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November Sweeps Roundup: Week 3

Julianna Margulies and Miranda Cosgrove

The guest stars and events that the networks have planned for the third week of November sweeps:

Sunday, Nov. 14


Desperate Housewives
It's Thanksgiving on Wisteria Lane and Bree is having dinner with Keith and his parents, who aren't so fond of Bree. Why should her holiday be any different than the rest of ours?

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Vivica A. Fox Brings a "Legal Love Triangle" to Drop Dead Diva

Vivica A. Fox

How do you deal with a two-timing man?

If you're Vivica A. Fox, you take the high road. But if you're her character on Drop Dead Diva, you take the guy to court.

"It was so much fun to play someone who ...
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"In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride"

If there's one thing I can say about this show, it's that they get some fantastic guest stars. Christopher from Gilmore Girls and, my personal fave, Darlene Connor. With a gun. In the convenience store.But I'll get to that. My first priority is to cover the sex that went on and the sex that didn't. Cooper and Violet — did anyone think that was really going to happen? I'll be honest and say I thought it was going to be Violet who chickened out, but I like how it worked out. I thought Cooper was going to confess his love for her right there in his Skivvies! The dynamic between these two is more intriguing to me than Pete and Addison. There is a lot going on there and I hope it continues to unfold in these awkward ways.Pete and Addison — I was glad that didn't happen. It was way too soon for them to take it to that level. Early in the show, I wondered where their relationship would go if they did the deed at this point. I couldn't figure it out, but I knew it didn't make me h... read more

Exclusive: Gilmore Guy Gets a Private Life

David Sutcliffe by Michael Caulfield/WireImage.com; Kate Walsh by Eric Ogden/ABC

After trying to keep Gilmore Girls' Lorelai and Luke apart, this is gonna be a cakewalk. Sources confirm that David Sutcliffe is being added to the cast of Private Practice as a love interest for — but of course — Kate Walsh's mantrap, Addison.What's that, you say? "But Addison is already pretty flirty with Tim Daly's Doc Wilder"?Yeah, don't expect things to go smoothly there. But for Sutcliffe, at least, the gig ought to be a breeze. Whereas GG's L&L had a legion of supporters already in place when his Christopher eloped with his on-again/off-again Girl-friend, Addison and Pete have scarcely begun their mating dance.So what do you think, gang? Do you predict fireworks between Sutcliffe and Walsh... or just a wee sparkle? If it's the latter, be nice. I think after the beating he took from Gilmore fans last season, the guy's been through enough. — Additional reporting by Ben Katner read more

February 13, 2007: I Want You to Want Me

If you managed to catch the preview for this episode — and I’m not sure you could have missed it since it aired every half-hour for a week straight — you knew the end was coming. “You’re the man I want to want!” wails Lorelai in the promo. So when she finally choked out those sad words in the episode, they kinda lost their kick-to-the-stomach-effect. Which was a shame, because the familiarity practically robbed us of her honesty. It’s as if the lines were delivered by a woman on truth serum, admitting to one horrible thing after another: “I still have feelings for Luke.” “I jumped.” “I’ve always thought of you as a possibility” (BTW: Chris, “possibility” is another word for “backup.” Ouch.) And then the Big Line. Chris took it well, actually. Who wants to hear that someone wants to love you, but you know, they just can’t muster up the feelings? Interesting: Chris is a selfish jerk, but som... read more

February 6, 2007: Heart and Soul

While I am so, so tempted to write all about how Chris completely bailed on Lorelai during her awful time of need (was that four or five messages left on his cell about Lorelai’s dad having a heart attack?), instead I will write about Rory. Yes, Rory, the fair-skinned, doe-eyed, too often incomprehensible but still incredibly bright daughter of the esteemed Lorelai Gilmore. (There I go mentioning Lorelai again! Gotcha!). Now that you’ve picked yourself up from the floor, 'cause you know, I actually mentioned the "R" word, let’s move on. Can you believe how Rory’s relationship with Logan completely turned around? One minute she’s jealous over Bobbi, two minutes later he’s jealous over Marty, and now Rich Boy actually flew in on a freaking helicopter from Montauk, Long Island, straight to the hospital in New Haven! (Hey, if you had a hedge-fund partner-dude who’s willing to lend you his chopper, you'd swoop in Jack Bauer-style, too. I'm just surpris... read more

