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I know it's a little late, ...

Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost

Question: I know it's a little late, but I'd like to address the Emmy nominations. I think that Elizabeth Mitchell definitely was robbed of a Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series nod for Lost. Her work has been top-notch, and Juliet emerged as my favorite character this Lost season. Cheers for Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn on their nominations. They — especially Emerson as the enigmatic and chilling Ben — deserve it. But the person who perhaps deserves an Emmy nomination most of all, and who never gets noticed, is John Terry. Terry is such a fantastic (and underrated) actor, he actually makes you feel empathetic for Jack's father when you know you should be rooting for Jack. Lost definitely should've been nominated as a series, because the writing, directing and acting were excellent this past season (let's just forget about the prehiatus episodes and "Stranger in a Strange Land"). Once again, though, the Emmy nominations were utterly predictable. On another Lost topic, many ... read more

"Fear and Loathing at the Fund-raiser"

Tonight was jam-packed with tart-tongued one-liners but it also packed a punch with a fistful of soulful heartfelt conversations that helped to deepen several of the side characters who live in Hanks world It looks to me like Hank is back on track as Hollywoods most self-loathing bloggerAs the first bed conversation showed Meredith is shaping up to be a pretty cool lady vulnerable but level-headed with a good sense of humor Shes got more than her share of baggage though what with this five-year affair with a married man whom she still seems to be attached to Despite his reluctance to have that conversation I do actually think that Hank is pretty close to loving Meredith and he seems to get a real kick out of coming to her rescue I wonder if its true that she called him a loser to her adulterous lawyer ex-lover and more importantly if Hank believes that she did If he did he sure didnt let it affect him much We also saw Hanks friendship skills come to light w read more

"The Whore of Babylon"

I wonder who precisely tonights episode title was supposed to refer to Hank presumably although aside from his very colorful opening monologue describing the corruptive lure of Hollywood money our Mr Moody once again ended up behaving like quite the gentleman Of course there was also that brawl at the book-signing Leave it to Hank Moody to reduce a literary gathering to a fistfightFor the first few minutes I found myself fervently hoping that the entire book-signing scene was a dream sequence the previous two episodes opened as dreams after all Its a real test of credibility to think that a Hollywood director would appear at some screenwriters book-signing to confront him about his dislike for a movie and then to have the already improbable argument descend into a full-on brawl Californication needs to knock it off with its clichd male-fantasy shenanigans The only real fight a guy like Hank Moody would get into would look a lot like that nipple cripple read more

I recently watched the pilot ...

Question: I recently watched the pilot episode of Californication, with David Duchovny, on Showtime. I thought this show was horrible and left much to be desired. The main character was a pathetic loser and totally unrelateable. I was not impressed by the writing, the storyline, the supporting cast or even the premise of the show. I'm thinking that they're trying to make Hank Moody like Tommy Gavin on Rescue Me, but they have clearly missed the mark. I guess the character is supposed to be this horribly flawed guy we are supposed to relate to and understand, but instead the show is boring and has too many gratuitous sex scenes. Am I in the minority about this? I know Showtime is really trying to catch up with HBO, and so far they are doing a great job with shows like Weeds, Dexter, Brotherhood and The Tudors, but Californication doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as these other shows. Answer: My take on Californication is that it's "caustically compelling" and tha ... read more

"Hell-ay Woman"

Use the blog Hank channel your rage Well hear hear Id like to say that like Hank Im blogging right now from a sample machine at an Apple store and the whole while laughing uproariously at my own jokes but alas no Hank Moody am I Also my laptop is working just fine thank youTonight confirmed my secret fears that Californication is merely a male version of Sex and the City a fantasy land in which theres an endless supply of readily available partners ie 16-year-olds at dinner tables 40-year-olds at dinner tables porn stars at stoplights The similarities seemed especially salient as Hank was writing his blog which closed 224 la Carrie with a pointed question about modern social mores in a specific American city Why is the City of Angels so hell-bent on destroying its female population Of course Sex is very much an ensemble buddy comedy whereas Hank while hardly friendless seems to be hanging out on a limb by himself at this point read more

David Duchovny Talks About Engaging in Californication

David Duchovny, Californication

David Duchovny opens up to TV Guide about his risky new role on Showtime's Californication (Mondays at 10 pm/ET), the next X-Files movie and being lucky in love. TV Guide: What attracted you to such a darkly comic series like Californication? David Duchovny: It was more of an adult-style, '70s-movie-type comedy rather than what you see in movies today. It was adults acting badly, but like bad adults rather than bad children. It's so much fun to be able to play a guy who really doesn't care what anybody thinks about him. TV Guide: What's the key to your character, Hank Moody? Duchovny: This is a writer who's not writing anymore. He's come to Hollywood to watch his novel get turned into a crappy movie and in the pr read more

Steamy Shows Stir Controversy: A TV Guide Special Report

Californication is among the new series pushing the envelope.

It's getting hotter... on TV. Several new cable shows are cranking their sex scenes up a notch, daring to bare more skin than viewers have been accustomed to seeing. Leading the way is the new HBO series Tell Me You Love Me (premiering Sept. 9), which features Jane Alexander as a relationship therapist. The show has caused a stir because of the amount of full-frontal nudity and explicit sex acts among the three couples she counsels. Showtime is moving the needle as well with the provocatively titled Californication (Mondays at 10 pm/ET). David Duchovny plays a debauched writer who spends much of the first episode in flagrante delicto. Both pay-cable read more


Looks like our little Mulder has finally lost his virginity folks And now hes trying to make up for all that lost timeIn his first series-regular role since X-files David Duchovny plays blocked and blacking-out writer Hank Moody a formerly serious novelist whose career took a corruptive turn when he started writing for Hollywood Now hes acting like the perennial class clown totally incapable of holding on to relationships working on his book or even spending an evening sober But its his split from his longtime girlfriend Karen played by Natascha McElhone that has hit him the hardest driving him to find mindless refuge in an endless stream of gorgeous-but-mean Los AngelenasAlthough the premise is a total clich its like George Costanza paid a visit to the set of Leaving Las Vegas every scene is perfectly written harshly hilarious and dripping with charisma Duchovnys got magnetism to spare he and his friendagent Evan Handler have read more

I watched the pilot of ...

Question: I watched the pilot of Californication and I loved it. I thought that David Duchovny really did a great job with that character. He was able to make Hank likable even though he was kind of a jerk at times. So my question to you is: What did you think of it? Answer: Since you asked, you can check out my review here, heralding Showtime's new Monday lineup of Weeds, back for a sensational third season, and Californication. To elaborate a bit in this space, and now that I've seen the second episode since writing the initial review, I remain impressed by how low they let Duchovny's character of Hank sink in his sexual debauchery and yet still remain somehow sympathetic. The crucial element here is that Hank is every bit as digusted by his behavior as we're meant to be, and it helps that his ultimate goal is to redeem his life, and possibly even his art, in the eyes of his ex-girlfriend and oddly precocious daughter. I'm expecting some very polarized reaction to this show, and wonde ... read more

X-Files 2: The Script Is Out There

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in The X-Files courtesy 20th Century Fox

David Duchovny, in the course of talking up his new Showtime series Californication, also wound up discussing infestation, mutation and alien invasion — that is, the status of the always-looming second X-Files movie. "I'm supposed to see a script next week," the erstwhile Agent Mulder revealed at the TCA summer press tour. "[X-Files creator] Chris [Carter] will direct it. Gillian [Anderson] is on board, and that's all I can tell you."The original film follow-up hit theaters some nine years ago. What say we kill two birds with one stone, merge two TV franchises, and call the movie "X and the City"? read more

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