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Tue Jul 26 1:00pm
BaywatchRace Against Time, Part IINew(Season 4, Episode 2) POP

Conclusion. Mitch mounts a massive rescue effort when a plane carrying his son, ex-wife Gayle and her fiancé crashes off the Santa Monica coast. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Jackie: Susan Anton. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson.

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Tue Jul 26 2:00pm
BaywatchLovers CoveNew(Season 4, Episode 3) POP

Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) falls for junior lifeguard Lauren Taylor (Anndi McAfee), unaware she has an illness; Jackie hopes to buoy her romance with Mitch by taking him on a romantic date. Jackie: Susan Anton. C.J.: Pamela Denise Anderson. Mitch: David Hassel (more…)

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Tue Jul 26 3:00pm
BaywatchBlindsideNew(Season 4, Episode 4) POP

An old flame is rekindled with the return of C.J.'s ex-boyfriend John D. Cort (John Allen Nelson), who learns he is losing his eyesight. Dr. Corey: Steve Garvey. C.J.: Pamela Denise Anderson. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson.

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Thu Jul 28 1:00pm
BaywatchSky Rider(Season 4, Episode 5) POP

Jimmy's return from a surfing tour throws cold water on Summer and Matt's romance; C.J. fights off a suitor (Hunt Block) who's full of more hot air than his balloon. Ethan: Adam Rich. C.J.: Pamela Denise Anderson. Summ: Nicole Eggert. Mitch: David Hasselho (more…)

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Thu Jul 28 2:00pm
BaywatchTentaclesNew(Season 4, Episode 6) POP

An encounter with an octopus helps Summer untangle her feelings for Jimmy and Matt; Mitch is forced to treat an escaped convict's wounds. Part 1 of two. Debra: Kristian Alfonso. Matt: David Charvet. Jimmy: Kelly Slater. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Thu Jul 28 3:00pm
BaywatchTentaclesNew(Season 4, Episode 7) POP

Conclusion. Mitch (David Hasselhoff) learns that his captors plan to kill him whether or not he saves Brady; Stephanie investigates a diving "accident" involving the fiancé of her sister (Yasmine Bleeth). Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson.

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Fri Jul 29 1:00pm
BaywatchSubmersionNew(Season 4, Episode 8) POP

After agonizing over which of two drowning brothers to save first, Mitch struggles with guilt when one of them clings to life in a coma. Roger: Donald Most. Chuck: Spencer Vrooman. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Fri Jul 29 2:00pm
BaywatchIronman BuchannonNew(Season 4, Episode 9) POP

An upcoming birthday prompts Mitch (David Hasselhoff) to prove he's still a young and tough by entering an athletic competition. Destiny: Lisa Stahl. Summer: Nicole Eggert. Matt: David Charvet. C.J.: Pamela Denise Anderson. Jackie: Susan Anton.

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Fri Jul 29 3:00pm
BaywatchTower of PowerNew(Season 4, Episode 10) POP

A former gang member (Carlos Lauchu) joins the lifeguard staff when violence hits the beach; C.J. shadows a magician planning a dangerous underwater stunt. C.J.: Pamela Denise Anderson. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul.

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Sun Jul 31 6:00pm
Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Syfy

The entire East Coast comes under threat when shark-infused storms wreak havoc on Washington, D.C., and Orlando.

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Mon Aug 1 9:00am
Hasselhoff vs. The Berlin Wall NGC

Twenty-five years after his performance of "Looking For Freedom" at the Berlin Wall, David Hasselhoff hosts a documentary chronicling the history of the structure that separated Germany from 1961-1989.

