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Cook's First Post-Idol Dish Is Kimberly Caldwell

David Cook by Michael Becker/Fox

What's that sound? Why, it's the broken hearts of tens of thousands of female fans. Fresh off getting named your new American Idol, David Cook's first order of getting busy-ness was asking for (on camera, no less!) and efficiently landing a date with TV Guide Network's Kimberly Caldwell (aka a cohost of Idol Tonight). "She's great," Cookie tells TV's Extra. "So far, I've had a really good time with her." (Watch video of Cook telling Regis & Kelly about his and Kim's first date.)Cook admitted that while he knew Kimberly herself vied on Idol (during Season 2), "I can't remember a song that she sang. I'm probably in the dog house now." Dude, just because you can't remember what she sang? That's gotta be one crowded dog house. — MWMRelated:• David Cooking Up a CD to "Make the Hair on Your Neck Stand Up"• VIDEO: David Cook Does Hit Best Risky Business• Kinged David: Idol Voters Kiss the Cook read more

David A. to the Ladies: You're Going to Have to Wait

David Archuleta by Frank Micelotta/Fox

After coming thisclose to winning it all, David Archuleta took some time Friday to reflect on his Idol experience, what might come next and if he'll ever have time for a girlfriend — or anything else, for that matter.American Idol's Season 7 may be over, but don't expect to see David A. out on the dating scene just yet (sorry, ladies!). We know, there's a hungry crowd of would-be GFs awaiting, but once the Idol mania dies down a little bit, David A.'s planning to focus on his career. Not only that, but he's pretty sure he's not mature enough to even know what he wants yet. "Being 17," he told press, "I'm not really mature enough to understand those feelings yet." He also doesn't want to deal with the "drama" of relationships that he sees his friends go through. Of their trials, he says, "It's not like you're going to live off that person, like your infatuation is going to support you. I want to make sure I don't get confused with a feeling for someone so quickly. I so don't wan... read more

David Cooking Up a CD to "Make the Hair on the Back of Your Neck Stand Up"

David Cook by Michael Becker/Fox

Ask David Cook if, some 36 hours into his reign as the new American Idol, he will ever get used to the hoopla, and he will tell you, "Hopefully never!" Still, he's starting to give some thought to his first album as your Idol, and it sounds like he will stop shot of nothing less than a doozy.Hoping to accommodate "a mixture of my own [song]writing and hopefully writing with some other people," he tells TVGuide.com, "The bottom line is I want to come out of the gate with a solid record. If I could do that, I'll be happy."As for the type of release he has in mind, Cook concedes, rather obviously, "It will probably be a rock record." But, he adds, "That's a pretty vague generalization. I just want to make a record that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up."And when might fans first get their mitts on Cook's first release as Idol? "'As soon as possible,' if you're asking me," he says. "But obviously these things take time."David, of course, will drop by TVGuide.com in a few ... read more

David Cook Does Hit Best Risky Business

Yes, we know Idol is done and over, but our separation anxiety was kicking in. Some of you may not have noticed this commercial during the finale because you fast-forwarded through it or were hitting up the kitchen for a snack. But behold! The power of the Internet has allowed us to show you the new Guitar Hero commercial featuring David Cook doing a killer Tom Cruise impression from Risky Business (expect he upped the stakes from air guitar to plastic guitar). read more

After the Big Finale: The Davids, Fans Respond

David Archuleta and David Cook by Michael Becker/Fox

It was just one huge love-fest following the big American Idol finale. At a news conference after David Cook's big win, both the winner and the runner-up had nothing but praise for each other, says the L.A. Times, and solidarity at the end of the Idol road. Speaking to press, Cook not only reflected on recent events — like Simon's Tuesday-night predictions and Wednesday's retraction — but also on the talent of his main rival, David Archuleta, and their Idol journey. For starters, Cook was just letting his breath out and still taking it all in. It was his final performance that was his favorite, and was part of letting go during the final show. "Tonight was just about exhaling," he said. The exhaling, though, wasn't necessarily expected, especially after Simon's Tuesday prediction that Archie was the one on top. Simon's surprising apology the next night, though, gave Cook even more to savor. "I didn't really know that [Simon's] apology was warranted," he said. Yet, Cook con... read more

