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The Biz: Secrets of MTV

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Before The Real World, The Hills and Snooki, the M in MTV stood for music. read more

Van Halen Bio: Roth Paid $100 per Groupie Hookup

Everybody Wants Some, an unauthorized Van Halen bio due out in August, reveals, among other things, precisely how David Lee Roth got some from female groupies. According to an excerpt cited by the New York Post, pre-show Roth would hand out backstage passes marked with individual security guards' initials. Then, during a show, Roth from the stage would single out hotties in the crowd. Depending on whose initialed pass said lass would show up wearing backstage, Roth would pay that guard $100 the next morning at breakfast. Writes author Ian Christie, "As far as intimacy went, it was a little like the invention of the drive-through window at McDonald's." Ah, but were billions served? (Actually, don't answer that.) read more

Might as Well... Make Up: Van Halen Reunites

This summer, David Lee Roth is going on tour with Van Halen for the first time since 1984, Billboard reports. "I am very excited to get back to the core of what made Van Halen," guitarist Eddie Van Halen said in a statement. Uh-huh. And isn't there anything at all that you'd like to say to Valerie Bertinelli? read more


While Howard Stern successor David Lee Roth rants on-air about producers' proposed "fixes" to his ratings-anemic radio show — "They want me to copy Howard [but] I told them I would quit if they will not let me... create something unique," he said on Wednesday — the King of All Media himself has booked an appearance on Monday's Late Show with David Letterman, where he undoubtedly will take aim at Les Moonves and the lawsuit CBS Radio filed against him last week. read more


Per the New York Post, Infinity Broadcasting biggie Les Moonves stands poised to slap Howard Stern with a $500 million lawsuit, claiming that the shock jock breached his contract with the terrestrial radio op by not properly divulging details of his new Sirius gig. Stern can take solace in two bits of "good" news: not only has he topped trade-mag Talkers' annual "Heavy Hundred" list of talk-radio hosts, but his successor in the New York market, David Lee Roth, has lost 90 percent of Stern's listeners age 18 to 34, aka the postpubescent crowd. Ouch. read more


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