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New Teams, New Game
04:56 — All bets are off, as the new teams will be chosen totally by chance.
Ten Pound Challenge
04:55 — The players must work together to take 10 pounds off their goal weight for the week.
Playing Football With NFL Legends
02:14 — The teams compete in a football challenge with legendary NFL stars.
Don't Drop the Rope!
03:20 — The teams strain to keep their weights up and their trainers from being dunked.
Run for Your Life!
04:41 — Members of each team must run on a giant treadmill to avoid team penalties.
A Puzzling Prize
04:40 — The players must kayak and solve a puzzle to win a mysterious prize.
The First Individual Challenge
04:51 — The stakes are raised, as the winning player also earns immunity for the week.
Heavy Competition
04:52 — This week's medallion challenge has teams bench-pressing 40% of their combined weight, and communication is key.
Hanging Tough
05:02 — This week's medallion challenge tests the teams' grip - physically and mentally.
No Love Lost
05:03 — When the eliminated contestants come back, old rivalries flare up.
The First Challenge: Picking a Trainer
03:28 — The competition gets off to a heart-pounding start, as the women have the chance to see all the trainers in action before picking their teammates.
Bennie Opens up
02:31 — Bennie tells Todd about how his traumatic childhood inspired him to succeed against all odds.
Say What, Mahogany?
02:17 — Mahogany shocks everyone - especially her teammate Dan - by making a surprising request.
Here's to the Final Three
02:06 — The remaining teams put the competition aside for a special dinner cooked by trainer Bennie Wylie - "Healthy Pizza."
Pull It Together
04:58 — It's all about teamwork for this week's grueling medallion challenge, and not everyone's up for it.
The Biggest Loser: We're Back And So Is Jillian Trailer
02:48 — Jillian Michaels returns, along with Bob and Dolvett, to challenge and inspire America. The Biggest Loser returns January 6th!
Ali's Routine
01:25 — Ali fills you in on her busy routine.
Meet the Purple Team
01:59 — Take a closer look at this season's teams on "The Biggest Loser: Couples." Season Premiere, Jan. 5, 8/7c
Sam's Personal Blog: Week 12
03:17 — Check in with Sam by watching their weekly personal video blog.
Michael Personal Blog: Week 16
02:02 — Check in with Michael by watching their weekly personal video blog.
Koli's Personal Blog: Week 17
00:58 — Check in with Koli by watching their weekly personal video blog.
The Final Four Journeys
01:56 — Take a look back at this season of The Biggest Loser with the final four.
Ana and Irene's Finale Interview
02:14 — The Orange Team tells Sam and Stephanie about their Biggest Loser journey.
Brett and Cara's Finale Interview
04:52 — Brett and Cara tell Season 9's Sam what it was like to be the third and fourth trainers this season.
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