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Chuck Todd Replaces David Gregory as Meet the Press Host

Chuck Todd

NBC News has announced that Chuck Todd will take over as host of Meet the Press.

"Honored and humbled to be in the company of great MTP moderators, including David, Tom and of course Tim. All three taught me so much," Todd shared on Twitter.

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Critic's Notebook: NBC, Fox Upfronts

NBC logo, Fox logo

When people call the network upfronts one long song and dance, they're not kidding. read more

The Biz: Campaigning for Sunday Ratings

George Stephanopoulos, Christianne Amanpour

With 24-hour access to video journalism on cable, your smartphone or iPad, nobody needs to wait until Sunday morning to find out what the presidential candidates have to say, right?

Don't tell that to the news divisions at CBS and ABC. Both are about to raise the stakes in the arena of Sunday inside-the-Beltway talk shows as they strive to remain the most important TV platform of the presidential campaign season... read more

Exclusive: David Gregory to Host Stephen Hawking Roundtable for Discovery

David Gregory

Meet the Press host David Gregory will head over to Discovery Channel next month to host a roundtable discussion about Stephen Hawking's take on God.

Did God Create the Universe? will air on Sunday, Aug. 7 at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel, directly following the premiere of... read more

2010 Midterm Elections Coverage: What to Watch

Anderson Cooper

Here's a breakdown of what kind of 2010 midterm elections coverage you can expect and where:


8/7c: Co-anchors George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer will interrupt the Dancing With the Stars results show with live updates.

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David Gregory to Host Meet the Press

David Gregory, Meet the Press

David Gregory has officially been named the new moderator of Meet the Press.

The longtime NBC chief White House correspondent will take over the role, vacated in June by the death of Tim Russert, on Sunday, Dec. 14. Interim moderator, Tom Brokaw, formally introduced Gregory at the end of his broadcast Sunday, ending weeks of rumors and speculation.

Calling the position an "incredible honor," Gregory, vowed to ...
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Post Election: News Networks Rebrand and Promote

Jake Tapper

Just as President-elect Barack Obama is assembling his White House team, the news networks are deciding who will cover it.

ABC News shuffled the assignments of a few top correspondents, naming Jake Tapper, who covered the Barack Obama campaign for the network, as its senior White House correspondent.

The assignment shifts at ABC News raise the profile of Tapper, who was previously senior national and political correspondent.

Martha Raddatz, ABC's point person at the White House since late 2005, has been named senior foreign affairs correspondent. Jon Karl moves from the national security desk to become ABC's senior congressional correspondent... read more

Who Will Be Russert's Successor?

Tom Brokaw by Ali Goldstein/NBC

Executives at NBC News are still reeling over the death of friend and colleague Tim Russert. But soon they will have to come up with a plan about how to proceed with their coverage of the 2008 Presidential campaign, which includes picking Russert's successor at Meet the Press. While we believe there are only two real candidates for the job, here's what we think about all the names that have been thrown out there.
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If Couric Exits CBS, Who Could Fill the Anchor Chair?

Anderson Cooper courtesy CNN, Harry Smith by John Filo/CBS, Diane Sawyer by Ida Mae Astute/ABC

If Katie Couric does leave the CBS Evening News anchor chair, here are the leading candidates to replace her and what they bring to the table.
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David Gregory Heats Up Race for MSNBC

David Gregory by Virginia Sherwood/NBC

There's been a lot of David Gregory on NBC News lately. When he's not reporting from the White House, he's filling in for Matt Lauer on Today or Tim Russert on Meet the Press. Not enough for you? This week he starts anchoring his own nightly show on cable news channel MSNBC, Race for the White House with David Gregory (6 pm/ET), designed to feed the growing number of political junkies following the amazing 2008 presidential campaign. The Biz talked to Gregory about his new program, the recent rise of MSNBC and whether there's any chance he'll have a new network address in the future. TVGuide.com: You're hours away from the first show. What are we going to see?David Gregory: We're going to have a terrific panel. They'll be some swapping out, but not different faces every night. We want it to be a smart, fast-paced take on the race, day in and day out, by people who follow it closely and have different points of view. We'll start with Joe Scarborough [host of MSNBC's Morning Joe] and... read more

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