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Matt's Guide to Weekend TV: Grimm, Chuck, a Zombie-palooza, and More!

Jon Bernthal

Is the TV audience ready to embrace a second fantasy series this fall based on fairy-tale legends? ABC's whimsical Once Upon a Time got off to a strong start last Sunday, but NBC's Grimm — launching tonight (9/8c) — faces much tougher odds. You might almost say it's cursed. read more

VIDEO: Shane West Teases Nikita's Daddy Issues and Michael's Last Name

Maggie Q, Shane West, David Keith

Nikita is going to deal with daddy issues.

Shane West sat down with TVGuide.com to tease Friday's episode of Nikita, "343 Walnut Lane" (8/7c on The CW), and confirms that the Cassandra (Helena Matsson) story line isn't over yet. [Spoilers! If you haven't seen the previous episode, "Looking Glass" yet, it's best to not read further.]

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Nikita Scoop: David Keith to Guest-Star As... Nikita's Dad?

David Keith

David Keith has signed on to guest-star on the new season of Nikita, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

As we first reported, Nikita (Maggie Q) will uncover information in the black box that points the way to... read more

Catch Him If You Can: Lone Star's James Wolk on the Art of the Con

James Wolk

It's a provocative premise: In Fox's Lone Star, Bob Allen has been raised a Texas con man, grifting through life until he falls in love for real — twice. Now he wants to go straight, without losing either woman, or the worlds they live in (respectively, an oil-rich dynasty in Houston, and a tight-knit small town in Midland.)

Video: Lone Star cast talks about the pilot

Following someone leading a double life on TV can be done — see: Don Draper, Dexter, Nurse Jackie — but it can be tricky. Will Lone Star be a 22-episode tease? Will his ruse never fall apart? Will his wives never meet? And if they do, does the show morph into something else? Series star James Wolk talks to TVGuide.com about taking on his first major role (and changing his professional name to go with it), playing the sociopath you root for, and what he thinks of the show's super-sexy ad campaign. ...

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Critic's Notebook: Fox at TCA

James Wolk

No news wasn't good news for the press gathered at Fox's TCA day on Monday, with everyone hoping in vain for some definitive word on who'll be judging (or not) on American Idol next season. No deals, so no deal, said the side-stepping Fox execs.

Who needs judges? Let us be the judge—of Fox's new fall programming, which is the main reason summer TCA exists, after all. The good news: Fox is launching only three new shows, and one is my favorite new drama of the season and one my favorite new comedy... read more

How Long Can Lone Star Remain Plausible?

Lone Star

There are plenty of protagonists with secret lives on TV these days, but eventually the jig is up. Betty Draper knows about Dick Whitman. Nurse Jackie's husband and Walter White's wife have found out about their spouses' dealings with drugs. So how long will we have to wait before the double life of Robert/Bob Allen, the con man at the center of Fox's new family drama Lone Star, is discovered?

It's no spoiler to say that by the end of the first episode, several characters are already suspicious of Robert/Bob's comings and goings.

Fall TV Gallery: See James Wolk — and the other new faces of the fall season

"If we're lucky enough to be back next year, something will have to be significantly changed," says Amy Lippman (Party of Five), one of the show's executive producers... read more

Jon Voight Lands Lead in Fox Drama Pilot Midland

Jon Voight

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight has signed on to his first TV series lead in Fox's drama pilot Midland, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Midland follows a con artist (Jimmy Wolk) who juggles two lives in different Texas cities with two women (Adrianne Palicki, Eloise Mumford). But one of the women (Palicki) happens to be ... read more

March 5, 2007: The End of a Semester

It's really a shame that this was the final episode of the season for The Class. I really think it has hit its stride now. It seems like the writers have finally found the pairings that work and have been able to mix a slight bit of drama into the comedy (and do it well). I've been consistently entertained throughout the last month or two. Personally, I'm disappointed it's going to leave the lineup. Some good laughs before the 24 bloodbath have been good for my Monday nights. We all talk a lot in this blog about the missing people from the show. Holly and Fern didn't show up again. Aaron finally came back, though that certainly could have been a hair double that Kyle was hugging at the end. The one person that never gets mentioned, however, is Penny! I completely forgot about Yonk's daughter. I probably said this the first time she showed up, too, but what did Yonk previously marry to produce that? I'm glad she's not full time as she's a one-joke, evil eating machine, but once every... read more

February 26, 2007: Feeling Sorry

I titled this week's blog "feeling sorry" because I kept feeling sorry for so many people in this episode. Of course, I kept laughing at all of their sorrow and pain as well. It was a good balance. I felt sorry for Duncan. He had to go out to lunch with Yonk and listen to him talk about keeping Nicole company while he's out, all while hiding the fact that Nicole's about to leave him. I actually might have felt sorry for him that he wouldn't get to see the Sixers game, either. (No wait, no one needs to see the Sixers right now.)I felt sorry for Nicole that Yonk got home early and ruined her plans to have things packed and ready to go. I felt sorry for Richie that he had to hold in the fact that Nicole was packing to leave Duncan. And I felt sorry that he got tossed on his head after riding the bull for .01 seconds. I felt sorry for Kyle that he never gets to see his boyfriend. And I felt really sorry for Kat that she gave her heart to Benjamin Chow and it turned out ugly. So that's a... read more

February 19, 2007: The L Word

Alright, alright. I hear you loud and clear. You're saying, "Dave, you better not say this episode sucks, too, because then I'll know you're nuts." Well, you are right about that. I'd be crazy not to like this. It was sweet. It was funny. It was unrequited love finally coming together. What's not to like about that? Now, from what I understand, this was the episode everyone saw via the table read. I never watched that for some reason. I really have no idea why, either. You all recommended I view it, but I never got around to it. I'm very curious to see your opinion of this episode if you did take the time to watch the run-through. I thought it was very funny and, most importantly, it's finally out: Duncan and Nicole love each other! I'll admit it, sometimes I can be a heartless idiot. I like to find humor in all situations and, really, other people's problems can be very funny. But I felt really sorry for Nicole. Whether she married Yonk simply for his money is irrelevant. She deser... read more

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