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Pearl Harbor 75th anniversary: How Roosevelt responded to the attacks
02:51 — Hours after the attacks on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt delivered one of the most memorable lines in history, including this iconic line (more…)
Day of Infamy: FDR and Pearl Harbor
06:15 — In the hours following Japan's devastating attack on U.S. military forces in Hawaii, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was remembered for "not losing hi (more…)
Father of U.S. soldier killed in Jordan speaks out
02:50 — The U.S. is at odds with ally Jordan over its official explanation for the deaths of three American service members. Staff Sgts. James Moriarty, Kevin (more…)
New details in deaths of American soldiers in Jordan
01:27 — A new, disturbing picture is emerging in the deaths of three American soldiers this month in Jordan. David Martin reports on how what was thought to b (more…)
Suicide bomber kills 4 on U.S. base in Afghanistan
02:58 — A suicide bomber killed four Americans on the largest U.S. military base just north of the Afghan capital of Kabul. CBS News national security corresp (more…)
Retired general pleads guilty to lying about leaks
01:34 — Retired Gen, James Cartwright, once known as President Obama's favorite general, now faces prison time. Cartwright pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI (more…)
On board the USS Zumwalt, the Navy's pricey new battleship
02:19 — The U.S. Navy's newest warship, the USS Zumwalt, will be commissioned on Saturday. It's built for stealth and is loaded with advanced technology, but (more…)
U.S. retaliates against Yemeni rebels for missile strike
01:55 — In response to an attempted missile strike on a U.S. Navy ship, the military struck back at Yemeni rebels, destroying radar positions with cruise miss (more…)
U.S. strikes back at Yemen rebels after warship targeted
01:37 — The U.S. military says it fired cruise missiles at three radar sites along Yemen's coast. Wednesday night's strikes were in response to two separate i (more…)
Afghanistan veteran debuts double arm transplant
02:47 — Six years after he lost all his limbs in an explosion in Afghanistan, John Peck has human arms again. Peck is one of only 25 people in the world to re (more…)
Marine vet adjusts to double arm transplant
05:24 — More than 1,600 United States service members have lost limbs in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Only on "CBS This Morning," we take a look at the ex (more…)
Breaking down Russia and U.S. nuclear capabilities
10:40 — On "60 Minutes" CBS News national security correspondent David Martin took a deeper look into the threat and risk of nuclear war as Russia and the U.S (more…)
King of Jordan on how Islam is misunderstood
01:09 — King Abdullah II of Jordan tells Scott Pelley what he considers to be a "disturbing" misunderstanding of Islam.
The politics of Iraq
01:42 — King Abdullah II of Jordan talks with Scott Pelley about how the destabilization of Iraq has affected the country's politics.
Preview: The Picasso Portfolio
01:45 — When 271 never-before-seen Picassos appeared in 2010 the art world was stunned. Were they really a gift or was the artwork stolen? Bill Whitaker repor (more…)
Preview: The New Cold War
00:33 — The threat of all-out nuclear war may still be remote, but the risk of a nuclear attack somewhere in the world has actually increased. David Martin re (more…)
Preview: The King
01:09 — The king of Jordan expresses frustration over Syrian refugees overwhelming his country, calling the situation "dire." Scott Pelley interviews King Abd (more…)
New airstrike reportedly kills medical workers in Syria
02:19 — In northern Syria, an overnight air raid hit a medical facility, reportedly killing four medical workers and nine rebel fighters. That follows the U.N (more…)
Analyzing the nuclear capability of the U.S.
04:56 — CBS News national security correspondent David Martin, the director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, Hans (more…)
Preview: The New Cold War
02:08 — 60 Minutes takes viewers inside the U.S. nuclear arsenal for a rare look at the military practicing the unthinkable. David Martin reports on Sunday, S (more…)
Overdue honor for World War II pilot
02:25 — Elaine Harmon died last year at the age of 95; on Wednesday her ashes were interred at Arlington National Cemetery. She served in the Women's Air Forc (more…)
Dramatic video shows Navy plane avoiding crash off aircraft carrier
02:04 — Last March, a Navy radar plane was landing on the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower when a cable meant to slow the plane down snapped. The crew was able (more…)
ISIS senior strategist and spokesman reportedly killed
01:10 — Abu Muhammed al-Adnani, the chief spokesman and director of external operations for ISIS, was reportedly killed in an American airstrike Tuesday. Al-A (more…)
ISIS leader in Afganistan killed in drone strike
05:21 — Hafiz Saeed Khan, the leader of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has been killed in a U.S. drone strike. National security correspondent David Martin (more…)
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