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British PM David Cameron Vows to Capture ‘Jihadi John’
03:14 — NBC’s Keir Simmons has the latest on Jihadi John’s true identity and the Canadian teens who allegedly tried to join ISIS.
Cameron: We in the UK Face the Same Threat
01:49 — British Prime Minister David Cameron makes a statement on Friday's attacks in Paris.
British PM to Push for UK to Join Syria Fight
00:48 — British PM David Cameron said during a joint press conference Monday morning he will seek approval from Parliament to join the fight against Syria.
British PM: UK, US to Stage Cyber ‘war Games’
00:21 — Prime Minister David Cameron says the U.S. and the U.K. will stage the games to boost resistance against cyberattacks. The leaders held a working dinn (more…)
Is This Attack Possible for Isis?
04:18 — Rep. Adam Schiff joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement that recent evidence could suggest a bomb took down t (more…)
UK Prime Minister Announces He Is Resigning
07:05 — PM David Cameron speaks on the UK leaving the EU and announces he is resigning as prime minister.
Eddie Izzard: I Hate the Right Wing
02:47 — British actor/comedian Eddie Izzard tells Larry King that he still intends to run for mayor of London and explains why he hates the right wing along w (more…)
French and British Leaders Discuss ISIS Fight
03:17 — British Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to urge parliament to approve allowing the Royal Air Force to joins airstrikes targeting ISIS in Syria. (more…)
Recent Foiled Terror Plots Linked to the Islamic State
00:58 — A look at recent foiled terror plots linked to IS in the wake of UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement that they’ve thwarted seven terrorists (more…)
00:30 — Run paints a dark, gritty picture of the underside of modern-day London. This four-part series weaves together seemingly unconnected characters into a (more…)
PM Cameron: My Friend, Barack Has a Good Heart
02:16 — Prime Minister David Cameron shares kind words for President Barack Obama and discusses the strength of the relationship with England and United State (more…)
Trump: I Didn't Go After Cameron
01:18 — Donald Trump clarifies his comments about Great Britain Prime Minister David Cameron, says he was invited to visit 10 Downing Street and that they wil (more…)
Pres. Obama: Britain’s EU Decision Affects US
03:30 — President Barack Obama shares what he topics he discussed with Prime Minister David Cameron, specifically he shares his opinion on whether the U.K. sh (more…)
Trump to Make 2016 a Test of Character
05:37 — Willie Geist and a Morning Joe panel discuss Donald Trump's planned strategy against Hillary Clinton for the first presidential debate. The panel also (more…)
Trump On Polls, Clinton's 'horrible Judgment'
06:20 — Donald Trump weighs in on new national polls, Assad, ISIS, Hillary Clinton and David Cameron.
Can Duchess Kate Levitate? It Looks That Way in This Photo
00:34 — A new photo of the Duchess of Cambridge has many scratching their heads because it appears to show both of her feet off the ground at the same time du (more…)
‘Brexit’ Shocker: UK Votes to Leave EU, David Cameron Resigns
02:48 — Citizens of the United Kingdom made the historic decision to leave the European Union, and in the wake of the “Brexit,”
Brexit Fallout: Johnson Won’t Run
07:28 — One of Brexit’s biggest backers, former London Mayor Boris Johnson, decides against a run to replace Prime Minister David Cameron. British Ambassador (more…)
‘Brexit’ Referendum: U.K. Votes On Its Future in the EU
02:33 — Citizens in the United Kingdom are voting Thursday whether or not to remain in the European Union. Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron is urging vo (more…)
Theresa May Set to Become Britain’s 2nd Female Prime Minister
00:32 — After her only competitor withdrew, Theresa May is set to become Britain’s second female prime minister on Wednesday. May will replace David Cameron, (more…)
Larry the Cat!
01:50 — The cat that lives in the Prime Minister’s House gets to stay even though David Cameron Left!
How Theresa May Became Britain’s New Prime Minister
02:43 — David Cameron is officially stepping down as Britain’s Prime Minister, handing over the reins to Theresa May. She is the second woman to hold the posi (more…)
Cameron: I’m Delighted the Next PM Will Be a Woman
02:48 — UK Prime Minister David Cameron makes a speech before officially resigning to Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.
After Brexit, Ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson Won’t Run
00:30 — Former London mayor Boris Johnson was said to be a likely successor for Prime Minister David Cameron after Britain decided to leave the European Union (more…)
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