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Survivor's Danielle: I Wish I Had Been Able to Hold It Together

For most of her time on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Danielle DiLorenzo was one of the game's strongest players. She had a tight alliance with Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz from the get-go, she performed well in reward and immunity challenges and held her own when Amanda Kimmel almost stole her clue to a hidden immunity idol. But 30 days on the island of Samoa eventually got to her, in the form of a teary breakdown during Tribal Council when Russell questioned her loyalty to Parvati. Danielle insisted she had remained honest to her allies. The 28-year-old DiLorenzo spoke with TVGuide.com about Russell's bold move to try to turn Parvati against her, her emotional episode and what was in store for Russell had she stayed...read more

Survivor's Danielle Has the Final Word

Due to a scheduling conflict, Danielle DiLorenzo was unable to be featured in our Q&A with Survivor: Panama's other runners-up. Days later, though, TVGuide.com got in touch with her.... She may not have walked away with the million-dollar prize on CBS' Survivor: Panama—Exile Island, but 24-year-old Massachusetts native Danielle DiLorenzo can say that she outwitted, outplayed and outlasted a full 14 of her island peers to make it to the final two. After the après-finale frenzy calmed down, Danielle called TVGuide.com to reflect on her Panama stay, explain her decision to take Aras to the finals, and share her feelings about her on-camera portrayal. TVGuide.comread more

Survivor's Finalists: The Morning After

Aras Baskauskas walked away with the million-dollar prize on CBS' Survivor: Panama — Exile Island, but he faced some fierce competition as the field narrowed to the final four. Baskauskas faced off against consummate strategist Danielle DiLorenzo, who earned her spot in the final two after competing against Cirie Fields in a tie-breaker challenge. Cirie and fellow fan favorite Terry Deitz ultimately placed fourth and third, respectively, and while they didn't take home the ultimate prize, both will now be cruising around town in a brand-new GMC Yukon. An airline pilot, Deitz provided Baskauskas with the friendly rivalry that Survivor is known for, while Fields, a registered nurse living in Southread more



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