Bonus: He's So Unusual
Should Mike and Frank be wary of the oversized, wacky sculptures on Larry and John’s front lawn? The guys soon find that every piece isn’t just an ite (more…)
Bonus: Feeling the Bern
With money to burn in the warehouse district of Houston, TX, Mike pays top dollar for a wing-wheeled Harley hat in this bonus scene from "A Colonel of (more…)
Bonus: The Art of the Pick
Max and Henry have amassed a collection of odds and ends all for the sake of their artistry. Mike and Frank walk away with a uniquely Texan piece in t (more…)
Bonus: The Scrap Rat's Burden
Collector Mike has a problem: He doesn’t like to see a single item go to the dump. Enter Mike and Frank, who are more than happy to unburden him in th (more…)
Bonus: Road to Rich's
Mike and Frank are ready to pounce when they arrive at Richard’s East Texas home, where every surface is covered in antique advertising and Americana (more…)
Bonus: Quite a Stache
The guys can barely contain themselves when they roll onto Cecil and David's West Texas ranch in this bonus scene from "Tick Tock Pick."
Frank's Bad Hair Day
01:44 — Chris, a hairdresser, is ready to sell her dad's old petroliana collection and Mike and Frank are ready to get pickin'
The Thing I Learned
03:10 — Discover the lessons that years of picking have taught the American Pickers.
Papa Mike
02:34 — Meet the newest addition to Mike's family.
More Picker Lingo
02:55 — Beef up your picking vocabulary with some new Picker talk from Mike and Frank.
Buried Treasure
01:47 — Mike feels like a pirate when he gets a steal on a huge box of costume jewelry.
One Man's Sled, Another Man's Treasure
02:18 — Mike nailed an amazing deal on an enormous Coca-Cola sign that the owner used to use as a sled.
Picking in One Word
02:16 — Find out the one word that Mike and Frank would use to describe picking.
Prehistoric Pick
03:06 — The guys stumble upon a 65-million-year-old find.
Picking Bikes
02:23 — Find out why Mike and Frank love finding old bikes.
Picker's Paradise
02:45 — Mike and Frank rustle through signs, gas pumps, even numb chucks!
Singing Cowboy
02:01 — Mike gets excited to discover a collection of vintage guitars, including a rare singing cowboy guitar.
The Creations of Dr. Evermore
03:01 — Dr. Evermore takes old equipment and re-purpose it into amazing pieces of art.
03:43 — The pickers dig deep to uncover rare automobile collectibles.
Big Winners and Big Losers
02:43 — Mike and Frank reveal which they remember better: big wins or big losses.
Mike Likes Bikes
03:43 — Mike makes some two-wheeled deals.
Model-A Student
03:54 — Will Frank get a passing grade on this deal?
Mike's Dream Come True
03:05 — Danielle sends Mike and Frank to motorcycle heaven! The guys are amazed to find a 1914 Indian Twin but can they strike a deal with the owner?
Haunted Pick
01:37 — Mike gets spooked out while picking a barn loft.
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