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Deadly Winter Storm and 100,000 Without Power
02:01 — White-out conditions, spin-outs and power lines collapsing with 41 million under winter weather advisories in 11 states.
Deadly Crane Collapse in New York City
02:04 — One person dead and three injured when a giant crane came crashing down in Tribeca.
Made in America Super Bowl 50
01:51 — Find out how much, from the ads to the footballs to the trophies and more, are made right here in the U.S.A.
An Incredible Gift and Bond Between 2 Mothers
01:22 — When baby Lucas died, his mother donated his heart to give another baby named Jordan new life.
One On One With Marco Rubio After His Strong Showing in Iowa
02:38 — One on One With Marco Rubio After His Strong Showing in Iowa
Former Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli Enrages Lawmakers On Capitol Hill With Smug Attitude and Smirks
01:17 — Shkreli refuses to answer questions, instead exercising his 5th Amendment right to remain silent.
Powerful Line of Storms Stretching 1,500 Miles
02:18 — Blizzard conditions and at least six confirmed tornadoes.
Watch Out Super Bowl, Here Comes Marlo Mosley
01:09 — 11-year-old wins a chance to go behind the scenes to meet players and get an inside look at the big game.
Candidates Prepare for New Hampshire
01:59 — Results in Iowa offer some clues about what presidential hopefuls need to do to win in New Hampshire.
Explosion On a Passenger Plane Minutes After Takeoff
01:09 — Somalian airline called Daallo, flying from Mogadishu to Djibouti, may have had a bomb that went off and caused a hole in the fuselage.
2 Virginia Tech Students Are Suspects in the Death of a 13-Year-Old Girl
01:25 — Nicole Lovell was last seen on Tuesday night, her body was found 80 miles away in North Carolina.
Index: Adele Wants Trump to Stop Using Her Music at Campaign Events
01:17 — The stories people have been buzzing about.
Lifelong Running Mates: the People Who Know the Candidates Better Than Themselves
01:20 — Take a look at the candidates through the eyes of their spouses.
WN 01/28/16: Will Trump's Decision to Skip the Debate Hurt or Help?
19:01 — Oregon Militia Standoff May Be Coming to an End; Sanders and Clinton in a Statistical Tie in Iowa
Hillary Clinton Pleads for Support Signing up Supporters to Volunteer
03:52 — As Bernie Sanders surges in Iowa, a bombshell of bad news comes out of Washington for the former secretary of state.
Zika Virus Cases in the United States Include 4 Pregnant Women
02:12 — The virus has been linked to serious birth defects in infants born to women infected while pregnant.
'Affluenza Teen' Ethan Couch Back in the United States
01:13 — After being on the run in Mexico for weeks, will he be set free again?
Zika Virus Expected to Spread Into the Millions
02:49 — One estimate has the virus, which is linked to serious birth defects, infecting up to 4 million in North and South America in the next year.
Sanders and Clinton in a Statistical Tie in Iowa
02:24 — In a sprint to the finish, both candidates pull out all the stops to win.
Escaped Prisoners Allegedly Used Bed Sheets to Rappel Out of Prison
01:22 — Now on day 6, more details emerge on their intricate escape plan and who may helping them.
Tornado Tears Through Florida
01:34 — Dramatic images of the moment of impact when a twister with winds up to 100 mph struck.
Lost Money Found for You
01:28 — As everyone holds out for a tax refund, find out if there is hidden money you didn't know you had.
New Super Bowl Star: Baby Clydesdale May Appear in Beer Commercial
01:17 — Meet Mac, who was born yesterday and may steal the show in the Budweiser commercial.
Zika Virus Concerns Grow
01:33 — Travel advisory in effect for pregnant women because the virus may be linked to birth defects.
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