David Muir

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Onondaga Hill, New York, United States
  • Profession: Anchor
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This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
01:23 — Once again, we've bleeped and blurred all the week's big TV moments whether they need it or not. This week we feature Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, David (more…)
Oscar(R) Nominee 2015 in the Documentary Short Subject category "AS HEARTWARMING AS IT IS POETIC" The Huffington Post   "MELANCHOLICALLY BEAUTIFU (more…)
David Muir on Working in News, Idol Peter Jennings & Hurricanes
06:44 — David talks about Jimmy speaking out about health care, working on the nightly news, his idol Peter Jennings and his experience reporting on the recen (more…)
David Muir and Elizabeth Vargas Celebrate '20/20's' 40th Anniversary on The View
04:17 — Reflecting on the news magazine show's history
Tuxedo Performs "Second Time Around"
03:54 — Tuxedo - Second Time Around
World News 03/08/17: New Details of the Deadly Collision Between a Freight Train and Tour Bus in Biloxi, Mississippi
18:11 — Paul Ryan trying to pass new health care plan despite opposition from Democrats, Republicans and insurance companies; Community comes together to reun (more…)
World News 03/06/17: Still No Proof From White House on Trump's Wiretap Claim
19:57 — President Trump Signs New Travel Ban Executive Order; Marine Corps Investigating Alleged Nude Photo Scandal.
Alec Baldwin On Playing Donald Trump
04:34 — Alec reveals how he created his Donald Trump impersonation, the process behind learning Donald’s quirks and what happened the first time he performed (more…)
Alec Baldwin On Hosting the Oscars
01:42 — Alec and Jimmy have both hosted the Oscars but had very different experiences. Jimmy was surprised to learn about how Alec was treated.
Luke Evans Sang With an Eight-Fingered Pianist
02:45 — Luke talks about the time he sang accompanied by an eight-fingered pianist and he shares how he felt the first time he saw Beauty and the Beast with a (more…)
Alec Baldwin's Daughter Posted an Embarrassing Picture of Him
01:31 — The purpose behind having kids is so that they can turn around and embarrass you when they are older. Alec’s daughter did just that when she posted an (more…)
Alec Baldwin & Jimmy Kimmel On Their New Movie Boss Baby
01:45 — Jimmy and Alec talk about playing father and son in the new animated movie Boss Baby and Alec shares that he is very excited to finally be making a mo (more…)
Luke Evans On Playing Gaston in Beauty and the Beast
02:44 — Luke recalls his very intimate audition for the role Gaston in Beauty and the Beast and he talks about his passionate fans who call themselves “The Lu (more…)
Pedestrian Question: Have You Ever Watched Pornography at Work?
03:51 — A new report from NBC4 in Washington DC said that 100 federal employees had been caught watching porn at work over the past five years.
World News 02/27/17: Wrong Movie Announced for Best Picture at the Oscars
18:18 — Couple sentenced after terrorizing a child's birthday party; Saying goodbye to Bill Paxton
World News 02/24/17: Deadly Police Shooting in D.C.
17:55 — Half-brother of North Korea's Kim Jong Un killed by nerve toxin; 2017 Oscar's best contenders.
World News 02/20/17: President Trump Chooses New National Security Advisor
16:25 — Police officer dead, another wounded in LA County; Multiple tornadoes confirmed in the west
World News 02/16/17: Businesses Across the Country Shut Down for A Day Without Immigrants Protests
19:42 — Two teenage girls killed while hiking in Indiana; The Smithsonian's National Zoo sends off Bao Bao the panda
World News 02/15/17: Labor secretary nominee withdraws from confirmation process
19:35 — Donald Trump welcomes Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House; The story behind a 'Made in America' spicy treat
David Muir On White House Leaks
04:08 — David talks about reporting on intelligence leaks from The White House and shares his thoughts on fellow journalists being called “fake news."
David Muir On Getting First Interview With President Trump
04:56 — David talks about scoring the first interview with President Donald Trump and recalls pressing him on some hard questions.
World News 02/14/17: Flynn forced to resign after what the Trump administration calls an erosion of trust
18:20 — New US sanctions are announced against Venezuela's vice president; 7-year-old boy shares his favorite foods to help needy families
World News 02/13/17: President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau glossed over their differences on Syrian refugee
19:41 — Major wireless companies return to offering unlimited data plans; Roughly 2,800 dogs vie to be America's top dog
World News 02/10/17: Newly-Confirmed Education Secretary Betsy Devos Blocked From Entering DC School
19:42 — Major California Reservoir Heavily Damaged; 6-Year-Old Boy Fights Battle of a Lifetime
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  • Birth Place: Onondaga Hill, New York, United States
  • Profession: Anchor

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