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Preview: The Picasso Portfolio
01:45 — When 271 never-before-seen Picassos appeared in 2010 the art world was stunned. Were they really a gift or was the artwork stolen? Bill Whitaker repor (more…)
Preview: The New Cold War
00:33 — The threat of all-out nuclear war may still be remote, but the risk of a nuclear attack somewhere in the world has actually increased. David Martin re (more…)
Preview: The King
01:09 — The king of Jordan expresses frustration over Syrian refugees overwhelming his country, calling the situation "dire." Scott Pelley interviews King Abd (more…)
New airstrike reportedly kills medical workers in Syria
02:19 — In northern Syria, an overnight air raid hit a medical facility, reportedly killing four medical workers and nine rebel fighters. That follows the U.N (more…)
The New Cold War
13:10 — 60 Minutes gets a rare look inside U.S. Strategic Command and discovers the extraordinary measures the military takes to make sure only the president (more…)
Analyzing the nuclear capability of the U.S.
04:56 — CBS News national security correspondent David Martin, the director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, Hans (more…)
Preview: The New Cold War
02:08 — 60 Minutes takes viewers inside the U.S. nuclear arsenal for a rare look at the military practicing the unthinkable. David Martin reports on Sunday, S (more…)
Overdue honor for World War II pilot
02:25 — Elaine Harmon died last year at the age of 95; on Wednesday her ashes were interred at Arlington National Cemetery. She served in the Women's Air Forc (more…)
Dramatic video shows Navy plane avoiding crash off aircraft carrier
02:04 — Last March, a Navy radar plane was landing on the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower when a cable meant to slow the plane down snapped. The crew was able (more…)
ISIS senior strategist and spokesman reportedly killed
01:10 — Abu Muhammed al-Adnani, the chief spokesman and director of external operations for ISIS, was reportedly killed in an American airstrike Tuesday. Al-A (more…)
ISIS leader in Afganistan killed in drone strike
05:21 — Hafiz Saeed Khan, the leader of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has been killed in a U.S. drone strike. National security correspondent David Martin (more…)
Who is responsible for the rise of ISIS?
03:52 — Donald Trump is blaming President Obama and Hillary Clinton for "founding" ISIS. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin joins CBSN with (more…)
Sid And Nancy - Trailer
01:14 — True story of the tragic romance between Sex Pistols member Sid Vicious and American Nancy Spungen in late 1970s Britain. Fine performances highlight (more…)
Season 3 Sneak Peek
02:04 — Get a sneak peek at the third season of "John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show."
Army study: Anger often reported after combat deployment
02:13 — The cop-killers in both Dallas and Baton Rouge had served in combat zones in the military. CBS News' David Martin takes a look at the link between dep (more…)
Vietnam vet receives Medal of Honor
02:24 — There are 44 American soldiers who survived an ambush in Vietnam because of one man: Chuck Kettles. Today the pilot was awarded the Medal of Honor. Da (more…)
Vietnam War vet Charles Kettles on what the Medal of Honor means
01:36 — President Obama presented retired Lt. Col. Charles Kettles with the Medal of Honor in a White House ceremony Monday. CBS News' David Martin interview (more…)
The challenge of feeding an army
05:13 — Words like “chowâ€? and “mess hallâ€? don’t do justice to the way soldiers eat these days. David Martin reports on how soldiers are eating at Fo (more…)
What's really behind military operation "Jade Helm 15"?
04:16 — Residents of regions highlighted in a military operations manual are suspicious about the program's intent. CBS News national security correspondent D (more…)
Popular "Duffel Blog" pokes fun at military
02:53 — Founded by an ex-Marine two years ago, "Duffel Blog" now attracts about 10,000 visitors a day, including high-ranking members of the military. David M (more…)
Air Force sex assault prevention officer accused of groping
02:35 — An Air Force officer who runs the Sexual Assault Prevention Unit is now charged with sexual battery for allegedly groping a woman. David Martin report (more…)
Arrest linked to suspicious devices at the Pentagon
01:39 — An arrest was made outside the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. after suspicious devices were discovered in several sites around the city. David Martin re (more…)
Afghanistan to release prisoners U.S. says pose security threat
02:23 — U.S. commanders say an Afghan commission has exceeded its authority by approving the release of 88 prisoners, some of whom are accused of deadly attac (more…)
Air Force admits mishandling of troop remains
01:54 — The Air Force now admits it mishandled remains of at least two of America's war dead. David Martin reports on the latest details of the federal invest (more…)
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