January 30, 2007: Letter Go

So, wouldn’t ya know it, Chris found The Letter. The one Lorelai slaved over, the one she wrote and rewrote, the one she finally banged out on a typewriter, the one she hid, the one she keeps calling a "character reference." Big diff, right? Well, actually it is. I wouldn’t exactly refer to Lorelai’s praise of Luke (“He’s honest, he’s decent, he’s kind, he’s caring…. Once he’s in your life, he’s in it forever”) as a love letter. Now that kind of thing would go on to say something like: “And I can’t believe I gave you that ridiculous ultimatum. When you said no and stormed off, I went straight to my ex Christopher’s house, slept with him, told you the next day while turning down your offer to get back together, then impulsively married my ex only a few months later, let him move into the house that you helped me rebuild and actually allowed Chris to put up a ridiculously ginormous plasma TV in the living room ... read more

January 23, 2007: "It's a Big Bag of Weird in There"

Yep, that sentence can explain both Lorelai’s head and much of this episode. We waited seven weeks, seven long weeks for our Girls to return. So where were the Lorelai and Chris struggles, the Luke and Anna tension, the Rory and Logan misunderstanding? They must’ve disappeared in rerun land and were replaced by seven Christmas trees, Chris' hugely garish stockings and Gigi and Rory’s strings of cranberries and popcorn. OK, so Lorelai put Christmas on hold until Rory got back from London. She even did a dance with a coconut bra to make sure it didn’t snow. (And for real, it didn’t, not here in the Northeast. Maybe the bra worked.) Sure, that’s sweet. But this whole scenario would have been so much more charming, I don’t know, maybe two weeks after the holiday? But not an entire month later! It wasn’t Stars-Hollow quirky, it was Stars-Hollow bizarre. And so was Lorelai as she tried to write Luke’s character-witness letter. “Bicycle, un... read more

December 5, 2006: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Ladies and gentleman! In this corner, we have lightweight Christopher Hayden! Prep-school flunkie! Former deadbeat dad! Total metrosexual! Newly minted millionaire! Recently married to Lorelai Gilmore! And in that corner, we have heavyweight Luke Danes! Diner owner! Public-school grad! New father to a teen he didn’t know existed! Total tough guy! Regular middle-class Joe! Recently engaged to Lorelai Gilmore! Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble!Now, I’m not one for violence, and I usually look away when things get brutal. But this was one smack-down I was not going to miss. I was shocked that Chris, the kind of guy who gets manicures and facials, could even hold his own against lunky Luke. But he got in a few good punches before Luke socked him right across the jaw, knocking him to the ground. That didn’t stop scrappy Chris from lunging back at Luke. (Nothing says Merry Christmas like two grown men rolling around the town square, taking down the Stars Hollow Christmas ... read more

November 28, 2006: Knit One, Purl Two

Quick: What’s the first thing you think of when you see someone knitting? What about an entire town full of people knitting, huge balls of yarn in Stars Hollow Square, and Sookie cooking up balls of spaghetti speared with bread sticks? Okay, we get it. This one is about children. A little too heavy-handed this time around. (Meanwhile, what town actually holds a knit-a-thon to save a beetle-infested bridge? Don’t most New Englanders raffle off romantic swag like intimate candlelit dinners for two, midnight hay rides and weekend stays at cozy B&Bs?)So, of course, Liz finally had her baby. I loved how Luke rushed right over as she was delivering — at home, natch. Did you catch that huge smile when he first held his niece, Doula? (With a name like that, I hope this kid will pack a mean punch on the playground.) I don’t think I’ve seen Luke that happy since he and Lorelai kissed on the gazebo the night they got engaged. Good thing, because holding that newbo... read more

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