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The Biggest Loser: We're Back And So Is Jillian Trailer
02:48 — Jillian Michaels returns, along with Bob and Dolvett, to challenge and inspire America. The Biggest Loser returns January 6th!
Hanging Tough
05:02 — This week's medallion challenge tests the teams' grip - physically and mentally.
Only the Tower Can Save Them
00:30 — The eliminated trainers and trainees get a chance for redemption as they return to face the tower once again and compete against each other to form a (more…)
Pull It Together
04:58 — It's all about teamwork for this week's grueling medallion challenge, and not everyone's up for it.
Strong: Dont Give Up The Fight Trailer
01:18 — Seven remaining teams deal with their bumps and bruises as they battle to prove their strength. A grueling Medallion Challenge puts one team in danger (more…)
Heavy Competition
04:52 — This week's medallion challenge has teams bench-pressing 40% of their combined weight, and communication is key.
The First Challenge: Picking a Trainer
03:28 — The competition gets off to a heart-pounding start, as the women have the chance to see all the trainers in action before picking their teammates.
Meet the Blue Team
04:45 — Jill, a Midwestern mom, and Bennie, who comes from a dysfunctional family, realize they share a lot in common.
Meet the Gray Team
04:02 — Jasmine, a bookkeeper, and Wes, a Hollywood celebrity trainer, discuss their diverse backgrounds.
Meet the Olive Team
03:59 — Todd Durkin opens up about his background and impressive resume to teammate Devon, a young woman looking to take control of her life.
Meet the Yellow Team
04:22 — Teammates Ky and Brittany open up to each other about how darker times in their pasts shaped who they are today.
Meet the Lime Team
04:29 — Mahogany and Dan discuss the circumstances that brought them to the competition.
Meet the Aqua Team
05:24 — Victoria, a wedding photographer, and Leyon, a former boxer, discuss the circumstances that brought them to STRONG.
Meet the Orange Team
03:33 — Giovanna and Chris get to know each other, and Giovanna opens up about how tragedy drove her to emotional eating.
Meet the White Team
03:37 — An ongoing battle with chronic illness and an untimely, tragic death brought CC and Adam to where they are today.
Meet the Red Team
04:32 — Teammates Drew and Sarah open up to each other about their past health struggles, including Drew's brush with death.
Meet the Purple Team
03:05 — Nicole opens up to teammate Mat about her struggles with weight and self-confidence.
The Biggest Loser: The Lottery Trailer
02:47 — A lottery challenge takes place, in which one contestant is selected to go home with a trainer for the week—and the chosen person's weight will be the (more…)
The Biggest Loser: The Cook-Off Trailer
01:19 — The Season 14 Biggest Loser Kids return to judge a cooking challenge in which the contestants compete to create delicious, healthy family meals.
Biggest Loser: Homeward Bound/Real World Problems Trailer
01:27 — The winner of the opening challenge chooses a contestant from Team Jen and Team Dolvett to go home for the week. The only weights that matter in the f (more…)
The Biggest Loser: Hawaii Trailer
The Biggest Loser: Yes, Coach! Trailer
01:11 — NFL stars Michael Irvin, Donald Driver and Willie McGinest visit the ranch, where they participate in a football challenge and offer the contestants t (more…)
The Biggest Loser: Penalty Box Trailer
01:27 — The players compete in a challenge involving water and giant treadmills, and the winning team gets a chance to penalize the two losing teams. Elsewher (more…)
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