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The Ghost Whisperer Producers: It's Not What You Are Thinking

Hi, everyone,

By now, many of you have probably seen last night's episode, "Imaginary Friends and Enemies"/Episode 406. We bet you were surprised! You likely have some strong opinions about it and if not concerned are at least curious and hopefully intrigued about where the story is headed. We can assure you that ... read more

Will Ghost Whisperer's Jim Leave the Land of the Living?

David Conrad

Speculation has run wild for some time that David Conrad's character on Ghost Whisperer would be checking out. We chatted with him about how that rumor will work itself in Friday's episode, how it could affect his future on the show and why he watched so much Olympic swimming this summer. — Steve Pond

TV Guide: Rumors have been swirling that Jim, your character, is about to die and become one of those ghosts who constantly bother Melinda. I know you can't spoil it, but what can you tell fans about what happens to Jim?
David Conrad:
I think they'll see a Jim ... read more

The Ghost Whisperer Producers: Let's Clear Up the Rumors

Happy Halloween, everyone!

First off, we wanted to clear up all the rumors that are circulating.

Read carefully: David Conrad is not, not, not leaving Ghost Whisperer. We love him - he is amazingly talented - we all have lots of fun together and he is an important part of the Ghost Whisperer family. But most of all, we here at Ghost Whisperer are very much aware ... read more

"The Underneath" (Season Premiere)

I'm not the official TV Guide blogger for Moonlight, but I just wanted to start off tonight's Ghost Whisperer post by saying how much I enjoyed watching both shows back-to-back. Ghost Whisperer + Moonlight = Freaky Friday on CBS, and I think they're a perfect supernatural fit. Now then, on with the show!Welcome to The Underneath?At (last) season's end, I felt that Melinda's return from death would alter her connection to the afterlife, making it more malevolent than she's prepared to deal with. Now, at (this) season's beginning, my initial feelings concerning the crossroads on which Mel stands, is that Grandview is turning into a similar place to Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Hellmouth. Not quite as... Hellmouth-y, but the similarities between "the underneath" getting ready to burst at any time in Grandview, and Sunnydale's Hellmouth hurling all varieties of demons and vampires from underground can't be denied. The difference seems to be that Grandview may be a kinder, gentler wellspri... read more

November 10, 2006: I'm Singin' in the Rain

Living with an addiction to shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives and Battlestar Galactica can turn a TV fan into a nervous wreck these days, especially during November sweeps. These shows have been putting the "hang" in cliff-hanger lately, so I didn't really watch tonight's Ghost Whisperer in a relaxed, "Friday night TV" sort of fashion. I also happen to know that this Ghost Whisperer fan wasn't the only one on edge from this week's "a fire will tear them apart" promo. I feel silly admitting this, but I thought about all of you as the hour unfolded tonight. You have given me great comfort, as I've learned over the past couple of weeks that: 1) I'm not the only one who cries every week when I watch this show, 2) I'm not the only one who loves Jim and Melinda together, and 3) I'm also not the only one who would be about as heartbroken as Melinda if Jim ever left us.All together now, let us pause for a moment and take a nationwide Ghost Whisperer-community collective sigh of relief: ... read more

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