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Danny Bonaduce, Shannen Doherty and Zombies Headline Syfy's Next Round of Original Movies

Danny Bonaduce, Shannen Doherty

Move over, Sharktopus: Syfy's next batch of campy TV movies include zombies, a Jersey Shore shark attack, Danny Bonaduce fighting Bigfoot and Shannen Doherty as Hansel's long-lost sister.

The cable network is set to announce a new slate of original movies on Tuesday, including Bigfoot, which will star The Partridge Family's Bonaduce opposite another 1970s sitcom icon... read more

Danny Bonaduce Weds Manager Amy Railsback

Amy Railsback and Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce has married his manager, Amy Railsback, according to his official website

Bonaduce, 51, wed Railsback, 28, in a private ceremony at the Four Seasons in Maui on... read more

For Danny Bonaduce, It Takes a Child Star to Know One

Danny Bonaduce, I Know My Kid's a Star

If you’re the parent of a budding child star, who do you call to learn how not to screw up your kid? Someone whose parents pulled a doozy on him. Enter Danny Bonaduce, host of I Know My Kid's a Star (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET), VH1’s new reality competition featuring 10 parent-child pairs fighting for $50,000, a management contract and their ticket to stardom. We caught up with Bonaduce for the inside scoop. TVGuide.com: You once said, "Being a child star is great. It's being a former child star that sucks." Why host a show that helps usher kids into that field?Danny Bonaduce: Being an ex-child star is not a given. It’s not an automatic that you go from teen star to rehab. Just because Todd Bridges and I are idiots does not condemn an entire industry.TVGuide.com: As host and read more

Bonaduce Hosts I Know My Kid’s a Star

I Know My Kid' s a Star screengrab courtesy VH1

Where would be without parents that are willing to whore their kids out all over Hollywood? In a world where a show like I Know My Kid’s a Star never existed. But alas, these stage parents do exist and a handful were willing to compete in VH1’s new reality series hosted by the most whacked child star of them all—Danny Bonaduce! Watch it now! | More online videos read more

Danny Bonaduce to the Rescue!

Bonaduce Helps Out Amy WinehouseYes, we realize Christmas is over, but this video still deserves to be viewed well through the New Year. After all, it’s not everyday we stumble across an animated, shirtless Danny Bonaduce in a Santa hat providing words of wisdom to the hot mess that is Amy Winehouse. Oh, we’re not joking...see for yourself.More online videos read more

Short Takes: Naked Danny Bonaduce? O.J. Innocent?

Danny Bonaduce by Alexandra Wyman/WireImage.com

My eyes! They're burning at the thought! Danny Bonaduce has posed for Penthouse, TMZ reports.... On Thursday at Germany's Bambi Awards — Bambi? Seriously? — Tom Cruise will be given a "courage" prize for the way he makes risky business of choosing films. Yeah, I thought he was out on a limb with Cocktail, too.... O.J Simpson and his two (alleged) partners in crime have pleaded not guilty to a dozen charges stemming from their (alleged) attempt to retrieve his sports crap at gunpoint.... At the History Makers' Gotham conference in January, Walter Cronkite will receive the group's first lifetime achievement award.... Thanks to Josh Groban's Noel, for the first time in 13 years, a Christmas (cheese) platter holds the No. 1 spot on the album sales chart. — Ben Katner read more

Fairplay Sues Bonaduce Over Onstage "Danny"-brook

Danny Bonaduce and Jonny Fairplay by Kevin Winter/Fox Reality

In a rather sad bid to reset that 15-minute fame clock, Survivor alum Jonny Fairplay has filed suit against Danny Bonaduce. Fairplay is claiming battery and emotional distress as a result of the recent incident in which Bonaduce manhandled Fairplay at the Fox Reality Awards. (Find video here.) Attorneys for Fox Reality Channel (whose awards-show producers are also named in the suit) declined to comment for the AP. read more

Fairplay Fouled, Yet Bonaduce Acquitted in Beatdown

Jonny Fairplay jumps on Danny Bonaduce during the Reality Awards by Kevin Winter/Fox

Survivor alum Jonny Fairplay has filed a police report claiming that his teeth were knocked out during an onstage tussle with Danny Partridge-Bonaduce at Wednesday's Fox Reality Channel Awards. In video captured by TMZ.com (and viewable here), Bonaduce approached Fairplay, who was in the midst of presenting, to say that the crowd was booing because of him. Fairplay then leapt up on Bonaduce and started "hugging" (read: monkey-humping) him. Danny then flipped Jonny face-first onto the floor. In an interview with TMZ, Fairplay claims he then required two and a half hours in dental surgery.Know what's really bizarre here? There's a Fox Reality Channel Awards show.UPDATE: According to papers filed by the Los Angeles district attorney and obtained by People, there is not enough evidence to charge Bonaduce with battery: "It did not appear that the suspect intentionally tried to cause injuries, but simply reacted to the victim's actions." read more

VH1 Cooks with Salt 'N' Pepa, Bonaduce, Smart Models

VH1's fall slate boasts a third night of original prime-time programming, including the following:• The Salt 'N' Pepa Show follows the female rap duo as they attempt to reunite on and off stage.• America's Most Smartest Model dangles $100K in front of males and females who believe they boast the best combo of bod and brains.• Click! is Top Model, but pitting wannabe shutterbugs against each other.• Danny Bonaduce's Child Star finds the grown Partridge kid mentoring an up-and-comer's stage mom or dad.• Free Radio is an improv comedy series set in the world of talk radio.• Lords of the Revolution looks at the "nonconformist heroes of the '60s and '70s." Cue Bosley!• Old Skool with Terry and Gita features onetime movie star/ex-wife of Howard Hughes Terry Moore, 77, and former supermodel Gita Hall, 72, taking on pop culture's hot topics. read more

Love Notes: Dancing Baby, Katie "Cougar" and More

Samantha Harris is expecting her and husband Michael's first child, the Dancing with the Stars cohost announced on Tuesday's telecast.... Katie Couric has been dating Brooks L. Perlin, a triathlete 17 years her junior, says the New York Daily News.... Also per the News, Jennifer Lopez's rep calls an OK! piece claiming that the singer's marriage to Marc Anthony is over "a disgusting story full of lies. We're consulting lawyers".... Danny Bonaduce's wife of 16 years, Gretchen, filed for divorce on Tuesday and is seeking full custody of their daughter, 12, and son, 6, says People. read more

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