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Fri Aug 18 3:00pm
American PickersThe Belly Dance(Season 5, Episode 13) HIST

A rare belly-tank racer, railroad relics, a retro smoking toy and a folk-art rifle are among the treasures that are spotlighted.

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Fri Aug 18 4:00pm
American PickersThe Numbers Game(Season 13, Episode 14) HIST

A rare 1930s coupe is found at Buckey's one-man ranch.

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Fri Aug 18 5:00pm
American PickersWho's the Rarest of Them All?(Season 14, Episode 11) HIST

The guys visit a designer with a rare collection of Studebakers.

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Fri Aug 18 6:00pm
American PickersThe Joy of Sax(Season 15, Episode 9) HIST

In Indiana , a garage door opens on a must-have 1950s wagon for Mike; and the guys scour a farm on a musical mission from Dani.

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Fri Aug 18 7:00pm
American PickersCatch-32(Season 15, Episode 31) HIST

The guys cruise onto a huge property loaded with custom '32 Fords; and Danielle enlists on an important military mission.

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Sat Aug 19 12:00pm
American PickersMotor City(Season 4, Episode 11) HIST

The men visit Michigan in the middle of a spring snowstorm and find a promising property, where Frank tries to buy a deluxe Model A Roadster. Also: a 40-acre property that has over 1,000 classic bicycles.

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Sat Aug 19 1:00pm
American PickersThe Pick, the Pawn and the Polish(Season 4, Episode 4) HIST

The men look for a 1957 Chevy at the request of "Pawn Stars" member Rick Harrison, and, when they find one, they meet Harrison and Rick Dale from "American Restoration" to discuss the costs.

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Mon Aug 21 8:00am
American PickersBig Bear(Season 1, Episode 1) HIST

This reality series follows two friends around the country in search of collectibles hidden in yards, garages and abandoned barns. In the opener, they buy a Japanese Samurai sword used in World War II; a vintage Vespa part; and a sign with the Philip Morri (more…)

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Mon Aug 21 9:00am
American PickersArt of the Deal(Season 2, Episode 1) HIST

The second season opens in North Carolina, where Mike and Frank find a 1950 Studebaker in an abandoned building. Also: Mike spots a 1934 pre-Airstream trailer; and the pair visit NASCAR's Ryan Newman.

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Mon Aug 21 10:00am
American PickersNot So Cheap Thrills(Season 5, Episode 2) HIST

A tour of Minnesota includes a scrap yard; a collection of vintage arcade games; and a collection of toy cars and trucks.

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Mon Aug 21 11:00am
American PickersDuck, Duck, Moose(Season 6, Episode 5) HIST

A trip to North Carolina includes brass-era car parts; folk art; and a collection of vintage Indian motorbikes and accessories.

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Mon Aug 21 12:00pm
American PickersPicker Man Blues(Season 5, Episode 8) HIST

Mike and Frank visit a small-town museum steeped in music history; Mike deals with an unmotivated seller in Tennessee. Also: tough negotiations over salvaged gems.

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Mon Aug 21 1:00pm
American PickersFrank's Dog Days(Season 5, Episode 9) HIST

Mike chances upon a pink jukebox and the remains of a 1930s motorbike. Also: unusual collectibles in trailer homes.

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Mon Aug 21 2:00pm
American PickersTraders of the Lost Parts(Season 9, Episode 8) HIST

Civil War relics are found in New Jersey.

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Mon Aug 21 3:00pm
American PickersFrank's Holy Grail(Season 11, Episode 7) HIST

The guys tour a mansion in Rhode Island.

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Mon Aug 21 4:00pm
American PickersNeed for Speed(Season 11, Episode 14) HIST

A Lambretta scooter is found in Alabama.

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Mon Aug 21 5:00pm
American PickersBig Moe(Season 13, Episode 2) HIST

Mike becomes insecure.

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Mon Aug 21 6:00pm
American PickersTick Tock Pick(Season 15, Episode 2) HIST

At a Texas ranch, Mike checks out a VW bus that was transformed into a hunting lodge on wheels, and Frank finds an heirloom that rekindles a high-school obsession.

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Wed Aug 23 4:00pm
American PickersInvisible Pump(Season 1, Episode 4) HIST

A visible fuel pump from the 1920s is found. Also: a visit to an Opera House, built in the 1879, that's full of vintage movie posters.

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Wed Aug 23 5:00pm
American PickersThe Elephant in the Room(Season 5, Episode 7) HIST

Mike buys an elephant head from a taxidermist in Maine.

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Wed Aug 23 6:00pm
American PickersLegend of the Lost Indian(Season 11, Episode 9) HIST

Classic motorcycles are found in Springfield, Mass.

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Wed Aug 23 7:00pm
American PickersPicked a Peck of Pepper(Season 15, Episode 4) HIST

In Texas, the guys face a tough negotiation at the first Dr. Pepper bottling plant.

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Wed Aug 23 8:00pm
American PickersHydro Homestead(Season 15, Episode 25) HIST

The guys have problems dealing with a super-handyman on a unique homestead.

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Wed Aug 23 9:00pm
American Pickers HIST

Following two friends as they travel the country in search of collectibles hidden in yards, garages and abandoned barns.

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