/18/16: David Muir Gets Rare Access to Guantanamo
18:49 — Obama Rejects Trump's "Rigged Election" Claims; 11-Year-Old Walks In on Home Invader.
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