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Medal of Honor recipient, and the battle that stays forever
08:43 — Combat Outpost Keating was a remote U.S. Army position in Afghanistan that attracted a Taliban attack nearly seven years ago. The medal that one of it (more…)
Pentagon releases report on botched bombing of hospital in Afghanistan
02:17 — Sixteen people have been disciplined, but no one will face criminal charges after a Doctors Without Borders hospital was mistakenly bombed during a U. (more…)
More U.S. troops heading to Syria for supportive role
01:55 — Plans are in the works to put 250 more U.S. troops on the ground in Syria. But they won't be joining the battle against ISIS. The mission will be to t (more…)
Will U.S. troops in Syria make impact vs. ISIS?
05:48 — President Obama has announced that he will send an additional 250 U.S. troops to Syria to aid in the fight against ISIS. He says they will play an adv (more…)
Russia defends flyby over U.S. naval destroyer
02:57 — Russia is dismissing criticism over an incident where Russian warplanes buzzed a U.S. Navy ship in the Baltic Sea. The Pentagon claims the warplanes i (more…)
Pentagon official: Russian flyby of U.S. ship "very unprofessional"
01:48 — Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that under U.S. military rules of engagement, the Navy ship that was buzzed this week by Russian warplanes (more…)
Russia defends warplanes flying "dangerously close" to U.S. ship
02:37 — Russia says the country respected all safety rules when its warplanes flew extremely close to a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Baltic Sea. The Pentagon re (more…)
U.S. Navy ship has close encounter with Russian aircraft
05:10 — Caught on camera: A Russian aircraft had a close and frightening encounter with a U.S. Navy ship. CBS News national security correspondent David Marti (more…)
Russian jets buzz U.S. warship
02:00 — A destroyer operating in waters in the Baltic Sea got a bit of a scare when Russian fighter planes buzzed its deck -- 31 times over two days. The Whit (more…)
U.S. Naval officer accused of espionage
01:53 — Details of a highly-secretive case about an active duty U.S. Naval officer began to surface this weekend. Accused of espionage, Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin f (more…)
Navy officer suspected of passing classified information
02:04 — Investigators suspect Lt. Cdr. Edward Lin started spying in 2012 when he was assigned to the Pentagon as a Navy liaison officer to Capitol Hill. Accor (more…)
Nuns On The Run - Official Trailer
02:41 — A couple of bumbling criminals hide out in a convent disguised as nuns when they doublecross their deadly boss.
Senior ISIS figure killed in strike, U.S. officials believe
03:26 — U.S. officials believe they have killed another ISIS senior operative, described as a inspirational religious leader of the group, but also one who wo (more…)
U.S. officials believe they have killed one of the most wanted men in the world
05:07 — U.S. officials believe they likely killed Haji Imam, a top ISIS leader. He is also known as Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli and Abou Ala al-Aafri. CBS (more…)
Pentagon confirms killing of key ISIS leader
01:49 — U.S. military forces believe thay have dealt a serious blow to ISIS in Syria. A strike has killed Haji Imam, the second in command of ISIS and its pri (more…)
North Korea launches two ballistic missiles
01:41 — This week, the U.S. slapped new sanctions on North Korea for its recent nuclear test. North Korea responded by launching two ballistic missiles capabl (more…)
The New Burma
13:32 — As Burma heads to historic elections, Bill Whitaker reports on the country's democratic movement and the woman most responsible for it, Aung San Suu K (more…)
Inside the Air War
13:38 — 60 Minutes gets the first-ever look inside the U.S. command center for the air war against ISIS. David Martin reports.
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