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Tue Jan 17 12:00pm
BonanzaThe Saga of Whizzer McGee(Season 4, Episode 30) TVLAND

Hoss takes a liking to pint-size Whizzer, who seems dedicated to the proposition that "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." Hoss: Dan Blocker. Ben: Lorne Greene. Whizzer: George Brenlin. Melissa: Jeanne Bal. Otis: Med Flory. Mashburn: Burt Mustin. B (more…)

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Wed Jan 18 12:00pm
BonanzaThe Thunder Man(Season 4, Episode 31) TVLAND

A explosives expert terrorizes the Ponderosa. Poole: Simon Oakland. Joe: Michael Landon. Ben: Lorne Greene. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Hoss: Dan Blocker. Mrs. Gibson: Evelyn Scott. Fred: Harvey Stephens. Deputy: Bing Russell.

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Thu Jan 19 12:00pm
BonanzaRich Man, Poor Man(Season 4, Episode 32) TVLAND

Bumbling Claude Miller tries to buy the towns's respect with his new-found wealth. Miller: John Fiedler. Daisy: Florence Sundstrom. Joe: Michael Landon. Clancy: J. Pat O'Malley. Slauson: Jay Lanin. Tarbosh: Ken Mayer. Ben: Lorne Greene.

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Fri Jan 20 12:00pm
BonanzaThe Boss(Season 4, Episode 33) TVLAND

The Cartwrights try to rally the town against a tyrannical freight-line owner. Slaydon: Carroll O'Connor. Joe: Michael Landon. Ben: Lorne Greene. Hoss: Dan Blocker. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Karen: Judee Morton.

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Mon Jan 23 12:00pm
BonanzaLittle Man---10 Feet Tall(Season 4, Episode 34) TVLAND

A young Italian immigrant loses respect for his physically weak father after meeting Hoss. Mario: Michael Davis. Ben: Lorne Greene. Joe: Michael Landon. Sheriff: Denver Pyle.

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Tue Jan 24 12:00pm
BonanzaShe Walks in Beauty(Season 5, Episode 1) TVLAND

Ragan Miller's good looks have brought her nothing but unhappiness---and Hoss, who's taken a shine to her. Ragan: Gena Rowlands. Emilia: Jeanne Cooper. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Ben: Lorne Greene. Little Joe: Michael Landon.

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Wed Jan 25 12:00pm
BonanzaA Passion for Justice(Season 5, Episode 2) TVLAND

On a visit to Virginia City, Charles Dickens antagonizes the populace with his arrogant manner. Dickens: Jonathan Harris. Ben: Lorne Greene. Dan: Victor Maddern. Walker: Frank Albertson. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Hoss: Dan Blocker. Joe: Michael Landon. Sherif (more…)

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Thu Jan 26 12:00pm
BonanzaRain From Heaven(Season 5, Episode 3) TVLAND

A self-styled rainmaker offers his services to drought-stricken Virginia City. Weems: John Anderson. Ben: Lorne Greene. Hoss: Dan Blocker. Joe: Michael Landon. Jube: Mickey Sholdar. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Sheriff: Ray Teal. Mary: Eileen Chesis. Mrs. Weems: (more…)

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Fri Jan 27 12:00pm
BonanzaTwilight Town(Season 5, Episode 4) TVLAND

Stranded in the desert, Joe staggers into a remote town occupied by a strange assortment of characters. Louise: Davey Davison. Mathews: Michael Mikler. Katy: Doris Dowling. Corman: Stacy Harris. Masterson: Walter Coy. Ben: Lorne Greene.

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Mon Jan 30 12:00pm
Bonanza TVLAND

Ben Cartwright and his three sons (by three wives) ride herd over the sprawling Ponderosa spread in 1860s Nevada in one of the most handsomely mounted and beloved series of all time. The first TV Western to be shown in color, it ran for 14 seasons; was the (more…)

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