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Mon Aug 1 1:00pm
BaywatchThe Child InsideNew(Season 4, Episode 11) POP

The staff organizes a Special Olympics event with the help of Mary Lou Retton; Stephanie bonds with one of the athletes (Andrea Friedman) when she realizes they were both abandoned as children. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Mon Aug 1 2:00pm
BaywatchSecond Time AroundNew(Season 4, Episode 12) POP

Summer (Nicole Eggert) is suspicious when Matt agrees to pose as an ex-girlfriend's fiancé to discourage her leering boss; Hobie dreams about becoming a rock star. Jesse: Jennifer Campbell. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson. Victor: Drew Pillsbury. Mitch: David Hasse (more…)

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Mon Aug 1 3:00pm
BaywatchRed KnightsNew(Season 4, Episode 13) POP

A self-pitying, former lifeguard (Richard Jaeckel) encounters his old buddies at a reunion; Mitch labors to deliver a baby on the beach. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Jackie: Susan Anton. Summer: Nicole Eggert. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul.

Tue Aug 2 1:00pm
BaywatchCoronado Del Soul, Part INew(Season 4, Episode 14) POP

On a trip to San Diego, Mitch learns that his brother plans to desert his son; Summer is haunted by the feeling that someone's watching her. Part 1 of two. Summer: Nicole Eggert. Matt: David Charvet. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Tue Aug 2 2:00pm
BaywatchCoronado Del Soul, Part IINew(Season 4, Episode 15) POP

Conclusion. Fog hinders efforts to find Mitch and Buzzy; Summer confronts an amorous apparition; C.J. is in over her head at Sea World. Buzzy: John Beck. Keith: Jon Lindstrom. Diana: Eve Brenner. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Summer: Nicole Eggert.

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Tue Aug 2 3:00pm
BaywatchMirror, MirrorNew(Season 4, Episode 16) POP

Summer helps Matt put his nightmares to rest; Mitch finds his focus split when sisters compete for his attention. Gwen/Mattie: Carrie-Anne Moss. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Matt: David Charvet. Summer: Nicole Eggert.

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Wed Aug 3 1:00pm
BaywatchFalcon ManifestoNew(Season 4, Episode 17) POP

Mitch is attracted to a woman who's vague about her life and who hasn't "felt safe in a very long time." Meanwhile, Matt pressures Summer about moving in together. Mathers: James Horan. Garner: Gregory Alan Williams. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Wed Aug 3 2:00pm
BaywatchRescue BayNew(Season 4, Episode 18) POP

In a tongue-in-cheek episode, a TV producer (Jeff Altman) is inspired by Mitch's crew to create "an action-adventure series with great-looking people saving lives on the beach, and they wear bathing suits!" Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Stephanie: Alexandra Pau (more…)

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Wed Aug 3 3:00pm
BaywatchWestern ExposureNew(Season 4, Episode 19) POP

C.J. fishes a country singer out of the surf and helps him find his estranged wife and son; Hobie's heartthrob gets a crush on Mitch. Sadie: Martina McBride. Crystal: Kassie Wesley. Jackson: Brady Bluhm. Hobie: Jeremy Jackson. Mitch: David Hasselhoff.

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Thu Aug 4 1:00pm
BaywatchThe Life You SaveNew(Season 4, Episode 20) POP

When proposed budget cuts threaten to close beaches and reduce the lifeguard staff, the crew's supporters rally to help. Julia: Elizabeth Lambert. David: Charles Van Eman. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Matt: David Charvet. Mitch: David Hasselhoff. Summer: Nic (more…)

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Thu Aug 4 2:00pm
BaywatchTrading PlacesNew(Season 4, Episode 21) POP

Stephanie confronts an old terror---helicopters---when she takes part in a Coast Guard exchange-training program. Daniels: Phillip Troy. Mahorn: Rene Assa. Chief Clark: Marshall Teague. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul. Matt: David Charvet.

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Thu Aug 4 3:00pm
BaywatchGuys & DollsNew(Season 4, Episode 22) POP

Matt doesn't know whose story to believe when he tries to reunite a runaway teen and her father. Meanwhile, Stephanie must choose between Mitch and Scott. Krebs: Dick Van Patten. Rachel: A.J. Langer. Matt: David Charvet. Stephanie: Alexandra Paul.

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