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Slings & Arrows: Birnam Wood Trailer
01:52 — Youthquake-- the magic of rebranding kicks in! Geoffrey works his own brand of explosive magic, Oliver returns to the stage, Richard upgrades his drea (more…)
Slings & Arrows: Rarer Monsters Trailer
01:35 — The curse of Macbeth kicks in when the director of Romeo and Juliet breaks her neck, forcing Geoffrey to invite showdog Darren Nichols back from Berli (more…)
Slings & Arrows: Fair Is Foul And Foul Is Fair Trailer
01:28 — With subscribers canceling en masse since the launch of Frog Hammer's campaign of alienation, Sanjay counsels Richard to embrace the left side of his (more…)
Fairly Legal: My Best Friend's Prenup Trailer
00:30 — Airs Thursday, March 17th at 10/9c on USA Network! Kate's best friend Julie comes to Reed & Reed for a standard prenuptial agreement. But her father a (more…)
Slings & Arrows: Steeped In Blood Trailer
01:41 — Ellen confuses her auditor with a confessor but graduates to adulthood with the final tally of her back taxes. The police have developed a keen intere (more…)
Liam Throws Alex Under the Bus
02:24 — Liam is under pressure from the White House to close the case.
Shelby's Sister Has Been Kidnapped
02:04 — It's up to Caleb and Shelby to get her back.
Alex’s Class Is Ambushed
02:15 — The upper class had from the upper hand the entire time. From hacking the cameras to monitoring their transmissions, the upper class had from the uppe (more…)
Alex Reverses Her Position
01:47 — Alex shocked the world by taking the only step she could.
Alex Meets the Competition
00:59 — Liam and Miranda pits Alex’s class against the class ahead of her.
Alex Snags Herself a Barfly
01:34 — Doesn't this remind you a little of Alex and Ryan's first hookup?
Elias Gets the Truth Out of Simon
01:58 — Simon could no longer stay silent and filled Elias in on all his secrets.
Alex and the Other Recruits Infiltrate the Corporate Party
02:25 — The NAT that successfully talks to the CEO wins the exercise.
Alex Uses the Dark Internet to Plead Her Case
01:45 — Alex is in trouble and the FBI is winning the PR game.
After Winning the Exercise, Alex and Ryan Get It On (Again)
02:19 — They just can't contain themselves after their friendly flirtation during the exercise boiled over turned into passion in the hotel room later. Watch (more…)
Alex Has Information Not Just On Liam, But Everybody
01:06 — Why has he assigned an undercover detail to keep an eye out on Alex?
Quantico Sneak Peek Episode 5: Alex and Ryan Are Both Running from Things…Except Each Other
01:51 — Alex doesn't know how to stop running, Ryan wants to show her how.
Alex Takes Shelby Hostage
00:53 — Only an innocent person would need leverage, and Shelby is Alex's.
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