Mon Nov 30 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesMonkey Tiki Trouble; Jake's Cold-Hearted Matey DISNEY

Captain Hook and King Zongo switch bodies when the powers of the Monkey Tiki are released; ChillyZack uses his frozen powers to try and capture Jake and his crew.

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Mon Nov 30 11:00pm
CSI: MiamiF-T-F(Season 9, Episode 11) WE

A man and a woman are gunned down along a residential street, but water from a damaged fire hydrant threatens to wash away all of the evidence. The investigation reveals the victims may not be connected but may have been killed with the same bullet.

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Tue Dec 1 1:30am
Cougar TownWhen the Time Comes(Season 2, Episode 9) TBS

Jules tells Grayson she loves him, but when he fails to respond in kind she decides to force the issue with a romantic Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, Bobby's upset by a failure to communicate with the rest of the gang; and Ellie and Laurie take issue with (more…)

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Tue Dec 1 2:00am
Cougar TownThe Same Old You(Season 2, Episode 10) TBS

Jules thinks making Bobby's boat seaworthy again will help his self-esteem; Ellie learns an interesting fact about Grayson's past; Laurie's bond with Travis irks Kirsten; Bobby enlists Andy as his caddie for a golf tournament.

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Tue Dec 1 5:00pm
RidiculousnessDavid Arquette(Season 5, Episode 5) MTV

David Arquette helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Wed Dec 2 1:30am
Cougar TownNo Reason to Cry(Season 2, Episode 11) TBS

Jules begins to have doubts about her relationship with Grayson when she finds they're not on the same empathetic wavelength. Meanwhile, Ellie thinks Andy takes a joke too far; and Bobby has trouble with his golf game.

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Wed Dec 2 2:00am
Cougar TownA Thing About You(Season 2, Episode 12) TBS

A debate on the cul-de-sac over whether men or women make better friends ends in a draw (in practice, at least): Jules lets Laurie stay with her even though she's an awful guest and Grayson doesn't let Bobby's jealousy stop him from helping out his pal.

I’ll Watch814 Watching
Wed Dec 2 4:30pm
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ENC

A high-school cheerleader has a recurring dream described by a stranger, who tells her that she is a "slayer," and heir to the job of vanquishing vampires.

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Thu Dec 3 1:30am
Cougar TownLost Children(Season 2, Episode 13) TBS

When technical difficulties derail the gang's movie-night plans, Jules invents a game to pass the time, though Ellie is miffed that her pal's ideas always get preferential treatment. Meanwhile, Grayson's trash-talking irks Andy; and Bobby's new friend meet (more…)

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Thu Dec 3 2:00am
Cougar TownCry to Me(Season 2, Episode 14) TBS

Jules may have to wait a while for her ultimate Valentine's Day wish: for the stoic Grayson to reveal his true feelings. Meanwhile, Ellie wants nothing to do with the holiday; Andy plans an outing with Bobby; and Travis asks Laurie for advice on what to ge (more…)

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Fri Dec 4 1:30am
Cougar TownWalls(Season 2, Episode 15) TBS

Ellie is worried that Jules is meddling in Travis' life; Grayson learns a thing about friendship from Andy; Bobby and Laurie introduce Penny Can to a new audience.

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Fri Dec 4 2:00am
Cougar TownBaby's a Rock 'N' Roller(Season 2, Episode 16) TBS

Jules and Grayson babysit Stan for Ellie when the women debate the best age to raise a child. Meanwhile, Bobby considers early tee times to prepare for a golf tournament; and Andy helps Laurie jump back into the dating pool.

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Fri Dec 4 7:00am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesIt's a Winter Never Land!; Hook on Ice! DISNEY

Peter Pan leaves the crew presents to celebrate Winter Treasure Day; Captain Hook invites Jake and the gang on a winter treasure hunt.

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Sat Dec 5 12:30am
Cougar TownYou're Gonna Get It(Season 2, Episode 17) TBS

Bobby gets ready for a professional golf tournament but forgets to take his lucky visor, so Jules sends Travis to save the day. Meanwhile, Jules confronts her fear of public humiliation; and Ellie and Grayson are surprised by Laurie's trivia prowess.

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Sat Dec 5 1:00am
Cougar TownLonesome Sundown(Season 2, Episode 18) TBS

Jules decides to stop meddling in Travis' life---for a change---while he mulls an important decision. Meanwhile, the gang form a council to police bad behavior; and Grayson tries to find a connection with Travis.

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Sat Dec 5 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesInto the Heart of Coldness; The Remarkable Beardini! DISNEY

Season 4 begins with Jake rescuing the penguins of Chilly Canyon from ShiverJack's frozen fortress. Also: the Remarkable Beardini becomes convinced that Jake stole his invisibility ring.

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Sun Dec 6 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesMystery of the Mighty Colossus; The Doubloon Monsoon DISNEY

The Grim Buccaneer returns to the Mighty Colossus to try and take over Captain Jake's new ship; Captain Hook and his crew race to find the Doubloon Monsoon.

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Mon Dec 7 8:05pm
Never Been Kissed STARZ

Drew Barrymore enchants as a Chicago newspaper editor who relives her hellish teen years while on an undercover assignment at a local high school. Barrymore's great, but the film celebrates the fact that her character wins over the same type of “in crow (more…)

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Mon Dec 7 10:00pm
Guilty PleasuresHoliday DecadenceNew(Season 2, Episode 4) FOOD

Favorite holiday treats are revealed by Carla Hall (cannoli); David Arquette and Christina McLarty (deep-fried turkey); and Sherri Shepherd (banana pudding).

Tue Dec 8 1:00am
Guilty PleasuresHoliday Decadence(Season 2, Episode 4) FOOD

Favorite holiday treats are revealed by Carla Hall (cannoli); David Arquette and Christina McLarty (deep-fried turkey); and Sherri Shepherd (banana pudding).

Tue Dec 8 1:30am
Cougar TownDamaged by Love(Season 2, Episode 19) TBS

Jules and Bobby's parenting skills are tested when Travis is devastated by a broken heart. Meanwhile, Ellie needs Laurie's advice during a visit from Andy's flirtatious sister-in-law (Nia Vardalos); and Grayson tires of Jules telling him what to do.

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Tue Dec 8 2:00am
Cougar TownFree Fallin'(Season 2, Episode 20) TBS

Jules decides that Travis' downward spiral in the aftermath of his traumatic breakup has gone on long enough. Meanwhile, Bobby and Laurie get business advice from Andy and Lou Diamond Phillips; and Ellie and Grayson have a run-in with occult kids.

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Wed Dec 9 1:30am
Cougar TownSomething Good Coming - Part 1(Season 2, Episode 21) TBS

Part 1 of 2. Travis' spontaneous move to Hawaii gives the gang a reason to take a vacation, though they're also on a mission to convince him to come home. Meanwhile, Grayson admits he wants a family.

I’ll Watch17 Watching
Wed Dec 9 2:00am
Cougar TownSomething Good Coming - Part 2(Season 2, Episode 22) TBS

Conclusion. Travis' spontaneous move to Hawaii gives the gang a reason to take a vacation, though they're also on a mission to convince him to come home. Meanwhile, Grayson admits he wants a family.

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