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Is It 'time for a Realignment' in US Politics?
07:51 — New York Times' columnist David Brooks talks about the transformation of the Democratic and Republican parties during the 2016 election cycle.
David Brooks: Allow Yourself to Be Offended
00:41 — The New York Times columnist says the 'kids table' can say things the 'adult table' needs to hear.
Ben Carson: American Race Relations Have 'Deteriorated'
10:04 — Ben Carson joins Chuck Todd, Sherrilyn Ifill, David Brooks and Charles Ogletree to discuss race relations in America after a grand jury’s decision not (more…)
David Brooks: Trump Will Be 'Biggest Loser' in American Politics
05:41 — The MTP Sunday panel looks at what effect Donald Trump's rough week will have on the Wisconsin GOP primary.
NYT's David Brooks: 'I Don't See a Real Path' for Rubio
00:58 — New York Times columnist David Brooks says he's "clinging by my fingertips" for Sen. Marco Rubio to win Florida.
David Brooks: Trump Campaign 'Based On Bigotry'
05:05 — New York Times columnist David Brooks, Trump SuperPAC advisor Alex Castellanos, Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, and NBC News corresponden (more…)
Hype - Official Trailer
02:38 — Critically acclaimed chronicle of the northwest grunge rock explosion, and the birth of 'The Seattle Sound'. Features rare concert footage, debut show (more…)
David Brooks
David Brooks compares the Tea Partiers to Wal-Mart hippies and calls Obama a thoughtful guy with a spending problem.
Intro - 3/2/10
Stephen questions whether kids are too small to fail and asks David Brooks what it's like to be in two dying industries at once.
David Brooks
The New York Times columnist David Brooks talks about being the conservative that liberals can like.
David Brooks
David Brooks describes the way unconscious emotions affect people's decisions and values.
Intro - 3/9/11
Clarence Thomas may have a conflict of interest, and Stephen hopes David Brooks' book, 'The Social Animal,' is about a hamster on Facebook.
Recreational Pot Sales in Colorado
As Colorado embraces recreational marijuana, columnists David Brooks and Ruth Marcus take a confusing stand against it.
David Brooks: Obama Has a “Manhood Problem” In The Middle East
NY Times columnist David Brooks suggested that President Barack Obama has a 'manhood problem' when it comes to his foreign policy in the Middle East. (more…)
David Brooks Talks About Mitt Romney's Low Approval Rating
On NBC's 'Meet the Press' David Brooks says Mitt Romney 'is never gonna win a popularity contest.'
Obama Ready to Damp Down Torture Debate
David Brooks and Gail Collins evaluate the significance of Barak Obama's election victory, the nature of his mandate for change and many of the most s (more…)
Vicki Gunvalson's Ex Caught in a Lie
In an E! News exclusive, a rep for City of Hope Hospital says they never treated anyone named 'David Brooks Ayers.'
The Big University: David Brooks
Oct. 6 -- On 'Morning Must Read,' Tom Keene recaps the op-ed pieces and analyst notes that provide insight into today's headlines. Oaktree Capital Ma (more…)
NY Times' David Brooks on Hillary Clinton 2016 and new book "The Road to Character"
06:49 — Brooks is a political and cultural Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times. In "The Road to Character," Brooks argues we have made a wrong turn when it (more…)
NYT journalist David Brooks: "Social Animal"?
07:44 — CBS News political analyst John Dickerson sat down with New York Times' columnist David Brooks, author of "The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Lo (more…)
Clinton campaign: "We" focus rollout, progressive Democrats' wary reaction
03:01 — John Heilemann, managing editor of Bloomberg politics, is the co-author of a pair of books about the last two presidential campaigns, “Game Change†(more…)
American Wealth on the Rise
American wealth is on the rise, hitting a new high in the first quarter despite winter weather plaguing the economy. But who actually benefits from th (more…)
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