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Top Chef Masters' Gail Simmons: "It's a More Relaxed Season"

Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons is moving to the head of the table on Top Chef Masters — the judges' table, that is. The longtime Top Chef judge is the new head critic of Season 5 of Masters (premieres Wednesday, 10/9c, Bravo) which means more Gail, all the time. "I'm there for every challenge now. Just what the world needs!" Simmons jokes to TVGuide.com. "Me in every single episode! What the world was waiting for."

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The Food & Wine editor's presence isn't the only change to the show. Season 5, which includes such chefs as David Burke, Douglas Keane and Top Chef: Las Vegas runner-up Bryan Voltaggio, also features a brand new online companion show on BravoTV.com — not unlike Top Chef proper's Last Chance Kitchen — dubbed Battle of the Sous Chefs. Hosted by Hugh Acheson, the show will feature the 13 Masters' right-hand men and women cooking to secure... read more

"Chuck vs. the Sandworm"

Poor Chuck: he thought he found a kindred spirit. Instead, the guy turns out to be a psychotic weapons expert on the lam from his handlers. Go figure.Tonight Chuck discovered a rogue operative, Lazslo, in, of all places, a video arcade, where he and Morgan were having a video-game war. Lazslo made Chuck as an agent because of his watch (which Lazslo invented) and eventually won Chuck to his side by telling him the sad story of how he was kept in an underground facility since the tender age of 11, making high-tech gadgets and weaponry. The poor guy didn't even know about James Bond! Disgusted with Morgan's juvenile behavior, Chuck started to connect with Lazslo. That is, until the guy's twisted desire to blow things up came out. In the end Chuck learned how to disable the bomb and figure out who his real friends were.Once again Chuck ran into trust issues, and managed to get everything all wrong. He was too eager to believe Lazslo, probably because he saw a bit of himself in the guy.... read more

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