Fri May 1 12:00pm
GrimmThe Inheritance(Season 3, Episode 21) TNT

Nick and Hank investigate a double homicide that's linked to the Verrat. Meanwhile, Trubel meets a father-and-son team who traveled a great distance to find "the Portland Grimm"; and Renard grows suspicious of Adalind's behavior.

Fri May 1 1:00pm
GrimmBlond Ambition(Season 3, Episode 22) TNT

The third season ends with the arrival of Monroe and Rosalee's wedding day. Meanwhile, Nick and Juliette come to a surprising realization that could have lasting effects on their relationship; and Adalind's actions have disastrous consequences.

Fri May 1 2:00pm
GrimmPilot(Season 1, Episode 1) TNT

A university student is savagely attacked while jogging, and a mysterious woman visits her nephew to tell him a family secret in the opener of the dramatic series following a detective who tracks fairy-tale monsters.

Fri May 1 8:00pm
GrimmYou Don't Know JackNew(Season 4, Episode 20) NBC

A string of homicides create a fear that a Jack the Ripper copycat has arrived in Portland. As Nick and Hank investigate, they must also respond to an unexpected situation; at the same time, Adalind and Rosalee must work together on a last-ditch attempt to (more…)

Sat May 2 12:00am
GrimmBears Will Be Bears(Season 1, Episode 2) TNT

Nick and Hank investigate a breaking-and-entering case that leads them to a mysterious family with a cultural heritage of blurring the line between right and wrong; Nick asks Monroe to safeguard Aunt Marie.

Fri May 8 12:00pm
GrimmBeeware(Season 1, Episode 3) TNT

An innocent flash-mob scene ends with a homicide; Nick learns more about his roots; Hank and Nick are tasked with protecting a shady character.

Fri May 8 1:00pm
GrimmLonelyhearts(Season 1, Episode 4) TNT

Monroe goes undercover to get a whiff of a hypnotic suspect for Nick; a stranger seeks revenge for the death of a friend who was killed by a Grimm.

Fri May 8 2:00pm
GrimmDanse Macabre(Season 1, Episode 5) TNT

A high school teacher's death kicks off an investigation that leads Nick to a troubled, young, musical prodigy.

Fri May 8 8:00pm
GrimmHeadacheNew(Season 4, Episode 21) NBC

Trubel makes a surprising return to Portland; at the same time, the manhunt continues for a vicious serial killer; and Wu's life is put in grave danger. Elsewhere, Juliette solidifies a new alliance as she plots to get her revenge.

Sat May 9 12:30am
GrimmThe Three Bad Wolves(Season 1, Episode 6) TNT

An arson case exposes a family feud; Monroe confronts people from his troubled past.