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World News 07/19/16: Donald Trump Jr. Makes the Case for His Father at the RNC
18:49 — Melania Trump catches criticism over RNC speech; deadly take down on Oklahoma City bus.
World News 07/18/16: RNC coverage and a Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Trump
19:57 — 29-year-old kills three police officers in a deadly ambush in Baton Rouge; call to ban Russia from Rio Olympics.
World News 07/13/16: New Details on the Alleged Revenge Plot to Kill Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
18:32 — Desperate Manhunt Continues for Serial Shooter in Phoenix, Arizona; First Funerals Held for the Slain Dallas Police Officers
World News 07/12/16: Nation Continues to Mourn Police Officers Killed in Dallas
19:31 — Sen. Bernie Sanders Has Endorsed Hillary Clinton for President; It's Christmas in July For Millions of Americans
World News 07/11/16: People Protest Deadly Police Shootings Across the Country
20:00 — Scare on the Runway: Takeoff Aborted in Houston; Pokémon Franchise Makes a Massive Comeback in App Form
Catching Killers: Smoking Gun - If the Bullet Fits the Gun
03:21 — As guns became more accurate, they also became more identifiable. In a landmark case in 1915, bullets were matched to a gun for the first time.
World News 07/08/16: Micah Johnson Named the Chief Suspect in Dallas Ambush
19:29 — New Developments in Deadly Police Shooting in Minnesota; David Muir Speaks to Those Who Came to Pay Respects to Victims in Dallas
Speed Kills: Jungle - Maternal Instincts of the Murderous Mantis
02:50 — When a praying mantis is pregnant, it won't hesitate to eat anything it can reach with its killer grip - even other praying mantises.
World News 07/07/16: Video Live Streamed Over Facebook Shows the Moments After a Black Man Was Shot Dead By Police
19:14 — FBI Director James Comey Testifies on Hillary Clinton Emails; Jon Bon Jovi Jumps on Stage at a Wedding
World News 07/06/16: Navy Seal Drowning Ruled a Homicide
18:51 — Cellphone Footage Shows Cops Shooting Man Outside Baton Rouge Convenience Store; Report: Doctors in All States Accused of Patient Sex Abuse;
World News 07/05/16: Clinton Mishandling of Emails Ruled Unintentional
17:48 — NASA Celebrates Juno Entering Jupiter's Orbit; Search Underway for Dallas University Cop Swept Away by Flood
World News 07/04/16: Thunder Storms Batter Texas as Front Moves East
18:10 — Donald Trump on the Defensive Over Alleged Anti-Semitic Tweet; One Michigan Boy's Unusual Summer Stand.
World News 06/29/16: US Cops on Alert in Wake of Istanbul Attack
19:55 — New Video Shows Violent Encounter Between Secret Service and Gunman; Kids Read to a Surprising Audience
World News 06/30/16: Details Emerge About Istanbul Terror Attack Suspects
16:50 — New Report Blames Navy for Sailors Captured by Iran; New Warnings About Popular Sleep Medication Ambien.
World News 06/28/16: At Least 2 Dozen People Dead After Terror Attack at Istanbul Airport
19:50 — Report Released on the Benghazi Terror Attack; Celebrating the Life of Pat Summitt
World News 06/27/16: Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Law
16:11 — Tensions Ratchet Up Between the US and Russia Over Spy Stalking; Young Girl Receives a Special Gift
World News 06/24/16: Aftershock of the United Kingdom's Historic Decision
19:58 — Dow Plunges More Than 600 Points; Man Brings New Meaning to the Idea of Being a Good Neighbor
World News 06/17/16: New Surveillance Video Said to Show Horrific Moment of Orlando Attack
18:16 — Family and Friends Gather to Celebrate the Life of "The Voice" Singer Christina Grimmie; Survivors Who Became Heroes By Staying to Help Others to Safe (more…)
World News 06/14/16: Attention of Investigation Shifts to Omar Mateen's Wife
19:50 — Former Classmate Says Orlando Shooter Went to Gay Bars; Images of Orlando Nightclub Massacre Victims' Faces Revealed
World News 06/10/16: New Consequences for Former Stanford Swimmer Convicted of Sexual Assault
16:37 — Severe Weather Watch Stretches Across the United States; 'OJ: Made in America' remembers the details of the 'Trial of the Century'
World News 06/09/16: President Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton For President
19:00 — Furious Backlash as Brock Turner, Convicted of Sexual Assault, Gets Light Sentence; Dramatic Hostage Situation at Oregon Museum Captured by Cell Phone
World News 06/07/16: Hillary Clinton Poised to Become First Woman Presidential Nominee for a Major Party
18:09 — Surveillance Video Shows Alleged Kidnapping at Mall; David Muir Reports: Win for New York Silverware Company.
World News 06/06/16: Hillary Clinton Poised to Clinch Democratic Nomination
18:03 — Stanford Sexual Assault Victim's Courtroom Statement Goes Viral; From US Army Reserves to Miss USA.
World News 06/03/16: Overflowing Rivers Wash Away Military Vehicle Holding 12 Soldiers in Texas
18:04 — Clinton Describes Trump as 'Temperamentally Unfit' for Presidency; Tourists That Put Bison Calf in SUV Speak Out
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