VIDEO: The Final Idol Moments

It was the moment you've all been waiting for — but whether you were on team Archie or team Cook, you have to admit, both of these guys really killed it this season. If by chance you missed last night's finale (or if your DVRs were being fickle and chopped off the final seconds), now's your chance to relive the final three minutes, when Ryan was given the envelope and announced which David would be the next American Idol. read more

Finale Fever: Idol Goes Out on High Notes

There were no losers Wednesday night. Not even the viewers, and I can’t remember the last time I said that about an American Idol finale. Sure, it was too long, and it’s inexcusable not to be able to wrap the show by 10 pm/ET. Greedy, greedy Fox. As always, the finale had plenty of egregious moments: the run-for-the-mute-button return of the ear-grating Mikalah Gordon (who still looks like she’s trying out for a remake of The Nanny), and that obnoxious plug for Mike Myers’ new movie that went on so long even Ryan Seacrest looked fed up, although he got an awkward magic carpet ride out of it—and could someone rethink those cheesy group numbers (including the ghastly costumes)? Amanda looked about as happy and comfortable on that stage as Monica Seles did on the Dancing With the Stars dance floor the night before. Ouch and ick.But overall, the Idol finale did an admirable job of pairing fledgling music stars with surprise music superstars. It felt at times lik... read more

Kinged David: America Names a New Idol

After the 10 runners-up performed seemingly countless group numbers in Brady Bunch-like matching outfits....After select finalists got to deliver dream duets with their musical matches....After that audition-round buffoon with the feathers... er, I'm not sure what he did, I was FF-ing so fast....After the (almost-)top-secret "surprise" of vintage Gladys Knight and her contemporary Pips delivered perhaps the evening's most entertaining entertainment....After Carrie Underwood and George Michael wowed the crowd some more....After it all, a new Idol was named, and his name was David. David Cook.Archuleta made it a close one, every step of the way. Everyone had rocker Dave pinned to win, but this Tuesday night, many felt that Cookie crumbled a bit. Simon single-handedly amped up the drama by declaring Archie the final round's winner "by a knockout."Who. Would. Win? We were left wondering for some 24 hours. Online polls, including the one here at TVGuide.com, had Cook in the definitive le... read more

The Idol Finale Extravaganza!

Yo peeps The finale is here Lets cut right to the chase Im Erin Fox Im live blogging the finale EnjoyThe two Davids face each other in all white in the first shot of the show Its like a really angelic version of Face Off How are they not cracking up when Ryan refers to the competition as reaching critical massAwwRyan gets to make his grand entrance down the staircase just like a deb at her coming out The audience shots include Holly Robinson Peete and Lori Loughlin Thats the best they could come up withWhoa 975 million votes One David got 56 percent the other 44 percent Hmm what could it mean I have no ideaWho is Mikahlah Gordon Why is she acting like a porn star in Kansas CityMatt Rogers is muffled by thousands of blonde Archuleta fans in Salt Lake City The Top 12 are back singing Get Ready Cuz Here I Come and are also in white like a big Brady Bunch special They are backed up by what Im sure is a gaggle of So You Think You Can Dance read more

Random Reflections on Idol, Dancing

David Archuleta by Michael Becker/Fox, David Cook by Michael Becker/Fox

The battle of the Davids is, to me, the most interesting and polarizing American Idol faceoff since the classic Clay-vs-Ruben finale of season 2. As was the case then, the fandom for both appears to be passionate and deep, and whoever’s rooting for one is very likely rooting against the other.The differences between both singers’ styles are obvious, but so are the similarities in what people tend to criticize in each. In short, those who find David Archuleta’s crooning to be boringly sweet and cloying and too much the same are balanced out by those who find David Cook’s angst-flavored rock to be boringly mannered and too much the same. To each their own, but who will win?Most Idol-ators no doubt had their minds made up before they watched Tuesday’s show, but in terms of pure showmanship, calculated or not, David Archuleta won the night. Maybe not by the “knockout” that Simon declared, milking that regrettable boxing metaphor at least one time too m... read more

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