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Keck's Exclusives: JAG's David James Elliott Returns to CBS on CSI: NY

David James Elliott

One of CBS' biggest stars is coming back to the network! David James Elliott, who starred as Cmdr. Harmon "Harm" Rabb, Jr. on JAG from 1995-2005, has been cast on CSI: NY. And it's an awesome role.

David will play Russ Josephson, the ex-husband of Sela Ward's new investigator, Jo Danville. (Expect Jo to crack a joke about being Jo Josephson.) David will debut in an early January episode he is now shooting, and producers tell me there's a possibility he could come back for more... read more

Cheers & Jeers: Scoundrels' Sweet David James


Jeers to Scoundrels for not living up to its title.

ABC's summer crime dramedy (at least I think it's trying to be funny) suffered a huge loss when Neal McDonough was reportedly sacked after three days of production because the devout Catholic refused to shoot sex scenes with costar Virginia Madsen. McDonough brings a riveting malevolence to every role he plays, from sleazy DA David McNorris on Boomtown to psycho killer Dave Williams on Desperate Housewives. He surely would've lived up to the name of Palm Springs crime family patriarch Wolfgang "Wolf" West.

Here's the real crime: McDonough was replaced by David James Elliott, a likably generic TV hunk best known for his role as straight-arrow military man Harmon "Harm" Rabb on JAG. But on Scoundrels, Elliott seems... read more

Scoundrels' Virginia Madsen: It's Fun to Root for the Bad Guy

Virginia Madsen, Scoundrels

Take it from Virginia Madsen: Sometimes being bad can feel oh-so-good.

"Sometimes it's really fun to root for the bad guy," Madsen tells TVGuide.com of her new ABC dramedy, Scoundrels (premiering Sunday at 9/8c).

Summer TV: Check out 23 other must-watch new shows

Madsen plays Cheryl West, the matriarch of a family of criminals. When her husband Wolf (David James Elliott) is sent to prison, Cheryl decides she and her four children — ditzy aspiring model Heather (Levin Rambin), young and smart Hope (Vanessa Marano), and twin boys (both played by Patrick Fleuger), one of which is a dim slacker while the other's a sharp lawyer — are going to go straight. Of course, things don't exactly work out that way... read more

Summer TV Review: ABC's Ghoul-ash of New Drama

Virgina Madsen (Scoundrels) and Rhona Mitra (The Gates)

It's no longer news that summer is among TV's busiest seasons — but this year, cable is getting more competition than usual with scripted fare from the networks. The difference being that cable channels (USA, FX, TNT, Syfy, ABC Family and the pay giants, to name a few) tend to put their best foot forward with critically championed signature shows. The networks? Not so much.

Still, ABC is going unusually gung-ho, launching three new dramas of varying quality and distinction within a single week. Its Sunday combo of the whimsical Scoundrels and the sinister The Gates at least aims for something a bit different, while Thursday's Rookie Blue misfires with a tired arsenal of generic cop-show clichés.

Rookie doesn't try hard enough to stand out, while the Sunday shows may be guilty of trying a bit too hard... read more

JAG's David James Elliott Snags Lead in Scoundrels

David James Elliott

ABC's Scoundrels is going through a casting change.

JAG's David James Elliott has been cast as the lead in Scoundrels opposite Virginia Madsen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Elliott replaces... read more

David James Elliott Plunges into Sci Fi's Knights of Bloodsteel

David James Elliott

JAG's David James Elliott has traded his buzzcut and pressed uniform for a flowing mane and a leather breastplate to star in Sci Fi's two-part movie event Knights of Bloodsteel (Sunday, April 19 and Monday, April 20, 9 pm/ET, Sci Fi). Elliott stars as freedom fighter John Serragoth in this tale about the continent of Mirabilis, where humans, goblins, elves and dwarves seek bloodsteel, an ore that imparts magical abilities to anyone who can draw it from the Earth. TVGuide.com spoke with Elliott about making the leap into the fantasy genre, training for sword-fighting scenes and talking up the idea of a JAG reunion.

TVGuide.com: Knights of Bloodsteel could not be more different from JAG. What drew you to the project?
David James Elliott: I'm a fan of the genre and I'm always looking for something my 6-year-old can watch. I thought it was right up his alley. He's always asking me to be in a movie, because he's a big movie watcher.

Read on for more with David James Elliott! read more

David James Elliott Gets Knighted by Sci Fi

David James Elliott by John Sciulli/ WireImage.com

Bad-ass JAG alum David James Elliott will soon be fighting crime the old-fashioned way: With swords. Per the Reporter, Sci Fi Channel has just green lit a miniseries with the working title Mirabilis, which centers on four knights who must save their eponymous land.Elliott will, of course, play a knight who's wandering the countryside with vengeance on the brain after his family is slayed. And there's a love interest (obv!), in fellow knight Perfidia, to be played by the oh-so-gorgeous Natassia Malthe. Would you tune in to see Elliott on horseback, tearing through the fictional land, in body-hugging chain mail? This one sounds like a sure bet. — Anna DimondUse our Online Video Guide to see more of Sci Fi. read more

JAG's David James Elliott Makes an Impact

David James Elliott by Rebecca Sapp/ WireImage.com

Finally, a crumb for David James Elliott's loyal fans. The JAG alum will star in Impact, a four-hour, $13 million miniseries about the disaster that ensues when a piece of a dwarf star lodges itself in the moon, triggering a series of anomalies on Earth, including exaggerated tides, sporadic weightlessness and (the horror!) cell-phone service interruption.Per the Reporter, Elliott will play an astrophysicist who with a help of a lady astronomer concluded that the moon is now on a collision course with Earth. What they can possibly do about that, I do not know. Call Bruce Willis? — MWM read more

Arrested Alum Joins Revolt, and More Movie News

Michael Cera by John Shearer/WireImage.com

Arrested Development's Michael Cera, who stars in this Friday's Superbad, has joined the cast of Youth in Revolt, a big-screen take on C.D. Payne's novel series.... JAG alum David James Elliott is in production on the indie The Rainbow Tribe, playing a cancer victim who helps out at a camp for troubled youths.... Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman is in talks to helm the Gerard Butler-fronted Escape from New York remake.Related: Gerard Butler Ponders Great Escape read more

Casting News: Commander in Chief Duo Joins ABC's Club

Ever Carradine by Jeff Petry/ABC; Kyle Secor by John Sciulli/WireImage.com

Ever Carradine and Kyle Secor have joined the cast of the new fall drama Women's Murder Club, playing Rob Estes' fiancée and a charming lawyer, respectively.... Also per the Reporter, CSI: NY's A.J. Buckley (aka lab tech Adam) has been bumped up to series-regular status.... Benny Ciaramello (Filthy Gorgeous) is joining Friday Night Lights in a recurring role, as Lyla's love interest.... Sally Pressman (Army Wives) stars as a married woman hiding an addiction to s-e-x in the Lifetime flick Love Sick. JAG's David James Elliott plays one of her regular booty calls. read more

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