Dave Coulier

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: St. Clair Shores, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Comedian, Actor, Voice-over artist
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Wed May 23 1:00pm
Full HouseJoey Gets Tough(Season 2, Episode 7) CMT

D.J. is grounded for the weekend by the iron hand of Joey; Danny upstages Jesse on his show. Joey: Dave Coulier. Danny: Bob Saget.

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Wed May 23 1:30pm
Full HouseTriple Date(Season 2, Episode 8) CMT

Danny wishes that old acquaintances could be forgotten after he arranges a triple date for Joey, Jesse and himself. Denise: Rebeccah Bush. Cheryl: Diane Brodie. Zoey: Jennifer McAllister. Stephanie: Jodie Sweetin.

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Wed May 23 2:00pm
Full HouseOur Very First Christmas Show(Season 2, Episode 9) CMT

The Tanners are dreaming of Christmas in Colorado, but their mood turns blue when they get snowed in at an airport en route. Nick: John Aprea. Irene: Yvonne Wilder. Lionel: Sorrell Booke. Rebecca: Lori Loughlin.

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Wed May 23 2:30pm
Full HouseMiddle Age Crazy(Season 2, Episode 10) CMT

Stephanie, who feels that D.J. and Michelle are getting all the attention, decides to marry her friend Harry. Stephanie: Jodie Sweetin. Danny: Bob Saget.

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Thu May 24 1:00pm
Full HouseA Little Romance(Season 2, Episode 11) CMT

D.J. is crushed when a boyfriend leaves her for another girl; Jesse earns top dollar in a charity bachelor auction. Kimmy: Andrea Barber. Danny: Bob Saget. Joey: Dave Coulier.

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Thu May 24 1:30pm
Full HouseFogged In(Season 2, Episode 12) CMT

Things become tense when fog forces everyone to stay cooped inside; Jesse overreacts when D.J. erases one of his tapes. Kimmy: Andrea Barber. Nick: John Aprea. Irene: Yvonne Wilder. Cheryl: Diane Brodie.

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Thu May 24 2:00pm
Full HouseWorking Mothers(Season 2, Episode 13) CMT

Jesse and Joey are offered full-time work writing jingles, but the idea of scaling down their time at home sounds a sour note. Malatesta: James Hampton. Mrs. Foley: Nora Masterson. Irene: Yvonne Wilder.

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Thu May 24 2:30pm
Full HouseLittle Shop of Sweaters(Season 2, Episode 14) CMT

D.J. and Stephanie sweat it out when they can't get enough money to replace a gift sweater that becomes damaged; Jesse has his first date with Rebecca. Cheryl: Diane Brodie. Kimmy: Andrea Barber.

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Fri May 25 1:00pm
Full HousePal Joey(Season 2, Episode 15) CMT

During a falling-out with Joey, Danny recalls how he and Joey became “soul brothers.” Young Danny: Phillip Glasser. Young Joey: Kristopher Kent Hill. Jesse: John Stamos.

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Fri May 25 1:30pm
Full HouseBaby Love(Season 2, Episode 16) CMT

Michelle makes friends with Rebecca's nephew, but her little heart is broken when he returns to the Midwest; Jesse learns that he shouldn't let Stephanie watch horror movies. Rebecca: Lori Loughlin.

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Fri May 25 2:00pm
Full HouseEl Problema Grande de D.J.(Season 2, Episode 17) CMT

D.J. doesn't know if it's Danny or Don Juan who's smooching her Spanish teacher during a parent-teacher conference. Maletesta: James Hampton. D.J.: Candace Cameron. Danny: Bob Saget.

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Fri May 25 2:30pm
Full HouseGoodbye, Mr. Bear(Season 2, Episode 18) CMT

When Stephanie loses Mr. Bear, the search turns up memories of another lost loved one who belonged to the whole family. Pam: Christine Houser. Policeman: Wendell J. Grayson. Stephanie: Jodie Sweetin.

