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Sun Apr 22 2:30am
Parking Wars(Season 5, Episode 9) FYI

A cabbie gets angry in Detroit; a Philadelphia woman has trouble retrieving her stolen car from the impound lot.

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Sun Apr 22 3:01am
Parking Wars(Season 5, Episode 11) FYI

A booter is harassed by bystanders. Also: angry confrontations at the impound lot.

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Sun Apr 22 3:31am
Parking WarsEpisode 32(Season 2, Episode 11) FYI

Three angry brothers try to retrieve their impounded car.

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Mon Apr 23 7:00am
Parking WarsEpisode 2(Season 1, Episode 2) A&E

A citizen argues over a ticket given in a rush-hour zone; and a woman is irate over all the paperwork to fill out at the impound lot.

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Mon Apr 23 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 8) A&E

Greek Week causes problems in the tow lot; and a usually happy ticketer has her patience tested.

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Mon Apr 23 10:00am
Parking Wars3(Season 1, Episode 3) A&E

Included: a run-in with a double-parker. Also: a tow-truck driver shows his softer side; and a man is encouraged to get tickets paid before a tow truck arrives.

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Mon Apr 23 10:30am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 13) A&E

The keys to an impounded car are missing and the owner is furious; a booter finds pleasure in removing boots.

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Mon Apr 23 11:00am
Parking WarsEpisode 15(Season 1, Episode 14) A&E

A rap star has a hard time retrieving his promotional truck from the impound lot; a ticket writer shows how he recovers from the stress of dealing with angry citizens.

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Mon Apr 23 11:30am
Parking Wars(Season 4, Episode 8) A&E

An angry mother and daughter confront a booter in Detroit; and an irate Philadelphia citizen says he got a ticket while trying to help his physically disabled son.

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Mon Apr 23 12:00pm
Parking Wars82(Season 6, Episode 6) A&E

Women become irate over a corner-clearance violation in Detroit; two men in Providence, R.I., get a ticket for putting money in the wrong meter.

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Mon Apr 23 12:30pm
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 2) A&E

Residents become irate when their cars are towed from an apartment complex in Staten Island; violators challenge a ticket writer's authority in Detroit; and a Providence, R.I., man claims his tickets are bogus.

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Mon Apr 23 1:00pm
Parking Wars(Season 5, Episode 11) A&E

A booter is harassed by bystanders. Also: angry confrontations at the impound lot.

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Mon Apr 23 1:30pm
Parking Wars(Season 4, Episode 10) A&E

Ticketing turns dangerous in a neighborhood of boisterous residents; a man tries to retrieve his impounded car; a booter has to calm angry citizens.

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Tue Apr 24 7:00am
Parking Wars49(Season 4, Episode 11) A&E

A man tries to stop booters from getting to his car; and a veteran ticket writer endures profanities from angry women.

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Tue Apr 24 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 5, Episode 2) A&E

Truck drivers unleash insults when they get a ticket in a no-stopping zone in Philadelphia; and a man tries to help his girlfriend at the impound lot.

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Wed Apr 25 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 3) A&E

An irate Trenton woman attempts to prevent her car from being towed; angry residents are encountered in the Bronx.

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Wed Apr 25 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 6) A&E

An angry mob confronts a tow-truck driver in Trenton, N.J.; repeat offenders are ticketed in Detroit; and a driver tries to use an invalid handicap placard in Providence, R.I.

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Thu Apr 26 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 3, Episode 5) A&E

In Detroit, a hit-and-run shakes up a boot-duty duo, and a worker has difficulty enforcing a parking ordinance on July 4. In Philadelphia, a young man tries to retrieve his impounded car that was taken when the man's father was caught speeding in the vehic (more…)

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Thu Apr 26 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 12) A&E

A tow-truck driver demands to see a woman's parking permit; broken parking meters cause headaches for a ticketer in Detroit; and violators are ticketed in Long Island.

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Sat Apr 28 5:00pm
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 11) FYI

Irate violators are ticketed in Detroit; car owners try to retrieve their towed vehicles in New Jersey.

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Sat Apr 28 5:30pm
Parking Wars75(Season 6, Episode 9) FYI

A high-speed chase breaks out in Detroit; a face-off erupts in Providence, R.I.

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Sat Apr 28 6:00pm
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 9) FYI

Offenders fly into a rage in Detroit; angry shoppers claim cars are being towed illegally.

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Sat Apr 28 6:30pm
Parking Wars(Season 5, Episode 8) FYI

A ticketer is insulted verbally and nonverbally; and a man tries to retrieve a rental car that was towed after he used it take his wife to the hospital.

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Sat Apr 28 7:00pm
Parking Wars(Season 3, Episode 3) FYI

In Philadelphia, a big event creates a parking nightmare; a visitor from Detroit tries to remove a boot; and two New Jersey men attempt to retrieve their impounded car.

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