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David Schwimmer Heads to Web Therapy

David Schwimmer

It's another Friends mini-reunion on Web Therapy! David Schwimmer is heading to Lisa Kudrow's Showtime series for a four-episode arc, Entertainment Weekly reports.
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Keck's Exclusives: Sarah Michelle Gellar Gets Some Friendly Help

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar had some inspiration in crafting her portrayal of identical twins Bridget and Siobhan in The CW's Ringerthe dual doppelgängers played by David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow on Friends.

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It's a Girl for David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer and Zoe Buckman

David Schwimmer and wife Zoe Buckman welcomed their first child together earlier this month, People reports.

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The Cleveland Show Goes Geek With Season Finale Trip to Comic-Con

The Cleveland Show

The Cleveland Show geeks out for its Season 2 finale when the Brown/Tubbs family heads to Comic-Con (Sunday, 9:30/8:30c, Fox). Tired of being overshadowed by his wife, Donna, Cleveland wants to "find my thing, something that makes me utterly unique." In typical random fashion, he comes up with the idea to write his own comic book and peddle it at the annual pop-culture gathering in San Diego. His creation, Waderman (named for the rubber wading boots he wears), is described by The Simpsons' caustic übernerd Comic Book Guy (in the Best. Cameo. Ever.) as "an aquatic superhero who lacks the ability to swim — apparently he also has a superhuman tolerance for irony."

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David Schwimmer, Wife Expecting First Child

Zoe Buckman and David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer is going to be a first-time dad.

The Friends alum and his wife, Zoe Buckman, are expecting ...
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David Schwimmer Marries Girlfriend

Zoe Buckman and David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer and girlfriend Zoe Buckman have been married for four months, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Friends' David Schwimmer gets engaged

Schwimmer, 43, and Buckman, 25, had a small private ceremony in June, three months after they announced their engagement.

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Friends' David Schwimmer Gets Engaged

David Schwimmer, Zoe Buckman

David Schwimmer is going from friend to fiancé.

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The partyThe party in and of itself has to be one of 30 Rocks finest and most manic moments Lets just get that out of the wayWhat I loved most about the party is that after allllll the setup that with all of the rumoredsupposedabsolutely fabricated guests the brilliant writers of 30 Rock didnt event attempt to take us to the party in real time There was no way it could live up to the promise Nor did they just cut to Jack and his distressed hair and merely refer to the bash as being crazy Rather the way we only got fleeting almost Lost-like flashbacks to the insane bizarre freaky and at times completely out-of-character shenanigans was genius A veritable feast for comedy-lovers eyes and I would reckon one of the most replayed-on-TiVo segments of the TV season I myself watched it at least four times at varying speedsThat said nothing I can type here can begin to recap the party So let me just evoke a few images and then well move on with the rest of the re read more

More Frank Talk with 30 Rocker Judah Friedlander

Judah Friedlander, 30 Rock

In case you haven’t noticed, this week nearly every morsel of NBC's prime-time lineup has gone green, sprinkling eco-friendly messages wherever and whenever possible. How will the gloriously irreverent 30 Rock (Thursdays at 8:30 pm/ET) tackle such a heady subject matter? Think "Ross Geller in a foam mascot suit." TVGuide.com caught up with Judah Friedlander, who plays "TGS" scribe Frank, to get a sneak peek. TVGuide.com: As we neared the end of last season on 30 Rock, how confident were you that the show would get renewed?Friedlander: Well, after they renewed us I was pretty confident we would get renewed. I was still holding out a bit, but I was pretty confident. Literally, man, I had no idea, dude. I had no clue. TVGuide.com: Is the vibe on the set any different now that you have gotten read more

Al Gore Rocks a Role on NBC Sitcom

Al Gore by Heidi Gutman/NBC Universal Photo

Is NBC's 30 Rock at risk of going the way of stunt-casting addict Will & Grace? A piece in USA Today reveals that in addition to Edie Falco's upcoming three-episode stint (first reported by TVGuide.com), no less than former vice president Al Gore, Friends alum David Schwimmer (as an out-of-work actor, natch), Steve Buscemi (as a PI hired by Jack), Meredith Vieira and Carrie "I Now Guest-star for a Living" Fisher have been booked for appearances during Season 2. America's paper also reveals details on Falco's previously unspecified role: She's playing a Democratic congresswoman from New Hampshire who hooks up with... Jack?!As for 30 Rock's season-opener, airing tonight: as funny as it is — and it is funny — dare I opine that next week's episode, for me at least, was even more howl-worthy? Will Arnett slays me. read more

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