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Code Black - Wednesdays on CBS
00:31 — Don't miss Code Black airing Wednesdays at 10/9c. Only CBS
Code Black - O'Dell Beckham Jr Guest Stars
00:11 — Don't miss guest star O'Dell Beckham Jr on the next episode of Code Black airing Wednesday at 10/9c. Only CBS
Code Black - Hail Mary (Preview)
00:20 — Christa becomes insecure in her new relationship with Neal when his ex-girlfriend, Dr. Grace Adams (Meagan Good), returns to Angels Memorial after spe (more…)
Code Black - Diagnosis of Exclusion (Behind The Scenes)
01:53 — The doctors are questioned following a violent incident inside the hospital that leaves two doctors gravely injured. Also, Neal and Christa make their (more…)
Madam Secretary - Citizens United
02:56 — Nadine gets to the bottom of Russell's suspicious behavior, and doesn't particularly like what she finds out.
Madam Secretary - Unresolved Guilt
03:33 — Henry regrets that his father died before they could put all of their past problems behind them.
Madam Secretary - An Honest Eulogy
04:11 — Henry speaks at his father's funeral, and helps bring his quarreling siblings together.
Madam Secretary - Meeting Half Way
02:52 — Nadine reunites with her estranged son.
Madam Secretary - Sing While You Still Can
03:12 — Nadine helps Blake come to terms with the uncertainty that shadows the future.
Madam Secretary - Caught Off Guard
02:06 — Gunfire erupts and a negotiation is cut short.
Madam Secretary - Bad Neighbors
03:36 — Henry and Elizabeth's neighbors raise their concerns about the impact that having a high profile politician is having on their neighborhood.
Madam Secretary - Potential For Peace
01:26 — Rival nations come together to save the crew aboard the International Space Station when they are threatened by a collision with space debris.
Madam Secretary - Dmitri Petrov's Fate
01:41 — Elizabeth and Henry receive a disheartening update on what happened to Dmitri.
Madam Secretary - Chaos In Geneva
02:46 — Elizabeth and President Dalton escape a terrorist attack safely, but Maria Ostrov's fate is unclear, and their peace deal is left in jeopardy.
Madam Secretary - Keep Trying Our Best
01:35 — Henry and Elizabeth look back on the series of tragic events that have shaken their lives, and resolve to hang on to hope.
Madam Secretary - He Was Part Of The Deal
03:36 — Henry finds out what happened to Dmitri, and an assassin attacks the peace summit in Switzerland.
Madam Secretary - Black Widow Killer
03:07 — Maria Ostrova kills her husband in cold blood to advance her pursuit of power and a patriotic agenda.
Madam Secretary - Abort The Mission!
04:42 — Just as Henry and Jane are about to save Dmitri, a sudden and unexpected order from above thwarts their mission.
Madam Secretary - The Real Culprit
01:53 — Elizabeth finds a trail of evidence that leads her to the real culprit of the Air Force One hacking.
Madam Secretary - Permission Granted
02:37 — President Dalton makes a decision that could have grave consequences for the rest of the world.
Madam Secretary - Too Many Lives At Stake
04:18 — Henry frantically tries to get Elizabeth and Russell to listen to him before she makes a speech at the UN.
Code Black - The Son Rises (Water Cooler Clip)
02:14 — When the lead actor of the musical "The Lion King" tour arrives at Angels Memorial with a throat infection, Leanne gives him a diagnosis that puts bot (more…)
Code Black - Welcomes the Cast of The Lion King
02:25 — When the lead actor of the musical "The Lion King" tour arrives at Angels Memorial with a throat infection, Leanne gives him a diagnosis that puts bot (more…)
Madam Secretary - In Need of a Favor
04:31 — Dmitri gathers information for Henry and finds a clever way to relay it to him under the radar.
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