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Wed Sep 27 5:30am
All in the FamilyStephanie and the Crime Wave(Season 9, Episode 17) SUND

After the Bunkers are puzzled by the disappearance of many household items, Stephanie is accused of stealing at school. Ruskin: Davis Roberts. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Stephanie: Danielle Brisebois. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Wed Sep 27 6:05am
All in the FamilyBarney the Gold Digger(Season 9, Episode 18) SUND

After Barney's wife runs off again, Edith and Archie introduce him to a wealthy widow (Peggy Rea). Barney: Allan Melvin. Stephanie: Danielle Brisebois. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Wed Sep 27 6:40am
All in the FamilyThe Return of Archie's Brother(Season 9, Episode 19) SUND

Archie's good feelings for his estranged brother Fred (Richard McKenzie) are short-lived when Fred shows up with a new wife who's only 18. Fred's Wife: Elissa Leeds. Harry: Jason Wingreen. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Stephanie: Danielle Brisebois. Archie: Carro (more…)

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Wed Sep 27 7:15am
All in the FamilyStephanie's Conversion(Season 9, Episode 20) SUND

After it's learned that Stephanie was born Jewish, Archie reluctantly agrees to raise the child in her faith. Reverend Chong: Clyde Kusatsu. Rabbi Jacobs: Michael Mann. Stephanie: Danielle Brisebois. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Carroll O'Connor.

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Wed Sep 27 7:50am
All in the FamilyEdith Gets Fired(Season 9, Episode 21) SUND

The Sunshine Home fires Edith when she fails to summon aid for a woman whose last request was to be allowed to die. Mrs. Dillon: Angela Clarke. Nurse Critchen: Barbara Cason. Norene Hammer: Dolores Sutton. Charlie Hammer: Michael McGuire. Johnson: Leonard (more…)

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Wed Sep 27 8:25am
All in the FamilyThe Family Next Door(Season 9, Episode 22) SUND

Archie insists that Edith preserve the “dignity” of the neighborhood when selecting the new tenants for the Jeffersons' old house. Louise: Isabel Sanford. Polly: Janet MacLachlan. Barney: Allan Melvin. Harry: Jason Wingreen. Ed: Richard Ward. Hoffman: (more…)

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Mon Oct 2 8:00am
FriendsThe One Where Heckles Dies(Season 2, Episode 3) TBS

The gang disturbs Mr. Heckles (Larry Hankin) for the last time; Phoebe takes issue with Ross on the subject of evolution. Janice: Maggie Wheeler. Treeger: Michael G. Hagerty. Alison: Carolyn Lowery. Chandler: Matthew Perry.

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Wed Oct 4 4:45am
All in the FamilyMeet the Bunkers(Season 1, Episode 1) SUND

In the series' first episode, Archie and Edith return home early and invade the Stivics' privacy, resulting in a debate between the men. Archie: Carroll O'Connor. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Reiner. Gloria: Sally Struthers.

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Wed Oct 4 5:20am
All in the FamilyWriting the President(Season 1, Episode 2) SUND

After an outraged Archie discovers that Mike has written to President Nixon about the sad state of the country, he begins a letter of his own. Nun: Helen Page Camp. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Wed Oct 4 6:30am
All in the FamilyJudging Books by Covers(Season 1, Episode 5) SUND

After he declares that the Stivics' friend Roger (Tony Geary) must be gay, Archie learns a lesson at the bar he frequents. Steve: Philip Carey. Barney: Billy Halop. Kelsey: Bob Hastings. Jerry: Linn Patrick. Nick: Billy Sands. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Mike: (more…)

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Wed Oct 4 7:05am
All in the FamilyArchie Gives Blood(Season 1, Episode 4) SUND

An appointment with a blood bank has Archie questioning the identity of his donation's recipient. Nurse: Jeanne Linero. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Lionel: Mike Evans. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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Wed Oct 4 7:40am
All in the FamilyGloria's Pregnancy(Season 1, Episode 6) SUND

When Gloria tells him that she's expecting a baby, Archie goes into a rage, causing the Stivics to go apartment hunting. Doctor: Jon Silo. Mona: Holly Near. Gloria: Sally Struthers. Mike: Rob Reiner. Archie: Carroll O'Connor.

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