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Next On, the Magic of David Copperfield V, the Statue of Liberty Disappears
00:32 — The Jenningses approach their breaking points as both Philip and Elizabeth must handle loyal agents. Will they make it through with their patriotism - (more…)
A Top Chef Magic Trick
Season 13 Episode 14 Show Highlight: Inspired by David Copperfield, Isaac Toups shows off his magic skills in Las Vegas.
Ep 14: Magic Hour
The three remaining chefs head to the finals in Las Vegas and are joined by the reigning champion of Last Chance Kitchen who returns to the competitio (more…)
All You Need to Know - Sleight of Hand
Stephen demonstrates how David Copperfield escaped a mugging without losing his belongings.
Intro - 10/25/05
Tonight's episode includes the Federal Reserve, David Copperfield, bears and author Greg Behrendt.
Intro - 9/15/11
$2 billion goes missing from a major bank, and David Copperfield explores the science of illusion.
David Copperfield
David Copperfield explores the art and science of illusion and talks about 'gut magic.'
Mystery of China's 'Levitating Cars' Solved. Can You Spot It?
A strange video has been making the rounds on Facebook showing several cars that appear to levitate off the ground at an intersection in China. It tur (more…)
America Ferrera's Crazy Vegas Trip With the Cast of Superstore
04:57 — They saw David Copperfield and danced to "Hotline Bling" in a limo.
Graham Currin: Current Events
David Copperfield mugged?
The magical David Copperfield
07:54 — The illusionist David Copperfield is arguably the best known magician alive today, and is passionate about preserving the history of the conjuring ar (more…)
Amazing Race sneak peek: David Copperfield brings the magic to finale
01:18 — Amazing Race sneak peek: David Copperfield brings the magic to finale
The Devil Is A Sissy - Official Trailer
00:30 — No squealers, that's the rule. And Claude Pierce, a child of privilege eager to throw in with two rough-and-tumble lower East Siders, aims to live by (more…)
Oh My God - Official Trailer
02:23 — As religion and its effects on the world continue to dominate the headlines, filmmaker Peter Rodger's explorative new feature documentary "Oh My Go, e (more…)
Five Diamonds
22:10 — ...aka A Hard Act To Follow: Angel's birthday party for Keith looks like it's going to be a smash, until magician David Copperfield makes one of the c (more…)
David Copperfield Season 1
The story of David Copperfield, whom we follow from birth to manhood, is set to charm audiences in this new adaptation. With an all-star cast and the (more…)
Stupid Human Trick
This guy is light years ahead of David Copperfield, and he's our first Tale...
Legendary magician discusses his variety of projects and tips for up-and-comers
NY Premiere - David Copperfield
00:46 — Interview with David Copperfield (Magician) at the Now You See Me premiere in New York City.
David Copperfield - Magical Beginnings
Watch a short video about David Copperfield and learn about he got started in the world of magic and his philanthropic activities.
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