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Trump: I Didn't Go After Cameron
01:18 — Donald Trump clarifies his comments about Great Britain Prime Minister David Cameron, says he was invited to visit 10 Downing Street and that they wil (more…)
Trump On Polls, Clinton's 'horrible Judgment'
06:20 — Donald Trump weighs in on new national polls, Assad, ISIS, Hillary Clinton and David Cameron.
President Obama rides royal
00:23 — Prince Phillip served as the driver in charge for a spin outside Windsor castle. He drove around Queen Elizabeth II, President Obama and Michelle Obam (more…)
President Obama urges U.K. to remain in the EU
04:19 — In a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron, president Obama added his support to the Prime Minister, urging voters to remai (more…)
Trump to Make 2016 a Test of Character
05:37 — Willie Geist and a Morning Joe panel discuss Donald Trump's planned strategy against Hillary Clinton for the first presidential debate. The panel also (more…)
U.K Prime Minister Cameron on Margaret Thatcher's legacy
00:51 — U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron spoke about the passing of former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the legacy she leaves behind.
Watch: David Cameron shoved by protestor
00:31 — As UK Prime Minister David Cameron exited Leed's Civil Hall, a protestor ran up and shoved him. Cameron was not injured and was quickly driven away fr (more…)
More trouble for "News of the World"
02:41 — The hacking scandal that toppled the British tabloid "News of the World" is causing a chain reaction of investigations and arrests into the tabloid's (more…)
Obama dines with queen and jumps into Britain's EU debate
01:29 — President Obama and the first lady plan to lunch with Queen Elizabeth II on Friday to toast her 90th birthday, but the timing is controversial. Margar (more…)
President Obama dives into U.K. leaving EU controversy
02:09 — President Obama took the side of British Prime Minister David Cameron and said the U.K. should remain in the European Union during a visit to London F (more…)
PM Cameron: My Friend, Barack Has a Good Heart
02:16 — Prime Minister David Cameron shares kind words for President Barack Obama and discusses the strength of the relationship with England and United State (more…)
Pres. Obama: Britain’s EU Decision Affects US
03:30 — President Barack Obama shares what he topics he discussed with Prime Minister David Cameron, specifically he shares his opinion on whether the U.K. sh (more…)
Dawn Of The Dead - Official Trailer
02:45 — The sequel to Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" takes place in a mall. Actually as good as its predecessor!
David Cameron drafts proposal to keep UK in European Union
British prime minister draws up document to make it possible for the UK to block unwanted EU laws
British PM to Push for UK to Join Syria Fight
00:48 — British PM David Cameron said during a joint press conference Monday morning he will seek approval from Parliament to join the fight against Syria.
French and British Leaders Discuss ISIS Fight
03:17 — British Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to urge parliament to approve allowing the Royal Air Force to joins airstrikes targeting ISIS in Syria. (more…)
Mitt Romney's London Olympics Blunder
Mitt Romney uses the same Romney charm on England that he used to woo his wife, and Prime Minister David Cameron needs geography lessons.
The Vote for Scottish Independence
If Scotland votes to secede from the United Kingdom, British Prime Minister David Cameron may be forced to resign.
Tip/Wag - Steve Stockman, David Cameron & North Carolina Legislature
Texas Congressman Steve Stockman unrolls a 60-foot Benghazi petition, Prime Minister David Cameron filters porn, and North Carolina permits concealed (more…)
Women To Join Close Combat Roles
Women may be fighting in close combat within 12 months as David Cameron seeks to speed up a review of the British military's policy on female soldiers (more…)
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