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Bones Preview: David Boreanaz Says Bones and Booth Are Together

David Boreanaz, Bones

Bones (Tuesdays, 8 pm/ET, Fox) star David Boreanaz talks with TV Guide about the kiss fans are dying for, the movie that took him home again and why he spends weekends with Emily Deschanel. TV Guide: Now that you're a coproducer for Bones, where do you want to see the show go? David Boreanaz: I think where I'd like to see the show go and where the executives are taking it may be two different things. [Laughs] They're very creative and they're planning to continue the therapist angle — which is a great idea — as a way to help Booth and Brennan deal with their relationship.TV Guide: Which begs the question that everybody's asking: When are they going to get together? Boreanaz: The read more

Must Be Talking to an Angel? Even Better, It's Joss Whedon!

David Boreanaz in Angel courtesy 20th Century Fox

Awww, yeah. It’s finally here! Right in time for Halloween, one of TV’s best vampire series ever is sinking its fangs into the shelves with Angel: The Complete Collector’s Set. It’s like a David Boreanaz bender! And just like I promised, here’s some supernifty insight from series creator, executive producer and master of the Whedonverse, Joss Whedon, about our favorite soulful bloodsucker. (Yeah, I have the coolest job in the world. I know.)Thanks so much for taking the time to talk. I know you have a lot going on.Hey, it’s my pleasure.So Angel the Complete Series…this is a big deal!It is for me, just because I actually use my complete Buffy series all the time. [Laughs]Yeah, right? I think a lot of people do! Is there anything new included with this collection that’s not in the individual-season sets?Um, well there isn’t anything that I got to do with this set that I didn’t get to do with the series itself, because this is the serie... read more

Buffy the Vampire Slayer still slays!

So it’s week two of my favoritest month of the year and the scary shows on DVD are keeping my player—and Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua—working overtime. And I know this column was supposed to be all about boorific B&W fare, but the vampires struck back over the weekend and there’s no denying these pains in the neck!Obviously, if we’re talking about bloodsuckers, there’s none better than Angel. BUT…that one we’re saving for the end of the month and a big old chat with a certain Whedonverse whiz kid we all know and love. (Hmmm, wonder who that could be?)Anyhoo, with David Boreanaz’s Angelus on hold, I say we give the love to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, since the show that gave us Angel continues to rock well beyond its own cancellation grave. Why, the uninitiated may ask? Three words, people. Best. Writing. Ever.If I’m lying, I’m undyin’. Honestly, there’s something spooky about how well the dialogue stands up, even four... read more

We're Sold! Meet Mad Men's Plucky Pete Campbell

Vincent Kartheiser (left) on Mad Men

He's a go-getter, a whippersnapper, an up-and-coming advertising exec whose greatest liability may be his ambition. That, or his penchant for illicitly dipping more than his toe into the steno pool. He's Pete Campbell, and he's played winningly on AMC's super-sexy Mad Men (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET) by Vincent Kartheiser. TVGuide.com invited the Angel alum to emerge from the series' smoke-filled set and share his take on his Mad Ave. alter ego. TVGuide.com: I'm a huge fan of Mad Men, so I've got to hit you with a burning question, since you're the first cast member I have Q&A'd. The omnipresent cigarettes — what percentage of the cast are smokers who had to pick up the habit again, and how many of you hate having to light up for the scenes? read more

Press Tour Diary: Fox, Day 1

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel by WireImage.com

9:30 am: One of my favorite Fox press-tour traditions lives on: snack-filled goody bags for everyone!9:36 am: Fox's VP of PR Joe Earley announces that this will be the "eco-friendliest TCA day" of them all. Screw the green crap, those recyclable goody bags contain peanut-butter pretzels! 9:37 am: Fox chairman Peter Liguori and newly elected president (and recently dethroned Peacock chief) Kevin Reilly take their seats on stage and jump right into the Q&A. 9:38 am: Drinking-game alert: Take a shot every time Liguori starts a sentence with one of the following: "First and foremost," "Look... " or "Again... "9:39 am: On making next season's president on 24 a woman, Liguori says "decisions are made consistently to always reinvigorate the franchise. [Producers] consistently go after bold ideas to keep the show fresh."9:40 am: Reilly, discussing his rapid move from NBC to Fox, says, "It didn't take a lot of convincing to realize this was going to be an incredible opportunity." 9:42 ... read more

Any Bones news you have would ...

Question: Any Bones news you have would be most welcome.

Answer: A show spokesperson is confirming what I think most of you already know: David Boreanaz has snagged himself a fancy coproducer credit.

read more

At the Movies: David Boreanaz Claims Victory

Carla Gugino (mmmm... ) and David Boreanaz (Angel Cohn goes, "Mmmm... ") will star in Our Lady of Victory, a drama set against the 1972 feminist movement and featuring Gugino as the head basketball coach at an all-girls Catholic college.... Mike Myers is set to daydream The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a remake of the Danny Kaye classic. Hey, anyone else remember the Saturday-morning kids' show The Secret Life of Walter Kitty?.... Greta Scacchi is joining the likes of Emma Thompson and Matthew Goode in the big-screen Brideshead Revisited, playing Lord Marchmain's lovah. read more

Bones Star Heads Off-Broadway

David Boreanaz is spending part of his summer hiatus from the hit Fox show on stage in New York in Spalding Grey: Stories Left to Tell. The former Angel star will be filling the guest-actor role from May 22-27. Also joining the show for stints this summer are Bruce Vilanch and Nip/Tuck’s Dylan Walsh. —Angel Cohn read more

No Bones About It: My Favorite Procedural

In this week's episode of Bones, we learn there's a community of "Brennanites," avid followers of Temperance "Bones" Brennan, that fictional triple-threat forensic anthropologist, crime-solver and best-selling mystery novelist. Add me to the fan base.As this second season has progressed, I've found myself getting more and more attached to this prickly "squint," her engagingly quirky lab mates and her FBI partner Seeley Booth. With clever writing, appealing casting and just enough of the "ick" factor — decomposed victims are the norm that helped put CSI on the map — Bones has slowly but surely become the most purely entertaining procedural crime drama on TV. (My top five, after Bones: TNT's The Closer, when it's on; the original and still champion of Thursdays CSI; and the twofer of Cold Case and Without a Trace, in part because the formula of these Sunday dramas invites a more emotional connection to the victims.)Having just watched this week and next week's Bones episod... read more

Preview! Bones Is Finally Getting Lucky in Love

Eddie McClintock with Emily Deschanel, Bones

Things are looking up for Dr. Temperance Brennan. While her dating life is usually filled with jerks or murderers, she's actually about to meet a nice guy for a change. Eddie McClintock is joining Fox's Bones for a bit, starting tonight at 8 pm/ET, playing an FBI agent who manages to hold his own with the esteemed Dr. Brennan while Booth is sidelined. Coming between the partners, who have a simmering unspoken connection, wasn't easy, but McClintock was up for the task. TVGuide.com caught up with the actor (and new dad) to learn more about this juicy role. TVGuide.com: Brennan hasn't had the best luck with guys. There's a lot of pressure there.Eddie McClintock: I know. Plus there is all that fan stuff, where they want David [Boreanaz] and read more

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