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Thank God for the Nuns
Thank God for the Nuns
The Arc of History
The Arc of History
Thank God for the Nuns
01:47 — Thank God for the Nuns
The Hopemonger
The Hopemonger
Don't Screw It Up
Don't Screw It Up
The Arc of History
03:48 — The Arc of History
Fighting for the Hearts and Minds of Democrats
13:29 — Let Bernie Sanders, the self-styled socialist charge down Wall Street; Hillary Clinton’s workin' Main Street, promising to create opportunity for the (more…)
Hugh Hewitt: Clinton a 'dreadful Candidate'
13:08 — Conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt joins Morning Joe to discuss 'The Queen,' his new book on Hillary Clinton. David Axelrod also joins the conver (more…)
Will Elizabeth Warren Campaign for Sanders?
05:51 — Progressive leader Sen. Elizabeth Warren said it's "too early" to say if she'll campaign for Bernie Sanders. Will she endorse him or Hillary Clinton? (more…)
2016 GOP: Why Are They All Running?
07:49 — Gov. Christie is the latest to jump into the crowded Republican field for 2016. With so many candidates running who likely cannot win, why are they al (more…)
President Obama Makes History, Again
10:24 — President Obama announced that the U.S. and Cuba are opening embassies in Havana and Washington. Obama's got the hot hand right now... and he's playin (more…)
David Axelrod: I’m ‘a Little Skeptical’ About Biden Running
03:36 — David Axelrod tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie that while Joe Biden might be thinking “Why not me?” as a presidential candidate, Axelrod still has his d (more…)
David Axelrod Is Not a Fan of Hillary Clinton's Logo
00:25 — Former Senior Adviser to President Obama David Axelrod explains why he doesn't really like Hillary Clinton's new logo.
Billy Crystal Loves Australia
04:30 — Billy talks about touring in Australia and does impressions of cable news talking heads David Gergen and David Axelrod.
Should Americans Care About the U.K. Election? David Axelrod Says "Yes"
01:23 — Former Obama advisor David Axelrod is now a consultant for the British Labour Party. Here he explains why Americans should pay attention to today's U. (more…)
Obama Rises in Poll As GOP Attacks
09:26 — Pres. Obama's approval rating is at 50% for the first time in two years. Meanwhile, at a press conference today, the President said last week was a "c (more…)
Anderson Cooper 360
03:36 — Gloria Borger (Cecily Strong), David Axelrod (Kyle Mooney), Dana Bash (Kristen Wiig), Kayleigh McEnany (Kate McKinnon) and Van Jones (Kenan Thompson) (more…)
David Axelrod Addresses Pres. Trump's Wiretapping Claims on the View
04:16 — The CNN commentator weighs in on Trump's Obama allegations.
David Axelrod on the View: Sneak Preview of 'The Axe Files' Special
04:58 — Obama's former adviser sits down with John McCain.
Did President Obama Really Mislead American Public On Gay Marriage?
Former Obama adviser David Axelrod reveals in his memoir that candidate Barack Obama misled the country when he claimed to be against same-sex marriag (more…)
Sunday Mash-Up: 5/6
Joe Biden on same-sex marriage; Newt Gingrich on a possible VP nomination; Marco Rubio says Obama's 'magic' is gone and David Axelrod defends Obama on (more…)
Axelrod: I Was Not at 'Terror Tuesday' Meetings
David Axelrod unequivocally denies he was at 'Terror Tuesday' meetings.
Rick Perry: Even David Axelrod Thinks Indictment Is 'Sketchy'
Rick Perry is getting support from some unlikely places. Longtime Obama aide David Axelrod says Perry's indictment is a bit 'sketchy.'
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