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Fri May 25 9:00pm
Full HouseSilence Is Not Golden(Season 6, Episode 17) NIK

A boy swears Stephanie to silence about the fact that his father beats him. Charles: J.D. Daniels. Jesse: John Stamos. Steve: Scott Weinger. Jennifer S.: Tiffany Watson. Jennifer P.: Danielle Fishel.

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Fri May 25 9:30pm
Full HousePlease Don't Touch the Dinosaur(Season 6, Episode 18) NIK

Michelle makes no bones about choosing Jesse's "fun" group over Danny's on a trip to a dinosaur museum. Michelle: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Danny: Bob Saget. Jesse: John Stamos. Aaron: Miko Hughes.

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Sat May 26 9:00pm
Full HouseSubterranean Graduation Blues(Season 6, Episode 19) NIK

Things are rolling for Jesse until he gets stuck in the subway en route to his graduation---where he's supposed to give the commencement address. Ernest: Augie Blunt. Merle: Greg Collins.

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Sat May 26 9:30pm
Full HouseGrand Gift Auto(Season 6, Episode 20) NIK

Joey buys D.J. what he thinks is a really hot car for her birthday, not knowing it's really hot. Off. Warren: Sharon Barr. D.J.: Candace Cameron.

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Sat May 26 10:00pm
Full HouseRoom for One More?(Season 6, Episode 21) NIK

Jesse wants another baby, but it's a circus when he tries to prove he can juggle all his responsibilities and still handle one more. Jesse: John Stamos. Joey: Dave Coulier. Danny: Bob Saget. Michelle: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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Sat May 26 10:30pm
Full HouseProm Night(Season 6, Episode 22) NIK

D.J.'s hopes for a fairy-tale prom night take a dramatic turn when Steve and his old girlfriend are crowned prom king and queen. D.J.: Candace Cameron. Rachel: Christi Harris. Kimmy: Andrea Barber.

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Mon May 28 6:30am
Muppet BabiesKermit Levels up; Frogs of a Feather(Season 1, Episode 4) DISNEY

Fozzie's Funny Joke Show gets interrupted after Kermit finds a video game. When a new friend, Carlos the Frog, visits, Fozzie assumes he likes all the same things as Kermit.

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Sat Jun 2 9:00pm
Full HouseIt Was a Dark and Stormy Night(Season 7, Episode 1) NIK

The girls return from camp, only to hop back when they discover that Michelle has brought home the camp rabbit. Michelle: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Danny: Bob Saget. Jesse: John Stamos. Joey: Dave Coulier.

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Sat Jun 2 9:30pm
Full HouseThe Apartment(Season 7, Episode 2) NIK

There's little room for discussion after D.J. stays out past her curfew---in Steve's apartment. Steve: Scott Weinger. Danny: Bob Saget. Jesse: John Stamos. Joey: Dave Coulier. Rebecca: Lori Loughlin.

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Sat Jun 2 10:00pm
Full HouseWrong-Way Tanner(Season 7, Episode 3) NIK

Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) makes a mistake that costs her soccer team a game. Joey: Dave Coulier. Rebecca: Lori Loughlin.

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Sat Jun 2 10:30pm
Full HouseTough Love(Season 7, Episode 4) NIK

The twins are out of control, and the role of disciplinarian falls to Jesse (John Stamos). Nicky and Alex: Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit. Vicky: Gail Edwards. Rebecca: Lori Loughlin. Danny: Bob Saget.

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Sun Jun 3 8:00pm
Full HouseFast Friends(Season 7, Episode 5) NIK

At school, Stephanie's tempted to fall in with kids who want her to smoke. Stephanie: Jodie Sweetin. Mickey: Molly Morgan. Gia: Marla Sokoloff. Lisa: Marie Lynn Wise. Kelly: Diana Theodore.

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  • Birth Place: St. Clair Shores, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Comedian, Actor, Voice-over artist

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