Dave Mirra



X Games Star Goes to Extremes

Dave Mirra

Dave Mirra survived a 1993 crossing-the-street-collision with a drunk driver — which left him with a fractured skull and dislocated shoulder — but that's not why they call him "Miracle Boy." No, the 31-year-old BMX badass earned it by successfully performing tricks previously thought impossible. Mirra’s 18 medals at the X Games (the 11th edition begins Aug. 4 on ESPN) along with his touring (like his current Dew Action Sports Tour) have made him a millionaire many times over and, most importantly, got him booked as a regular host on MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno. Ohmigawd, he’ll totally be able to tell us what’s up with Veronica’s bad attitude! TVGuide.com: Regarding your Daddy Warbucks ’do, is there a fear of combs here, or is this a preemptive strike against male pattern baldness?Dave Mirra: You know, I read more

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