David Sutcliffe

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Profession: Actor
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David Sutcliffe reminisces on Gilmore Girls!
01:14 — TV Guide's Michael Ausiello talks Gilmore Girls with Private Practice's David Sutcliffe.|Gilmore Girls|David Sutcliffe|Michael Ausiello|Private Practi (more…)
CW Launch Party: David Sutcliffe Interview
04:40 — |Gilmore Girls|David Sutcliffe|Michael Ausiello
Milton's Secret - Official Trailer
02:11 — Milton’s Secret is a movie about family and the uncertain times families live in. Milton (William Ainscough) is a 12 year-old boy growing up in an eco (more…)
Cold Feet: Episode 2.4 Trailer
01:59 — David and Karen host a life-threatingly dull dinner party that becomes a radical turning point for Karen. Danny dumps Rachel, and Rachel and Adam agre (more…)
Cold Feet: Episode 2.5 Trailer
02:00 — Jenny kicks Pete out of the house, and Pete tries to make amends but only makes things worse. David's roguish younger brother Nick shows up unexpected (more…)
Towards Darkness
01:51 — The son of a Colombian banker, photographer Jose (Roberto Urbina) lives abroad in New York. While visiting his family back home for the Christmas holi (more…)
Cold Feet: Episode 1.2 Trailer
01:28 — Adam and Rachel revel in a house of their own on a street of their own, until Adam uncovers Rachel's secret past. Pete and Jenny discover the joys of (more…)
Cold Feet: Episode 2.2 Trailer
01:55 — Jenny admits the truth about her feelings to herself and, disastrously, to Adam. Terrified by what his self-absorption has almost cost him, David obse (more…)
Cold Feet: Episode 2.3 Trailer
01:32 — Having lost both Rachel #1 and Rachel #2, Adam turns to the personal ads to find love. Pete reconciles with Adam but can't escape the sad truth about (more…)
Cold Feet: Episode 1.4 Trailer
01:11 — Back at work, Karen rediscovers her enthusiasm for publishing, especially after being assigned to work with a famous author she finds powerfully attra (more…)
Cold Feet: Episode 2.1 Trailer
01:38 — Six months has passed since Rachel left town, and Adam still pines for her. Jenny goes over-board comforting Adam, which doesn't help her troubled mar (more…)
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  • Birth Place: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Profession: Actor

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