Dave Navarro

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: David Michael Navarro
  • Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, United States
  • Profession: Guitarist, TV host, Actor, Writer
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Sun Jul 23 10:00pm
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitFunny Valentine(Season 14, Episode 16) USA

An up-and-coming singer is beaten by her famous boyfriend, but she won't assist the prosecution. Before long, a media frenzy surrounds the case, and the defendant and his relentless lawyer add fuel to the fire.

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Tue Jul 25 9:00am
Ink MasterTattooing the Dead(Season 2, Episode 1) SPK

Season 2 of the competition begins as the 16 battling tattoo artists assemble at a morgue and are challenged to give tattoo virgins their first ink.

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Tue Jul 25 10:00am
Ink MasterHoly Ink(Season 2, Episode 8) SPK

The artists team up to work in pairs; Tatu Baby gets an advantage that irks the others. Freddy Negrete is guest judge.

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Tue Jul 25 11:00am
Ink MasterBuck Off(Season 2, Episode 9) SPK

The artists burn designs onto chaps and attempt to wow Núñez by using his style.

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Tue Jul 25 12:00pm
Ink MasterBlowing Chunks(Season 2, Episode 10) SPK

Dave Navarro allows his personal guitars to be painted; a Human Canvas has digestive woes; and two artists go head-to-head with animal tattoos.

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Tue Jul 25 1:00pm
Ink MasterBetter Than Words?(Season 2, Episode 11) SPK

Artists go toe-to-toe with Oliver; in the portrait challenge, tattoos of some family members are unrecognizable; and an artist must close up shop.

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Tue Jul 25 2:00pm
Ink MasterThe Bigger They Are(Season 2, Episode 12) SPK

The artists work on pro athletes as judges select the three finalists and the climactic challenge is revealed.

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Tue Jul 25 3:00pm
Ink MasterInk Master Finale(Season 2, Episode 13) SPK

In the Season 2 finale, votes are tabulated and judges select a winner.

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Tue Jul 25 4:00pm
Ink MasterFire & Ice(Season 9, Episode 1) SPK

In the Season 9 premiere, artists from nine of America's best shops arrive to compete for the crown of "Master Shop."

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Tue Jul 25 5:00pm
Ink MasterCrossing the Line(Season 9, Episode 2) SPK

Shop relationships are tested following a big twist in the competition and a painstaking Flash Challenge.

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Tue Jul 25 6:00pm
Ink MasterUnnatural Disasters(Season 9, Episode 3) SPK

A fiery veteran returns and a tough Flash Challenge awaits and exposes weaknesses in the Shops.

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Tue Jul 25 7:00pm
Ink MasterLend Me Your Ear(Season 9, Episode 4) SPK

Technical application is tested as the artists complete individual tattoos. Later: two veteran artists return.

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Tue Jul 25 8:00pm
Ink MasterWar and Ink(Season 9, Episode 5) SPK

Shops lose compusure during a grueling Elimination Tattoo.

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Tue Jul 25 9:00pm
Ink MasterGet the Flock Outta Here SPK

Shops crumble as the tension between teammates intensifies.

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Tue Jul 25 10:00pm
Ink MasterOn the BubbleNew(Season 9, Episode 6) SPK

An infamous veteran returns.

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Tue Jul 25 11:00pm
Ink Master: RedemptionClose Encounters of the Redemption KindNew(Season 4, Episode 6) SPK

In an Ink Master Redemption first, an unhappy Canvas brings extra terrestrial back-up. Mike McAskill will try to right his wrongs.

Tue Aug 1 9:00am
Ink MasterFresh Meat(Season 1, Episode 1) SPK

Ten tattoo artists face off in the opener of this series, in which the ink masters compete for a $100,000 cash prize and exposure in Ink magazine.

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Tue Aug 1 10:00am
Ink MasterBotched Head Tattoo(Season 1, Episode 2) SPK

A head tattoo requires medical attention, a second artist is eliminated and Clinton "Ton" Jones serves as a guest judge.

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Tue Aug 1 11:00am
Ink MasterPasties and a Cameltoe(Season 1, Episode 3) SPK

A head tattoo causes a fight; naked women appear in the competition; a third artist is eliminated.

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Tue Aug 1 12:00pm
Ink MasterInk Disaster Piece(Season 1, Episode 4) SPK

Photo-realism tattoos challenge one artist while another's work goes up in flames, and a fourth contestant is eliminated.

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Tue Aug 1 1:00pm
Ink MasterGame On(Season 1, Episode 5) SPK

A colorful dispute between two artists unfolds, and a fifth contestant is eliminated.

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Tue Aug 1 2:00pm
Ink MasterPermanent Mistakes(Season 1, Episode 6) SPK

Mistakes ensue as the artists tattoo pinups on their canvases; a contestant is eliminated.

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Tue Aug 1 3:00pm
Ink MasterPicture Perfect(Season 1, Episode 7) SPK

Botched portrait tattoos are exhibited.

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Tue Aug 1 4:00pm
Ink MasterInk Master Revealed(Season 1, Episode 8) SPK

Season 1 finale. A winner is named after the human canvasses allow the artists to tattoo whatever they want on their skin.

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  • Birth Name: David Michael Navarro
  • Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, United States
  • Profession: Guitarist, TV host, Actor, Writer

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