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Fri Apr 28 7:00am
Parking WarsFurious Face-Offs A&E

The top 10 confrontations between citizens and Philadelphia Parking Authority workers from the past four seasons.

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Sun Apr 30 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 2, Episode 3) A&E

A couple turn to prayer at the impound lot; a sidewalk parker throws a fit; and luck runs out for a person who got a break in the past.

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Sun Apr 30 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 13) A&E

Former boxer Tommy Hearns is ticketed in Detroit; violators fight tickets in Providence, R.I.

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Sun Apr 30 8:00am
Parking Wars(Season 6, Episode 1) A&E

In the sixth-season opener, angry morning commuters are caught in Detroit; repeat offenders surface in Providence, R.I.; cars are booted at a graduation ceremony in Detroit.

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Sun Apr 30 8:30am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 12) A&E

A tow-truck driver demands to see a woman's parking permit; broken parking meters cause headaches for a ticketer in Detroit; and violators are ticketed in Long Island.

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Mon May 1 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 2) A&E

A citizen argues over a ticket given in a rush-hour zone; and a woman is irate over all the paperwork to fill out at the impound lot.

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Mon May 1 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 2, Episode 10) A&E

An Israeli tourist tries to get his car from the impound lot; a deliveryman becomes irate over a ticket; and the vehicle of a couple on a date gets the boot.

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Tue May 2 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 14) A&E

A rap star has a hard time retrieving his promotional truck from the impound lot; a ticket writer shows how he recovers from the stress of dealing with angry citizens.

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Tue May 2 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 15) A&E

An irate mother tries to retrieve the car that was towed after her son borrowed it without permission; two booters have a disagreement over technical problems.

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Wed May 3 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 9) A&E

Offenders fly into a rage in Detroit; angry shoppers claim cars are being towed illegally.

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Wed May 3 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 13) A&E

The keys to an impounded car are missing and the owner is furious; a booter finds pleasure in removing boots.

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Thu May 4 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 2, Episode 16) A&E

A man tries to retrieve his car before it's auctioned; and a ticket writer deals with irate citizens and a bad-hair day.

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Thu May 4 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 19) A&E

A repeat offender tries to prevent her car from being towed in Staten Island; a driver parks in a bus zone in Hempstead, N.Y.

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Fri May 5 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 12) A&E

Tourists from Chicago test the patience of an employee at the impound lot; a veteran tries to toughen up a rookie on the ticket beat. Also: booting in downtown Philly.

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Fri May 5 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 11) A&E

A man faces endless obstacles to retrieve his car at the impound lot; and a ticketer faces angry construction workers.

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Mon May 8 7:00am
Parking Wars(Season 4, Episode 11) A&E

A man tries to stop booters from getting to his car; and a veteran ticket writer endures profanities from angry women.

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Mon May 8 7:30am
Parking Wars(Season 2, Episode 17) A&E

An angry crowd heckles a ticket writer; evening partyers hurry to retrieve their cars before the lot closes.

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Mon May 8 10:00am
Parking Wars(Season 7, Episode 16) A&E

A ticketer gives parking tips to Detroit violators; a tow-truck driver tries to calm violators in Staten Island.

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Mon May 8 10:30am
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 1) A&E

A citizen gets angry over a broken meter; a woman cries when her car gets a boot put on it and is later towed; a man grows impatient waiting to retrieve his impounded car.

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Mon May 8 11:00am
Parking Wars(Season 4, Episode 6) A&E

In Detroit, workers call for police backup; and, in Philadelphia, a ticketer has a standoff over a broken meter; and an angry father and son cause a scene at the impound lot.

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Mon May 8 11:30am
Parking Wars(Season 3, Episode 7) A&E

In Philadelphia, two cars get the boot on the same block, and one of the owners decides to get physical; and a 70-year-old man tries to stay calm while retrieving his impounded car. In Detroit, a ticket-giver faces an angry citizen.

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Mon May 8 12:00pm
Parking Wars(Season 3, Episode 13) A&E

In Detroit, a man unleashes expletives when his car gets the boot. In Philadelphia, a man tries to prevent a worker from ticketing his neighbor's car; and a worker wrongfully gives a ticket.

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Mon May 8 12:30pm
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 10) A&E

An angry car owner tries to lock a tow-truck driver out of his vehicle; an employee issues tickets on a new beat; and a mountain of red tape is sorted through to get a pink truck released.

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Mon May 8 1:00pm
Parking Wars(Season 1, Episode 9) A&E

A veteran instructs a rookie ticket writer; and a woman erupts in anger at the impound lot.

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