David Zayas

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: David Zayas
  • Birth Place: Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Profession: Actor
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Sat Dec 16 7:00pm
The Expendables TELMUN

Un equipo de mercenarios es contratado para acabar con un dictador sudamericano. Sin embargo, los hombres deben enfrentar a un exagente de la CIA que trabaja para el mejor postor.

Sun Dec 17 10:00am
Stepmom LIFE

A career woman falls for a man with two children and an ex-wife who's a supermom. She's still a big part of the family and not happy about the newcomer.

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Fri Dec 22 8:00am
DexterDexter(Season 1, Episode 1) SHO2e

A Miami forensics whiz moonlighting as a vigilante dispatching murderers who've escaped justice searches for “a very neat monster” who's chopping up hookers and leaving no prints---and no blood.

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Fri Dec 22 9:00am
DexterCrocodile(Season 1, Episode 2) SHO2e

A serial murderer dubbed The Ice Truck Killer leaves clues for Dexter---in Dexter's house; the unit investigates the death of an undercover cop; Deb's excellent police work gets her a transfer to homicide; Dexter sets his sights on avenging the hit-and-run (more…)

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Fri Dec 22 10:00am
DexterThe Popping Cherry(Season 1, Episode 3) SHO2e

The Ice Truck Killer strikes again and new homicide officer Debra is assigned the case, but she gets reprimanded for violating the chain of command; flashbacks offer insight into Dexter's homicidal tendencies and take him back to his first time "taking out (more…)

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Fri Dec 22 11:00am
DexterLet's Give the Boy a Hand(Season 1, Episode 4) SHO2e

The Ice Truck Killer leaves severed body parts from his victims at locations that are linked to memories from Dexter's troubled childhood, which begins to get into Dexter's head.

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Fri Dec 22 12:00pm
DexterLove American Style(Season 1, Episode 5) SHO2e

The homicide division is handed an unbelievable lead when the Ice Truck Killer's latest victim is found alive but mutilated; Dexter is on the trail of a person who traffics in humans.

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Fri Dec 22 1:00pm
DexterReturn to Sender(Season 1, Episode 6) SHO2e

The Ice Truck Killer leaves Dexter a clue at the scene where Dexter has dispatched his latest victim.

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Fri Dec 22 2:00pm
DexterCircle of Friends(Season 1, Episode 7) SHO2e

The squad identifies the Ice Truck Killer; Rita's ex-husband, an abusive addict, is paroled.

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Fri Dec 22 3:00pm
DexterShrink Wrap(Season 1, Episode 8) SHO2e

Dexter appears to be connected to a psychiatrist suspected of murdering a suicidal patient.

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Fri Dec 22 4:00pm
DexterFather Knows Best(Season 1, Episode 9) SHO2e

Dexter learns that his biological father, thought to be dead for 30 years, has just passed away, and that Dexter has been named executor; Doakes has a brush with Internal Affairs when there's a question about his shooting of an armed Haitian immigrant. Els (more…)

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Fri Dec 22 5:00pm
DexterSeeing Red(Season 1, Episode 10) SHO2e

The Ice Truck Killer leaves behind a horrific crime scene that conjures up a terrible suppressed memory from Dexter's past; Rita's ex sues for custody of their children.

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Fri Dec 22 6:00pm
DexterTruth Be Told(Season 1, Episode 11) SHO2e

While Dexter searches for clues to his past, the Ice Truck Killer strikes again, leaving a dismembered body at a Christmas display; LaGuerta has a run-in with Capt. Matthews; Dexter finds a clue to who stabbed Batista; Deb and Rudy's relationship may be he (more…)

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Fri Dec 22 7:00pm
DexterBorn Free(Season 1, Episode 12) SHO2e

The Ice Truck Killer leaves Dexter clues to the whereabouts of his kidnapped loved one, and Rita's ex warns her that Dexter is a danger to her two children.

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Sat Dec 23 8:00am
DexterIt's Alive!(Season 2, Episode 1) SHO2e

In the aftermath of the death of the Ice Truck Killer, Debra makes an uneasy return to work and Dexter finds that he's “off [his] game and distracted” and unable to kill; divers make a gruesome discovery; Rita's ex asks for her help in getting out of j (more…)

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Sat Dec 23 9:00am
DexterWaiting To Exhale(Season 2, Episode 2) SHO2e

Little Chino strikes again, so Dexter works up another plan to nail him; the FBI sends a special agent (Keith Carradine) to work on the “Bay Harbor Butcher” case; and Debra freaks out on the job. Also, Rita confronts Dexter about his erratic and suspic (more…)

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Sat Dec 23 10:00am
Law & OrderSmoke(Season 13, Episode 24) TNT

While a pedophile celebrity (Adam Ferrara) is under investigation in his baby son's fatal fall from a hotel window, an out-of-court settlement comes under scrutiny. Sammy: Jon Budinoff. Lucy Mireles: Lisa Lisa. John Mireles: David Zayas. James Granick: Ne (more…)

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Sat Dec 23 10:00am
DexterAn Inconvenient Life(Season 2, Episode 3) SHO2e

Dexter deals with a smooth-talking, despicable used-car salesman who's dying to do business with him; Rita suspects Dexter has a drug problem and insists that he get into a program, which throws him into the path of a mysterious and attractive woman (Jaime (more…)

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Sat Dec 23 11:00am
DexterSee-Through(Season 2, Episode 4) SHO2e

Rita's estranged mother (JoBeth Williams) visits and senses something is wrong with Dexter; Masuka thinks he's developed a lead in the Bay Harbor Butcher case, which has Dexter concerned; Doakes heads a murder investigation involving a military special-ops (more…)

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Sat Dec 23 12:00pm
DexterThe Dark Defender(Season 2, Episode 5) SHO2e

Dexter learns that his mother's killer is still alive. Dexter's NA sponsor, Lila (Jaime Murray), encourages him to confront the man as one of the “steps” to his recovery.

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Sat Dec 23 1:00pm
DexterDex, Lies and Videotape(Season 2, Episode 6) SHO2e

Dexter discovers he has some competition, a copycat killer who claims to be inspired by the Bay Harbor Butcher's dirty work; Dexter becomes romantically drawn to Lila.

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Sat Dec 23 2:00pm
DexterThat Night, a Forest Grew(Season 2, Episode 7) SHO2e

In an attempt to shake the task force off his trail, Dexter sends a manifesto to the newspaper detailing previously unreleased information and he also sets up Doakes in an effort to get him off his case. Also, Deb's relationship with Special Agent Lundy (K (more…)

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Sat Dec 23 3:00pm
DexterMorning Comes(Season 2, Episode 8) SHO2e

Special Agent Lundy (Keith Carradine) decides to take the investigation “where the chase leads [them],” pointing in the direction of the police force; a nosy neighbor (Bruce Weitz) supplies Deb and Batista with a lead in the case; Dexter is attacked by (more…)

I’ll Watch45 Watching
Sat Dec 23 4:00pm
DexterResistance Is Futile(Season 2, Episode 9) SHO2e

Dexter tries to stay one step ahead of Lundy's manhunt for the Bay Harbor Butcher, while also trying to distance himself from Lila (Jaime Murray), which she is determined not to allow.

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  • Birth Name: David Zayas
  • Birth Place: Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • Profession: Actor

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