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NBC Affiliate Helps Rescue Dog Stranded On Lake Erie Ice
02:27 — Kimberly, a young black lab, was rescued this week after being stranded for days on the ice of Lake Erie until local NBC affiliate WKYC stepped in and (more…)
Aarón, Christina & Gordon Discuss The Potential Pitfalls When Trimming Lamb
00:35 — The chefs are all tasked with French Trimming a rack of lamb.
The Judges Arrive On ATVs
00:40 — Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and Aarón Sánchez arrive on ATVs.
Jason Has Issues With The Fryer And Sends Out Soggy Eggplant
01:02 — Gordon Ramsay asks why the red team is sending out soggy eggplant to their guests.
The Life Guards Arrive From The Sea And The Land
01:04 — Gordon Ramsay welcomes the lifeguards and tells them to get ready for food!
Stunning Pictures Show Woman’s Shock After Giving Birth to a Boy
00:36 — Dara Crouch was positive she was going to have a girl. No woman in her family had given birth to a son in over 50 years. Until now!
Masterchef: America's Grocery Bag Trailer
00:20 — The Top 20 chefs compete in the first mystery-box challenge of the season, which involves preparing a dish using a dozen popular ingredients found on (more…)
Sneak Peek
01:00 — This year’s home cooks are all about the win – and the Judges have raised the bar higher than ever!
Kroab Pich - Trailer
01:45 — As children in the late ’90s, three friends Rith, Sovan and Dara promised one another that they’d grow old together, working at a restaurant on the be (more…)
MasterChef Junior Season 1
This culinary competition series for talented kids gives budding cooks between the ages of eight and 13 the opportunity to showcase their talent, culi (more…)
U.S. Pushes Back On Russia Hacking
07:46 — Washington editor at large for The Atlantic and MSNBC contributor, Steve Clemons, joins MSNBC's Dara Brown to talk about how the U.S. will respond to (more…)
Russia and US Reach Landmark Agreement
04:59 — The U.S. and Russia are hailing a breakthrough deal that launches a cessation of hostilities in warn-torn Syria and allows the flow of desperately nee (more…)
Nathan Faints In The MASTERCHEF Kitchen from "Tag Team"
00:54 — Nathan panics and then faints as the clock runs down.
Salivating Over Gordon Ramsay's Dishes from " Tag Team"
00:58 — Gordon shares the two dishes he has made and Katie is anxious to try them.
The Potato Song
01:04 — Who said MASTERCHEF wasn't musical?
860 Mile March, a Love Letter to America
05:32 — President and CEO of the NAACP Cornell William Brooks speaks with Dara Brown about the two new pushes against racism in America, what these marches an (more…)
1 Dead, 4 Hurt in Shooting at Florida 'ZombiCon'
01:13 — One person died and four others were hurt after shooting broke out at a zombie-themed event in Florida Saturday, authorities said. For TODAY, NBC’s Da (more…)
DHS to Deport Hundreds Who Fled Central America
03:29 — NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell tells Dara Brown the details in the Obama administration’s plan to deport hundreds of undocumented immigrants.
Gunfire Exchanged Outside Dallas Police Dept.
10:57 — Jim Cavanaugh and Matthew Horace join Dara Brown to examine what happened during the exchange of gunfire outside of police headquarters in Dallas.
The Holiday Season's Must-See Films
03:49 — Boston Globe Film Critic Ty Burr breaks down his list to Dara Brown on latest movies worth seeing this weekend.
How Will Clinton’s Tax Returns Put Pressure On Trump?
03:11 — As a result of Hillary Clinton releasing her tax reform, the pressure is rising for Donald Trump to release his. The author of “HRC,” Jonathan Allen, (more…)
Hillary Clinton to Deliver First Speech
02:40 — Senior editor of MSNBC.com Beth Fouhy joins Dara Brown to preview Hillary Clinton's first public event in her bid for the 2016 presidential election, (more…)
Should the US Be Wary of North Korea's Power?
03:18 — Col. Jack Jacobs joins Dara Brown to discuss North Korea's 70th Anniversary parade and the U.S. should really be concerned about the the possible Nort (more…)
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